Best Alienware Gaming Pcs 2021: Reviews, Budget Buying Guide Dell Alienware Desktop

Best Alienware Gaming Pcs 2021: Reviews, Budget Buying Guide Dell Alienware Desktop

Alienware boosted a famous name for itself for making perfect gaming PCs quite some time ago. Sure, the brand expanded with laptops and gaming monitors, but it is their recent line of PCs we are going to be glancing at this moment. Others can be fast to call the Best Dell Alienware Gaming Pcs 2021 overpriced, but they are specifically competitive, particularly when you take into consideration the impressive aesthetic they arrive in.

The best Alienware gaming PCs show the newest parts, but there are even some traditional versions that you might select for much less. Let’s glance at the ideal Alienware gaming PCs at this moment.

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Best Alienware Gaming Pcs Reviews 2021

1. Alienware R12 Gaming Desktop (Budget pick – Best budget Alienware gaming PC)

The first version on the list is Alienware R12. In other words, this gaming PC has lower specifications than the other choices on the current market. The aesthetics are once again sublime and when it is not as strong as the other, it even provides a fabulous gaming experience for people with full HD monitors.

Next, the CPU displayed is the i5-11400F that brings the better cost for efficiency. The single-core efficiency on that processor is high quality and it comes with a base clock speed around 2.9GHz that might be reached until 4.3GHz. The CPU can be backed up from the 1650 graphics card from Nvidia, a somewhat low-end GPU, but also highly capable in full HD.

Like the others, we get a double storage solution out there, but the 1TB HDD is quite underwhelming. Thus, you need to upgrade the storage if needed.


– It is impressive with Full HD gaming.

– The best buy alienware desktop is quite cheap

– It offers double storage solutions.

– It is equipped with a webcam.


– It has the least strong version.

2. CUK Aurora Gaming Desktop (Value pick – Best value Alienware gaming PC)

We bring a CUK gaming desktop there, but it is vitally the Aurora R11 PC and is not only one among the ideal products from Alienware, its efficiency makes that one of the perfect pre-builts full stop. Powering the operation, we realize the Intel 10th gen and core i9-10900K, the CPU which is even seen as one among the best for gaming.

That processor displays better single-core efficiency and moves with 10 cores and even 20 threads implementing around the base speed of 3.7GHz and a high potential around 5.3GHz. The CPU mixes with the RTX 3080 GPU, the graphics card which is particularly strong, offering you the FPS you might want, regarding the resolution.

That build equips with more RAM, and 64GB in truth that is going to bolster the overall efficiency and keep going to help make that PC seem better for many years to arrive. There is even a double storage solution set up by that one that contains a 1TB SSD and 3TB of HDD space, or providing you more than enough room to enjoy with.


– The parts of the CUK Aurora PC are fabulous.

– It offers a total of 4TB of storage

– The best alienware gaming PC has outstanding Wifi.


– It is super pricey

3. New_Dell_Alien.Ware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop Computer (AMD pick – Best AMD Alienware gaming PC)

This Aurora R10 is the next leading quality gaming PC. Like other versions, it is built with more care and carries great gaming efficiency into that roundup for much less. Powering the system is the excellent AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, one of the ideal processors from the peak Ryzen 3000 series.

That CPU of Aurora R10 equips with better performance for either gaming or CPU-intensive tasks with 24 threads running around the base clock speed of 3.1GHz and the highest boost clock of up until 4.4GHz. Next, aside from the processor, the GPU can not disappoint you by providing you with RTX 3060 Ti. That card can not defeat RTX 3080, but it is a king of gaming and might deal with the game with max settings while enjoying with the 2K resolution or lower.

With the 16GB of RAM and a double storage solution, you might not particularly go wrong, but we seem the SSD is on the small side.


– It is better for gaming

– It provides strong multitasking CPU

– The wifi of alienware gaming pc is great.


– You should stick with a huge SSD.

4. Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop (Runner up pick – Best runner up Alienware gaming PC)

The brand-new Aurora R11 is high Alienware with the next-gen of gaming; and the newest gen of Intel processors or the liquid-cooled GPUs’ possibility, it brings a wide range of builds to fit other budgets. If you need to move with PC gaming initially, or might love upgrading the current installation – perhaps with ray-tracing games’ preparation – it is a stellar solution to make it.

Fluctuating between reasonable starter rigs and pimped-out super PCs, the Aurora R11 can make a great option’s balance. Those PCs might be simply opened and upgraded with various components as and when you realize fit. Need a lot of RAM or a huge SSD, No problem. Since the power supply unit can swing out the metal arm, you obtain a lot of room to fiddle with the PC’s insides.

The R11’s design can build on the fancy R9 as well. Even though it can stick with the case, and scooped out in front of its predecessor, that update expands that formula with lighting near the middle strip of other cases. It is an addition that switches heads and makes the design seem more futuristic than it could before.


– The design is fancy

– It offers great liquid-cooled GPUs

– It equips with the newest Intel CPUs


– It is quite expensive.

5. New Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop (Overall pick – Best overall Alienware gaming PC)

If you enjoy building the Alienware gaming PC with the Ryzen-based platform, this New Alienware R10 is where you might begin. It is nearly identical with the R9 listed above with all the advantages which include, but go with the AMD-centered build rather than Intel substitutions. Based on the parts you select, it is a trustworthy method of making the hands for ray tracing and the next generation.

A range of specs are available so you might choose the suitable processors or hang around with the liquid-cooled powerhouse. With regard to which model you obtain, it is possible to swap out or add with great parts. That might not be as simple as various rigs from the assistance of R10’s modern case, but adjustability is even needed.

Not that you might mind operating with the R10 chassis. It is a head-switching design unlike other things else on shelves currently, providing a scooped-out front that doubles like the air vent. The slick gray or color scheme with RGB, and ties the look altogether.


– It brings a smart vent system

– It has a wide range of available configurations.

– The design is perfect


– It might do with great CPU cooling.

Alienware Gaming Pcs Purchasing Tip

The best Alienware gaming PCs provided from Dell are assisted with a double of ground-breaking attributes and strong chassis or strong motherboard. You are bound to get utmost delight with PC gaming while the Alienware gaming PC is with you.

Understand the vital attributes to test before making a last decision. Let’s get started now.


Some of the PC gaming titles might be executed from a multi-threaded processor which shows the CPU with various cores. However, it can not show that you might select the processor with a lot of cores. The octa-core or Hexa core CPU from Intel might be more than enough with better gaming at the highest settings.

Otherwise, the double core processor operates perfectly to complete the gaming expectations in particular. Ensure that the gaming PC from Alienware you enjoy purchasing is powered by one of the ultimate processors like Intel Core i5, among which i7 is the best option.

Graphics card

The newest model of the NVIDIA graphics processor might be the ideal attribute to make unforgettable and various multimedia activities.

The graphics card packed by the Alienware gaming PC might get dedicated memory of the size from 2GB to 4GB with strong gaming efficiency within more hours.

SSD/HDD drive

When it comes to the best Alienware gaming PC, you could make an option from the old HDD to SSD or SSD storage choices. However, SSD is quicker and more productive than HDD in terms of efficiency and hence more pricey at all. Your beloved gaming PC might be loaded with 1TB of HDD storage for quicker and lag-free gaming.


The gaming desktop needs to get enough room for a huge size of system memory or even the RAM. Next, 16GB or 8GB might be a better option for daily multitasking and normal PC gaming demands. However, for frequent graphics-intensive gaming, or multitasking and executing various graphically rich apps, you need to stick with 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

Those doubles are various kinds of memory used from combining the motherboard’s requirements. According to the memory slots’ number available with the motherboard, you need to upgrade or add a lot of RAM to the gaming desktop. For example, Alienware R5 is loaded with 64GB of RAM for the highest gaming efficiency.


That attribute is the next important point to take into account while you are on the barrier of selecting the Alienware gaming desktop. In the other words, you may be in need of altering the existing motherboard or enhancing some of its internal parts like the storage drive and GPU with many years to come.

Ensure that your selected gaming PC offers utmost comfort to eliminate the side panels and get access to the motherboard, or graphics card. For instance, the Aurora R6 and R8 are the best examples of precise upgrade-friendly gaming PCs.

You might obtain the tool-less design’s facility and simply swap out the internal components without any issues.

Alienware Gaming Pcs FAQs

1. Is Alienware gaming PC better for gaming?

In reality, the current Alienware systems might provide you with above-average gaming efficiency, coupled with leading quality design and the system’s construction, or outstanding after-sales services and warranty. Their versions are greatly recognizable and make some statements about the owners.

2. Is purchasing the Alienware PC worth it?

Sure, the mystery is out of the gaming PC industry’s giants. Their computers are specifically pricey, excessive, and even unnecessary. And this is why we do not highly suggest that you purchase Alienware computers.

3. Why is Alienware hated?

Threads of Alienware hate can pop out at this moment, Dell quality is even greater than Acer, the key reason is that individuals see Alienware owners as arrogant when they might not afford to get one so that they hate so as to balance their trade of affordable laptops.

4. Could I use Alienware as a standard computer?

Sure. It is considered a normal desktop, but with a more complicated system to boost leading quality gaming. So if a standard PC might do something great, your gaming rig might do it better, not for the gaming component.

5. Does Alienware utilize affordable components?

To all individuals claiming Alienware can be overpriced. On the other hand, you need to remember that other components are not the most affordable variant possible, but Alienware could take advantage of high-end and leading quality components – they even get a warranty.

6. Why is Alienware quite pricey?

Alienware is seen as “overpriced” since their upgrades for the base configurations are ridiculous. For instance, Alienware 17 is a great gaming PC that you can satisfy a lot in the future.

Wrapping It Up

That’s all about the best Alienware gaming PC on the current market. Once again, we believe that you can widen your horizon related to selecting the ideal gaming PC so far. Finally, if you find it hard, please send your feedback below this article. Thank you so much!

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Dave Terrell
Dave Terrell
2 months ago

Dell Can’t Sell Some Alienware Gaming PCs in 6 US States Anymore
These desktop PCs simply consume too much power and break local regulations.
If you live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, or Washington and want to purchase a new gaming rig from Dell, your options are now more limited than if you lived in any other state.
Some of Dell’s Alienware Aurora R12 and Aurora R10 gaming PCs can no longer be legally sold in those six states mentioned above. It’s because they consume too much power to meet local regulations.
For example, anyone living in those states and attempting to purchase the Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop, even in its Core i5, GeForce GTX 1650 configuration, will be met with the message, “This product cannot be shipped to the states of California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, or Washington due to power consumption regulations adopted by those states. Any orders placed that are bound for those states will be canceled.”
Having to limit the performance of your new gaming rig simply because of your location is sure to surprise and frustrate anyone seeing that message pop up. It’s also very frustrating for Dell, which is potentially losing out from consumers not able to purchase its $2,000+ PCs.
Dell has explained the situation with a spokesperson saying, “Yes, this was driven by the California Energy Commission (CEC) Tier 2 implementation that defined a mandatory energy efficiency standard for PCs – including desktops, AIOs and mobile gaming systems. This was put into effect on July 1, 2021. Select configurations of the Alienware Aurora R10 and R12 were the only impacted systems across Dell and Alienware.”
Other PC suppliers will be forced to comply with the same power consumption regulations as Dell for those states, suggesting that the only real way around the power limits is to build your own gaming rig. Longer term, it seems likely PC manufacturers will end up tweaking the components used specifically for those states in order to meet the regulations.

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