Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Review 2022: True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Review 2022: True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

It is annoying when a great endurance run the in-ear headphones immediately slip out of the ear canal and drop to the ground. With a lot of true wireless headphones, this could hardly be prevented, since they are not corrected sturdily enough for the ears. The Powerbeats Pro is entirely different with a strong bridge and a rubber claw that can cling to the ears. But if the price which Apple charges is very high for you, then you could care about the Soundcore Spirit X2 from a famous brand like Anker that approves this idea for less than half the cost.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Review

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Build quality and design

The Soundcore Spirit X2 is particularly targeted at fitness fans. Thus, a sporty comparison is permitted at this moment. If the headphone specimen were a football player, then it could perhaps be a closet-wide or defensive player who might cling to the rival like the burdock and seal the playing area watertight.

Frankly speaking, the Soundcore version even embodies those attributes. Those are bulky in-ear headphones that nestle firmly towards the ear canal by silicone attachments directly on the loudspeaker and split silicone wings in front of them. For extra assistance, there is a bar-shaped housing that meets in front of the ear and ends with a silicone claw which you instruct between the top and bottom behind the ear.

From our perspective, it is super unlikely that the Spirit X2 will leave the position even beneath the most intense physical exertion. As there are double attachments and wings of various sizes, you could control the fit for your ear.

Next, not visible from the outside are seals farther which make the technology inside away from moisture. Besides, the Spirit X2 is IP68 certified. Thus, the Soundcore X2 is specifically dustproof and immune to water damage.

Moreover, moisture-repellent nano coating is used to secure the housing from the corrosive influences of salty sweat. Soundcore calls the process “SweatGuard ” and considers to have copied it from the submarine build. Whether it operates, but is not checked and admitted based on the general standard. Thus, you need to trust that the sweat can not harm the tech for a long time.

The disadvantage of the three-part bracket plus dust and water protection is the particularly high weight: every earphone can weigh around 11 grams. With the availability of charging cases, those come up to 105 grams. This can duplicate the true wireless headphones’ weight. In reality, however, weight can not influence comfort. Even after a long time of wear, the tech can not stand uncomfortably.


The Spirit X2 operates with Bluetooth 5.0 or traditional models of wireless standard and thus operates with popular Android phones and iPhones. However, iPhone clients need to do without one of the core attributes of the Apple Pro. You might not turn from some playback sources as simple as with Apple accessories. Apple can not license the H1 chip that is the reason for it, to third-party producers. Thus, the Spirit X2 could not be worked distinctively from any various Bluetooth headphones.

However, you would suppose that the headphone build provides sufficient surface zone to put the full-size remote control above the top. You are wrong. Instead, Soundcore has gone with a popular minimum of various buttons. The producer is giving away the potential to stand out from the turning aids of various brands which are prone to work errors.

You work the Spirit X2 on every earbud with the rocker which brings double buttons. According to whether you hit the buttons briefly, or for one to some seconds, you could kick off various functions.

By the plus button on the earphone’s right, you might boost the volume or turn to the next song with the minus button around the left earphone you get the opposite for every case. The double identical triangle buttons on every earpiece permit you to turn from play to pause, reject, or hang-up calls. The triangle buttons even start the bass boost and switch the headphones off and on.

It is an overwhelming amount of attributes for some keys. It is not intuitive as well. You get to keep in mind the tasks. Also, the keys are so tiny that even in a tranquil moment it is tough to make a good decision. The functions might not be altered as well. No application permits you to personalize the key layout based on your hobbies.

We even missed some sensors which make the Spirit X2 detect if you are using the headphones or not. They keep going to experience senselessly if you remove them from the ear and put them on the table. Instead, you need to turn off them by hitting one of the triangle buttons for a few seconds. Then, they can deactivate by themselves as well.


The sound is among the powers of Spirit X2. As for the price class, the headphones provide a great sound with clear highs and deep bass. If you need, you could also boost the bass at the button’s push, but for our flavor, it is too much of a great thing and not essential.

Next, the X2 conveys the low frequencies particularly enough even in normal operation. It is guaranteed by drivers measuring 12 mm in diameter that are specifically bigger and thus stronger than in various true wireless headphones. Moreover, Soundcore has even claimed that it has created a point of providing the version with sound improvement software that can raise low frequencies automatically around the suitable point.

If it were to me, this version can intervene less boldly in the hearing experience with sound upgrade algorithms. We listen to a little amplified treble involved in the boosted bass. That offers a crisply tuned, but somewhat unnatural sounding result. Next, balancing onto the narrow tuning’s ridge is not simple and splits Anker’s sound efficiency from the best of the audio field.

The truth that this version, in the other words, does without the ANC tech in favor of the low sales price, we find tolerable. The passive shielding of noise by the silicone attachments offers sufficient silence to experience the music.

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Short battery life is the Achilles’ heel for a lot of cheap wireless headphones. Not so with the Spirit X2. With 9 hours of playing time for one battery charge; the X2 can last longer. And not only for the cost range, but also made a comparison with pricey equipment. Through the charging case, there is more power for 27 hours of playback. Therefore, the producer has utilized the bulky headphones’ space and charging case very sensibly.

How much energy is even left for the earphones you might discover shortly after turning on them, the voice offers you a specific estimate with the remark “battery high” or similar. What the charger even gets in stock is shown by three LEDs beneath the lid. If the case’s battery is also drained, you might recharge it through a USB-C cable. If you particularly get more time for a tiny pit stop before you get to move out, we highly suggest that 10 minutes of charging is sufficient for double hours of playback time.

Pros and Cons of Anker Soundcore Spirit X2

  • It offers a safe and handy fit.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It provides you with a great sound for strong bass.
  • It comes with a chunky design.
  • There is no wear detection.

Final thoughts

Soundcore’s idea behind the X2 is not quite original. It shamelessly uses the Apple Powerbeats design. But how the producer reckons some of the attributes at a low price is super respectable. At a super reasonable price, the Spirit X2 provides a super safe fit even during intensive sports; and long battery life. An application with which the keys might be extracted based on your hobbies would have been great for your usage.

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