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Best 4K Gaming PC Build 2022: Reviews, Buying Guide, PC prebuilt for Gaming

Thanks to state-of-the-art PC games at a quick ratio, it is not strange that there are various titles that might be released that other regular cookie-cutter PCs (affordable pre-built systems) could barely tackle. And, as PC players we love getting and experiencing the most. We enjoy playing the games with the ultra settings possible, or with the better fps possible.

Luckily, in that day and age, also a cheap gaming PC might permit you to execute all games with high settings on a reasonable full HD monitor. (Even though, in this instruction, we might be discussing top-end PCs instead of budget-friendly systems)

It is particularly right for you to take it upon yourself to build the gaming PC, which might particularly save you a lot of bucks with the markup prices which you might pay for the prebuilt gaming PC 4k 2022. In a nutshell, we will provide you with the best 4K gaming PC build on the current market.

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1. Elite $2,000 Gaming PC

So you have determined to move all out. You can not spend a dime below $2000 with PC components for your strangely awesome computer build. Other users just get to score the best. Luckily, thanks to budget, you might specifically max out the build. You could make a better video card. Next, you might use the processor with more threads and cores.

You should leave your own with a host of choices for enhancing so far. There is a particular 4K gaming PC that could simply tackle virtual reality and might serve as a strong workstation. Besides, if you are going to take that much on the PC, be certain to combine it with top-end peripherals such as the quality gaming chair and gaming headset.

That best 4k pc build shows the i7-11700K processor and 16GB of RAM. The mixture of RTX 3080 and the i7 processor can be more than strong enough to make you optimize the games with the 4K monitor or a 2k 144Hz monitor. In addition to that, this system even equips with overclocking and 1TB of SSD.

When there is a lot of choice of PC cases that might be capable of taking up that component list, we have contained the Cooler MasterCase for its big size and its above-average airflow.


– The $2,000 gaming PC offers a stunning build.

– The GPU conveys the high efficiency which players crave.

– It is simple to upgrade

– The strong processor does not make you disappointed.


– Some issues occur with the liquid cooling CPU fan.

2. $1,750 RTX 3070 Gaming PC

For a cost of $1750, the Sky’s the limit in terms of efficiency. On the other hand, thanks to the RTX 3070 GPU, that build is available to bring games with the 4K monitor. Next, the PC might even offer you a wide range of different choices. For example, if you want to make a plan for doing the system tuning, that type of budget might permit you to strike other decent overclocks. Moreover, it is certainly a VR-ready PC build.

Aside from the RTX 3070 GPU, that build comes with the Intel i7-11700K, a top-end CPU cooler, and also 850W PSU. You will even obtain 1TB of SSD and 16GB of RAM. When 16GB of memory might not be utilized in other titles, some new games are beginning to use more than 8GB of RAM, and the additional memory will make sure that you get sufficient to fit their needs. If you are super keen on RGB lighting, the GPU and even CPU cooler in this system all equip with RGB lights.

That system of a $1750 gaming PC is strong enough to tackle the game with high settings on the full HD monitor. However, if you want to stick with that build, you would be better off combining it with the full HD 144Hz monitor, or the 4K monitor. As that system might be overkill for a normal full HD and 60Hz monitor.


– It is able to run all the AAA games.

– The case is sleek.

– The processor is particularly great for gaming.

– The fans are quiet


– The GPU can not assist the DVI port.

3. Top-end $1,500 Gaming PC

When the Intel Core i7-11700K in that system will not offer you a considerable efficiency boost over the Ryzen 5 found around the $1250 build below, it is a great processor which might provide you with a tiny bump in FPS during playing games and can serve you better for non-gaming tasks. That system even shows the RTX 2070 Super and 16GB of RAM, a typical ATX motherboard with RGB lighting attributes, and the 1TB of SSD.

Next, that $1500 gaming PC build is able to optimize anything with a 1440p monitor, tackling much more anything on this 4k monitor, might operate effectively with the 144Hz monitor, and might permit you to take and move into VR with the Oculus Rift. Also, it brings a lot of storage for your demands and it has sufficient space to make you upgrade so far.


– It offers a lightning-quick video card and SSID

– The light display near the fans is excellent.

– The speed is perfect.

– It brings a VR experience.


– Some users complained about wifi cards.

4. VR Monster $1,250 Gaming PC

According to the budget of $1250, you hope to obtain a leading quality custom computer. From that price range, you might be capable of putting it all together with the machine which can be able to deal with more games on full HD and 240Hz monitors. It might even serve like a 2K, or 4K gaming PC.

However, enjoying the max settings is one of the good advantages you might take while you pay money for components for the $1250 gaming PC. You could even hope the computer keeps relevant for a long period and you might be certain that you get leading quality components all via the build. That shows along with the better processor and outstanding video card, you might even take a top-end motherboard and a well-built PSU. That system simply suits the Oculus Rift requests so that it is certainly the VR-ready PC.

When it comes to specifications, that build displays the Ryzen 5 processor, RTX 2070 GPU, the RGB-friendly standard ATX motherboard, and 16GB of RAM. While that system can not super get the similar power that other builds listed above get, the mixture of AMD Ryzen 5 and the RTX 2070 might even offer you a lot of efficiencies.


– It has better RGB lighting which comes with various colors.

– Wiring seems great.

– The fan is working quietly.


– Customers can face memory errors involved in the blue screen.

5. Balanced $1,000 AMD Gaming PC

As for a cost of $1000, you could hope to put the system which might optimize the game with 2560×1440 resolution and is available for VR gaming. Next, you might also expect the $1000 gaming PC to deal with experiencing around 4K just fine.

The $1000 mark is the sweet spot for placing the computer since $1000 in components is sufficient to offer ultimate in-game efficiency while maintaining a good budget. That system equips the AMD Ryzen 5, 16GB of RAM, and RX 5700 XT GPU.

On top of it, it is the ideal 4k gaming pc under 1000 for anybody who is looking to optimize more games with a full HD or also a higher 1440P resolution monitor as well. That system might be capable of tackling AAA games at 4K resolution. However, for a lot of great games, around 4K resolution, you might get to turn down other settings so as to maintain a high framerate. Just ensure you can combine that build with a monitor which can use AMD’s free sync tech to offer a better in-game experience.


– This budget 4k gaming PC is gorgeous.

– It is quite affordable.

– It operates like a champ.


– The storage needs upgrading.

Seemorebest prebuilt gaming pc under $1000

Buying Guide

Things to think about before purchasing the best 4K gaming PC build


We might not call the CPU a main-processing unit for nothing; it’s particularly the most vital component of the PC build and for that reason, we are beginning there. Picking out the ideal processor begins with determining from AMD to Intel as they are the prevailing chipmakers in that type.


No great CPU moves without a better motherboard. Based on what chip you can select, you will be locked into a choice of mobos with a wide range of various chipsets available to you. However, the initial question we will assist you to answer is, what size motherboard is better for you?

ATX, E-ATX, and XL-ATX boards are geared ahead of big storage solutions, and hefty GPU installations. And if you are after the tinier system, Mini-ITX or Micro ATX is your jam, offering a better compact size – even though at the expense of some slots for GPUs and various PCIe add-in cards.


Finishing out the trinity of each PC builds key parts, GPUs identify what the PC might be capable of rendering effectively. PCs might stay away from built-in graphics for easy tasks, and also 4K streaming or gaming box requests the discrete graphical power which specifically a dedicated GPU could provide.


Precisely what is RAM? RAM is particularly the lifeblood of the PC and you might want an ample amount of it for a better running machine. RAM can hold bursts of information with a limited time to rapidly finish work, so literally, all of the data can pass through that part of the best 4K gaming PC build.

From our perspective, capacity over speed when it discusses efficiency. After all, nothing claims “killer rig” like getting 38 Google Chrome Tabs open, and the game of your option at once.


If RAM is like short-term memory, storage is vitally the PC’s long-term memory. It is where all the data can be stored, whether it’s a file, image, and programs or also the OS (operating system). Likewise, storage equips with a myriad of forms and even speeds. Hard drives are fabulous for holding a lot of data at a super low cost. At the same time, SSDs might be particularly quicker, but sticking with huge capacities might take you so much.

Power supply

A trustworthy power supply is the most important component of the best 4K gaming PC build as it is responsible for supplying power to operate all the various parts in the PC. With no that important base, your gaming PC might fail to also begin and the system built on shaky ground is even doomed for failure.


How To Set Up A Prebuilt Gaming PC: https://Whalebird.org/prebuilt/


1. How do I build a 4K gaming PC?

This build shows the Intel Core i7-11700K processor and 16GB of RAM. The mixture of RTX 3080 and the i7 processor CPU can be more than strong enough to get you to optimize more games with the 4K monitor or the 1440P 144Hz monitor.

2. Could I build the 4K gaming PC for below $1000?

When it comes to $1000, you might build a gaming PC that could optimize anything on the full HD monitor simply. However, $1000 in parts might even permit you to standardize the games on the 1440p monitor and serve as the entry-point with 4K gaming.

3. How long can the $1000 gaming PC last?

It is not here yet. If you can take the 3060 Ti, you might perhaps do it with $1200, and if you obtain one of these computers might last till the following console generation – around seven years.

4. Can a gaming PC last 10 years?

After 5 years more AAA games might begin running slower, and after 10 years plus, it can most likely be quite slow to operate more games, but running games from when you built it might run better.

5. Do Gaming PCs hold value?

They will not retain their authentic value, but they can retain the value based on the specifications. It is even a “standard” PC on the inside that might do better everyday computer work, so it can get value to anybody in demand of the PC which just operates.

Wrapping It Up

You can expand your horizon about how to choose the best 4K gaming PC build after browsing this useful article. Last but not least, you can share your thoughts and feelings with other relatives to make them gain more experiences in picking up the perfect 4K gaming PC build in the future.