5 Best CPU cooler for I9 9900k Review In 2022

5 Best CPU cooler for I9 9900k Review In  2022

One of the best gaming processors is the Intel Core i9 9900k. It is well-known as the fastest gaming processor currently. Besides that, it is also mentioned as the quickest desktop processor on the market. Although the 10th gen i9 processor from Intel was released, the Intel Core i9 9900k still holds a critical spot in a decked PC build.

It can still be at a worthy spot thanks to the quality. This is an octa-core processor. Intel Core i9 9900k comes with 16 threads and has 16MB cache in total. The base clock speed is up to 3.6GHz, turbo boost frequency is 5GHz.

When using this i9 9900k, it is very important to buy the right CPU cooler for it. Buy the best CPU cooler for i9 9900k is meaningful for pushing this processor with some overclocking. You can limit the CPU to reach its full potential, cause uncomfortable noise levels if you use a bad component to cool the CPU. In some cases, your bad CPU cooler even causes throttling. Therefore, choosing the device to cool for i9 9900k is not simple. It is one of the utmost importance to guarantee the CPU processor’s performance and improve the CPU’s lifespan. Your CPU cooler should be capable of dissipating the heat that i9 9900k produces under any load.

So, what are the best CPU coolers for i9 9900k? Follow our list below and choose the most suitable one for your computer!

Best CPU cooler for I9 9900k reviews

1. Dark Rock Pro 4 BK022 (Cheap pick – Best for cheap CPU cooler for i9 9900k)

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W TDP, CPU Cooler

Dark Rock Pro 4 offers immense cooling performance of 250W TDP and virtually inaudible operation. Excellent for overclocked systems and demanding work…

Although Dark Rock Pro 4 BK022 is not expensive, it is always considered a reliable offer for you. You don’t need to worry about its performance.

It is not out loud while operating. This cooler produces a maximum noise level of 24 decibels. Dark Rock Pro 4 BK022 features two fans and consists of an air cooling system. Besides that, it uses high-performance copper pipes. These pipes will deal with heating purposes. One more plus point of this cooler is the design. It becomes the ideal cooler for anyone who loves the all-black design aesthetic.

  • High performance
  • Quiet the airflow quickly and efficiently with wave contours.
  • Hard to install. It takes time and effort to do.

2. NZXT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler (Airflow pick – Best airflow CPU cooler for i9 9900k)

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm – RL-KRX62-02 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – CAM-Powered – Infinity Mirror Design – Performance Engineered Pump – Reinforced Extended Tubing – Aer P140mm Radiator Fan (2 Include)

The all-new Kraken Series features the most advanced controls ever to be included in an all-in-one liquid cooler. Through CAM’s software interface, us…

This product from NZXT can improve the build quality of your system. NZXT Kraken X62 allows you to overclock it to 5 GHz without any trouble with throttling concerns.

This cooler offers impressive fan speed. It is about 500 ~ 1800 +/-300RPM. And you will not feel annoyed with the noise because the fan noise level is just 21-38Dba. The radiator looks smooth. The combination between the radiator and sleeved tubes gives optimal performance. However, this cooler is more expensive than others.

  • Good performance
  • Excellent design
  • Improve lighting modes effectively
  • Equipped with an advanced engineered pump
  • It is expensive than many models

3. Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro (Performance pick – Best for performance CPU cooler for i9 9900k)

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 com

The CORSAIR Hydro Series H150i PRO is an all in one RGB liquid CPU cooler with a 360mm radiator built for low noise cooling performance and bold styli…

Corsair is always known as the best brand of cooling technology. So, no surprise when CPU cooler from this brand is on our list.

If you realize that your air cooling is not strong enough to cool i9 9900k, consider a Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro. This is an AIO liquid cooler. And it is the best choice for everyone who is aiming to overclock this processor.

The performance of the cooler from Corsair is very effective. Besides these, a Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro comes with RGB color. To regulate RGB color, you will use the software. This cooler produces minimal noise.

  • Modify RGB backlight easily
  • It has its software to regulate (Corsair iCUE software)
  • Compatible with different sockets.
  • Not cheap

4. Noctua NH-D15 (Overall pick – Best overall CPU cooler for i9 9900k)

Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4, Premium Dual-Tower CPU Cooler for AMD AM4 (Brown)

Having received more than 200 awards and recommendations from international hardware websites and magazines, Noctua’s flagship model NH-D15 has become…

There are many reasons to confirm that Noctua NH-D15 is one of the best CPU coolers on the current market.

It operates very quietly. When it doesn’t have water, the cooling performance is still very impressive. This cooler from Noctua is as effective as a 280mm AIO cooler. Noctua NH-D15 has a dual-tower design. The leading cooling performance is thanks to 6 heat pipes and 2 fans. These fans are optimized with PWM support. Moreover, the manufacturer offers the buyer a 6-year warranty.


  • It manages airflow well
  • Not so loud because of air pads.
  • The mounting mechanism is very user-friendly.


  • Not cheap
  • The color is not impressive much.

5. NZXT Kraken x73 (Premiuk pick – Best premium CPU cooler for i9 9900k)

NZXT Kraken X73 360mm – RL-KRX73-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – Rotating Infinity Mirror Design – Improved Pump – Powered By CAM V4 – RGB Connector – Aer P 120mm Radiator Fans (3 Included)

The refreshed Kraken X Series is a must-have for any build, providing better cooling, stunning visual effects, and intuitive installation. You can fine…

This product by NZXT is an AIO 360mm. So, the cooling effect is very impressive, even up to the mark. You need to ensure the correct space to mount this big radiator.

The manufacturer added a stretchable nylon-coated tube to enhance safety. NZXT Kraken x73 allows you to regulate the fan and pump separately. You can overclock extremely thanks to the clean and precise design of this CPU cooler model.

This AIO liquid cooler is the best option for large PC cases. It is also ideal for everyone who loves to overclock.

  • Impressive lighting modes
  • Three fans create an optimal combination
  • Control fans efficiently with CAM software.
  • Nice design for air-cooling system
  • Effective air cooling with air P radiator.
  • Louder than others. If you don’t like the noise, you should consider it before purchasing.

CPU Cooler for I9 9900k Buying Guide

There are some factors you should consider before buying a CPU cooler for i9 9900k. Some people who are a proficient gamer, you will have an idea to determine what you need to find and what is the best for you. How about the beginner? The beginner, sometimes, feels confused due to a matrix of CPU coolers. Hard to know what is the best and how to choose. The first thing a beginner should do is to find and check all technical aspects before settling his payment.

So, what are aspects to think about? Here are they:

You have to know what you need

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Or are you a pro-level multi-taskers? If you are, your computer needs to operate frequently, even every time. It means your CPU gets warm-up commonly. And going to need a high-end cooler is necessary. On the other hand, you are not from that genre, a high-end cooler seems to be a waste of money. You just need a budget-friendly cooler at all.

Choose air cooling or liquid cooling?

On the market, we have two primary cooling systems available: air cooling and liquid cooling. What is the better one? Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Air cooling is the traditional cooling system. It includes a big metal heat sink and a fan. This fan is used to push the air away from your processor. If choosing this system, you have to check the CPU’s socket type, then ensure that its dimension is compatible with the PC case.

The second option is the liquid cooling system. Liquid cooling absorbs more heat than air cooling. How does this work? It transfers cooling liquid from the processor to the fan in a circle. In this way, the hot air is removed from your case.

Compared to air cooling, liquid cooling works more efficiently. And it doesn’t produce the noise so much while operating. However, liquid cooling is not cheap. If you have a low budget, consider taking the air cooling system.

The noise

When a CPU cooler operates, it can produce an irritating sound that makes you feel annoyed. To avoid this circumstance, ensure that your chosen cooler produces the minimal decibel of sound.

CPU socket

Most CPU coolers for i9 9900k are compatible with traditional sockets that we usually use in our house. But some models require specific sockets. Being compatible with common sockets is convenient for all of you when using the CPU cooler for the processor. Therefore, you should check to ensure that your chosen cooler is compatible with sockets or meets other requirements related to sockets.


If you want to overclock the i9 9900k, the requirement for the cooler is different. Some people are extreme overclockers, AIO liquid cooler will be the best option.

Below are other notes you should remember:

  • A CPU cooler with many fans results in better cooling. But it produces more noise.
  • Don’t skip air cooler if you are searching for both effective and budget-friendly. It is not modern but it is still the best choice. Easy to purchase an air cooler with 240MM AIOs. This cooling power is perfect to cool an i9 9900k.
  • Pay attention a bit to RGB settings!. These settings can be done with your cooler’s software. So, ensure that you can adjust the RGB setting (the mode or turning on/off).
  • The RAM slots can prevent the installation of long RAM sticks of an air cooler. A big and dual-tower air cooler can solve this problem by blocking the RAM slots.


1. I need a CPU cooler with a high-power performance, so, which type should I choose? Air cooling or liquid cooling?

In this case, the air cooler is not ideal. The liquid cooler is the better choice.

2. Which fans to choose?

On the market, there are three basic main types of fans. They include:

  • PWM fans allow to change RPM and keep the running volume down.
  • DC fans are known as subunits of PWM fans.
  • Molex fans are not quite when operating. But its advantage is the cheap price. A plus point for anyone with a low budget.

3. What is the safe temperature for my i9 9900k?

The ideal temperature for this processor should be below 80⁰C.

4. Is it forced to have a CPU cooler for i9 9900k?

A cooler for i9 9900k is not required. But you are advised to have it because it can help to improve CPU quality and lifespan.

5. Should I choose liquid cooling?

Many people have the same question. They are wondering if a liquid cooler is better or not. Don’t worry and think so much because liquid cooling is a great way to cool your CPU. It doesn’t make irritating noise, too.

Wrapping It Up

As mentioned above, Intel Core i9 9900k is the best gaming processor and quickest desktop processor. Improving its performance and lifespan is very meaningful. A cooler can help this. So, choosing the best CPU cooler is always important. Hope that our useful information and the list of top 5 best CPU cooler for i9 9900k above will help you to make the right decision when looking for a good CPU cooler.

Thank you for reading our post! And visit our website to know more about new and effective CPU coolers!

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