Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop Review 2022

Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop Review 2022

There are not a lot of gaming brands as famous as Alienware, and with great reason: the corporation might be creating better gaming desktops for many years. All that experience might keep straight with the new Alienware R12 that is a flagship gaming PC that can pack with high-end hardware and also fabulous design.

If you are fond of the perfect Alienware Aurora R12, we highly suggest that you begin with the spec list – you want parts that might tackle gaming, but you do not need to take a lot for hardware which is overkill. Based on that, it is worth considering the PC’s physical design, the client service, and the assistance choices.

In reality, taking the widened image is important, and that is what we have offered thereby testing the Aurora R12’s components, design, and assistance choices. It can make a spot on the list of the ideal home computers as the high option for gaming at this moment.

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Other Aurora R12 versions make their gaming grunt from RTX 3000-series graphics cards, and that is a potential area, to begin with, a gaming PC. Those cards are the ideal around right currently, thanks to the very Ampere structure and appropriate ray-tracing.

A lot of cheap Aurora R12 PCs take the RTX 3060 Ti that is the ideal card for enjoying games at full HD, and for dealing with esports titles such as Warzone and LOL for 144Hz and 240Hz displays. Besides, RTX 3070 is a quite strong mainstream choice that can tackle any game around full HD and 2K resolution. It is proper for widescreens as well.

If you are worried about enjoying high-end games and getting a bunch of future headroom, the more pricey Aurora versions take RTX 3090 or 3080 cards. The RTX 3080 might run games better at 4K, whereas the RTX 3090 is an evil that can deal with 4K gaming and the huge widescreens. It is a card with one eye for the near future.

On top of it, the cheap R12 takes the GTX 1650 super. This card might tackle mainstream with full HD gaming and esports, but it can not get more future headroom and could not assist ray-tracing.

Alienware can combine Nvidia graphics cards with Intel processors, and that is where that machine differs from the AMD-powered Aurora Ryzen version. Next, the chips inside the R12 are Intel 11th gen products. If you are mainly purchasing the PC for gaming, then you can be purchasing Intel – those are a little greater than AMD equivalents. But if you need to deal with image and video customizing, or performance multi-tasking alongside gaming, then you can stick with AMD’s Ryzen chips.

The entry-level R12 takes the Intel i5 that is outstanding for full HD and 2K gaming or everyday multi-tasking, like running Office applications and full of browser tabs. The core i7 might even implement content-creation tools and streaming software highly well if you stick with Intel. They are great choices for running the 4K gaming rig as well. The beefiest R12 PCs can take the Intel Core i9 that provides high-end gaming and content-creation potential. However, the AMD chips are greater for efficiency.


The R12 keeps going to the firm’s well-earned fame for better design. The case can be oval-shaped with the central pillar which might keep ports and full of RGB LEDs, and the air intake gets a lot of lighting.

The center could adjust and synchronize the lighting. The case has sturdy build quality, and it might serve double USB-type C ports and 12 full-size USB sockets alongside loads of audio jacks.

When it comes to inside, the slick design keeps going to the tool-free interior with a big arm that can swing outwards to permit access to the primary parts.

User reviews

At this time, the Aurora R12 is so fabulous that it might not get client reviews. However, the R12 can share a lot of its design with the Ryzen edition and the traditional R11. These rigs’ reviews can offer a better signal of what you might hope for with the Aurora R12.

Some clients who have bought Aurora machines cite reliability and efficiency as huge plus points, and individuals even praise its design. Some drawback reviews discuss the noise output, even though you can be utilizing the speakers or the headset which is not a huge issue.

Can you purchase the Alienware Aurora R12?

2021 Newest Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7-11700F(Liquid Cool, Up to 4.9GHz), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, 32GB 3200MHz DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD, WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, Win10

We sells computers with upgraded configurations. If the computer has modifications (listed above), then the manufacturer box is opened for it to be te…

The R12 is a very gaming PC. Its reliance on Nvidia’s new graphics cards shows it owns potential gaming power. When it comes to the most components, the R12 brings great memory and storage choices, or its good-looking case is strong. The Aurora even supports better assistance and warranty choices.

If you need a strong, and well-supported gaming PC, we suggest that this Aurora R12 makes an outstanding job. There are other scenarios, though, where the R12 is not perfect. If you want a system to tackle tough workloads, such as content creation, Intel’s CPUs are affordable – but AMD chips are greater. If you stick with a fundamental work machine, but even need outstanding client care, this PC is for you.

Pros and Cons of Alienware Aurora R12

  • It is suitable for Nvidia graphics cards.
  • The intel processors are excellent for gaming.
  • It brings high assistance and service choices.
  • More customization could be found somewhere else.
  • AMD chips are superior for working.

Wrapping It Up

The Aurora R12 utilizes Nvidia’s newest graphics to convey pretty power, and that rig even serves up outstanding build quality and assistance. However, when Intel’s processors are greater for gaming, AMD chips are even proper for high workloads.

We believe that you can expand your horizon about the Alienware Aurora R12 gaming desktop in the future. If you need our help, please keep in touch with us on this site.

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Michael Knight
Michael Knight
5 months ago

Wow – that’s high considering you can get this system NEW directly from Dell for $2520. So you want basically $500 MORE for a USED PC with the only difference being 16GB more RAM (48 vs 32 – which is like $100)) then a new one ? You don’t even give all the specs…

Caoimhin Ni Carthaigh
Caoimhin Ni Carthaigh
5 months ago

Dell will always be more expensive, but for the money I’ve seen worse systems on fb adverts donedeal for similar prices. If you can afford it and you’d be happy it’ll do you fine. It’s very capable system I’d be watching the airflow in them alienware cases tho temps might be questionable.

Darragh Robinson
Darragh Robinson
5 months ago

if your streaming and gaming go amd, amd is better for multi tasking, don’t hold me to this but I think amd 5000 series this time round beat intel on single core processing aswell as multi core

Mass Alfredo
Mass Alfredo
5 months ago

I love my Alienware Aurora R12

Anthony Borrego
Anthony Borrego
5 months ago

Hello everyone I just joined looking for some advice. I’ve gotten tired of failing to find a GPU for over a year now and have been looking at prebuilt desktops for the first time. I’m looking for website/builder recommendations, more so based on how reliable the builds are than shopping for the cheapest deal as I’ve settled that I’m pretty much gonna be stuck paying between 3k and 4K for the specs I want if I go prebuilt. The aurora R12 looked promising at first glance but the amount of reviews claiming of breakdowns right out of the box or in less than a year are worrying

Zachary Ryan Mitteff
Zachary Ryan Mitteff
4 months ago

I’ve had my r11 for about a year. And not to many issues. The biggest issue I have had was with headphones and the sound coming out thr right device no matter what but other than that there is no issue

Gregg Bonneau
Gregg Bonneau
4 months ago

need advice because this prebuild only has 2 reviews its the alienware aurora R12 specs are intel i9 11th gen 32 gbs ram and a 3080 rtx. while i understand alienwares hate my current build is an i7 6850 32 gb ram and a gtx1070 should i do it or not and what are your reasons?

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