Best Asus Prebuilt Gaming Pcs 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Asus Prebuilt Gaming Pcs 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

Gaming has become a leading item of joy not only to the youngster but also to the individuals of different classes. Even other users have got gaming ultimately like a key source of wage. Next, as a foreign organization, Asus has made a leading zone in the players’ hearts. It has released the gaming PCs series below the title Republic of Gamers. On the other hand, Asus ROG PCs are particularly built for game keeners.

Players get to care about the updated system so as to love newer published games. Games that are published many times are of big sizes and they request high specs in the system. Asus PCs are one of the super high options for the players as some of Asus Pcs are quite productive and they are excellent at their tasks. Now, let’s review the best Asus prebuilt gaming PCs at this time.

Asus Prebuilt Gaming Pcs Buying Guide

How to select the best ASUS prebuilt gaming PCs?

In recent years, gaming was nothing but an entertainment source. However, currently, the scenario might be altered and it has become supermassive.

There is a huge transformation in the global globe. The gaming universe has become the globe for a lot of gamers. Even other users get it as their income source, and games are super huge in size and their system requirements are even quite high.

To execute those games the client has to ensure the updated system with the newest software. The best Asus prebuilt gaming PCs are one of the interesting options for the players. ASUS’ PCs are quite prominent and offer high efficiency. The gaming PC gets a great GPU and better display with high resolution.


Other players can request a leading GPU. It is super crucial to move with a PC that brings the leading graphical performance and offers better functioning of the PC. When it comes to running the game better, the GPU is the key element. RTX or GTX is the most popular GPU for any PC.

There are a host of ultimate GPUs available at this moment, from which the client might select the ideal one for you based on the budget. The consumer has to take the primary portion of your budget on the GPU component, to face a better gaming efficiency.


RAM is among the most crucial peripherals for the gaming PC. RAM is the part that determines how quick the PC might do. The player has to select the RAM’s capacity based on the game which is going to be run on the system. In this case, 8GB of RAM is a smart option for the player.

However, so as to run blockbuster games, the player has to set up at least 32GB of RAM.


Running the software is entirely based on the systems’ processor. PC gaming needs to get high speed and offer leading efficiency. For which it wants a fabulous mixture of GPU or processor. But if the client might manage the i9 processor, then it might be a great option for you. However, the player has to select it particularly based on your overall budget.


Storage is a crucial part of some Asus gaming desktops. The players want to store a huge amount of data on their PC. SSD drives are a super quick option for the players. They want to download and move files very regularly. For which hybrid storage is usually a great option, 1TB HDD or 500GB SSD is a typical storage capacity for the Asus gaming PC.

Best Asus Prebuilt Gaming Pcs Reviews

1. ROG Huracan G21 Compact Gaming Desktop

The first Asus prebuilt gaming PC on the current market is ROG Huracan. In the other words, the modern and ultimate PC’s design can impress the purchasers so much. Aside from its great looks, it even brings other outstanding specs that make the clients joyful. The gadget equips with eSports and LAN-party available for hot-swap SSD.

The storage configuration for that PC is super great, and it assists 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD which is sufficient to store data. This gaming PC supports 6GB of RTX 2060 graphics that bring Visual reality spec, which shows clients might even love 3D gaming with the assistance of the device.

As for graphics, it even enhances the gaming quality. The motherboard that is available in it is fabulous in quality. It is crucial for each PC and 16GB of RAM with high frequency is shown in this PC.

It might particularly do multi-tasking. That power pack PC can be packed by the i7-9700K processor that comes up with 12MB cache memory or clock frequency of around 4.9 GHz.

The clients might enjoy leading gaming on this version. The optical drive is even displayed in it.


– The HDMI port can provide high-quality video or audio.

– This gaming PC provides leading storage.

– The Huracan G21 is packed with some RGB lighting fans.


– It is a bit pricey.

– There is only one color to choose from.

2. ROG Strix GL12 Gaming Desktop

The specs of the PC are super great and it is a costly version. The PC’s outfit is state-of-the-art and fabulous. It is popularly available in shadow grey color with a better angular design. In addition to this, it equips with 8GB of RTX 2070 graphics.

With the assistance of it, the gaming PC might execute high-end games super greatly. The clients might experience some common games like Call of Duty at full HD resolutions without any lagging. Thanks to the Intel Core i7-9700K processor the PC can deal with each task better. This gaming PC equips with 1TB HDD and 512GB SSD as well. The newest model of Bluetooth or subwoofer port is available in that version. The PC Asus gaming assists 16GB of RAM that assists in offering flawless efficiency.

A lot of RGB fans are integrated into it. These fans support the ROG Strix GL12 PC to keep cool and they offer a leading outfit to the version. Last but not least, the GL12 gaming desktop is worth buying at this moment.


– The panels that are available on the left or right system’s side

– There are a lot of beneficial ports for you to select.

– This PC brings the SSD and HDD.


– It is quite heavy.

– It is not compatible with the previous OS.

3. ROG Strix GA15DH Gaming Desktop PC

It is an outstanding PC Asus rog and its build is super great. The PC equips with ASUS’s motherboard and AMD Ryzen processor which improves the lifespan of that version. It comes up with a Ryzen 7 3700X processor which brings a frequency of 4.4 GHz. That processor might execute the high-end games and that prebuilt PC might even be taken for various high-end targets.

On top of it, the PC supports 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD that is very great as the clients might face all kinds of storage there. Next, Windows 10 is the main OS for the PC. The RAM might assist the personal computer in running effectively. It even fastens the speedy timing.

The GA15DH PC equips with Ethernet connectivity. The clients might enjoy a better visual with its 5700XT graphics. Thus, you can be satisfied with this version as well.


– It supports HDD and SSD.

– The processor like Ryzen 7 is great.

– The efficiency is impressive.


– This PC gets some air passing gaps that lead to hitting problems.

4. ASUS ROG Strix G35CZ Gaming Desktop PC

This G35CZ PC brings a leading efficiency report. It gets a simple upgrade facility that assists the clients to customize the version based on their demands. This PC is supported with a strong Intel i9-10900KF. The graphical efficiency of that PC is even fabulous. It might offer all-around efficiency and the version’s design is nearly the same as various gaming consoles.

This PC gaming equips with RTX 3080 graphics which supports the version to offer leading graphical performance. That gadget brings 1TB SSD and 1TB HDD as well. With the assistance of 1TB HDD, the clients might store their crucial data. That clarified version has 32GB of RAM that supports the gadget to process data super fast and effectively.

The operating system is Windows 10 and the whole configuration of that PC is not updated and this PC might execute high-end games in ultra-high setting resolution but when gamers set that game at the highest setting, then it can bring you a great gaming experience.


– The maintenance of this PC is super simple.

– A lot of airflow passes into it.

– The optical drive is even displayed in it.


– The gaming PC is a bit heavier.

5. ROG Strix GL10CS Gaming Desktop PC

The GL10CS series of gaming PCs begin at Rs 62,000 for the base version with a Core i7-8700 processor and GTX 1050 graphics. There is a next SKU of a similar desktop with other graphics onboard. As for the design, this desktop supports a leading metal build that seems super ultimate on the outdoors with an LED streak that controls the front. A host of sharp lines with more folds even execute along the chassis’ front or flush with the gamers’ logo.

When it comes to efficiency, this model equips double birds with one stone. With the newest 8th gen Intel core i7-8700 processor and 2GB GTX 1050 graphics, that PC is ideal for a gaming session. Besides, this version assists DTS headphones with a 7.1 channel as well. A famous brand like Asus can provide more optimizations for the audio through the DTS audio application that permits clients to tweak the sound output from the type of content which is playing.

Therefore, some presets for games and news that might be fine-tuned based on the type of listening source.


– The design of Asus gaming desktop is elegant

– It offers good efficiency.

– The price is quite reasonable.


– It does not assist overclocking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Asus a great gaming computer?

Asus provides ROG series for game keeners. As the name recommends, it is a great series of gaming PCs. The various ASUS computers might even be utilized for gaming targets, if they obtain appropriate specs, for taking high-end games. The ASUS gaming PCs have made a consecutive fan base from offering flawless efficiency.

2. How might I boost up the ASUS ROG?

There are other simple steps to speed up the ASUS ROG system. First of all, you can run the game better on a ROG computer, the client has to switch off all of the vital apps before taking the game. The clients need to disable the video streaming service that might add some FPS while enjoying a game.

Next, the consumers can disable in-game overlays. It might support the clients to participate in games or just get the fabulous gaming menu system. It can engage the CPU a lot. As soon as disabling that attribute, the system is quicker during executing blockbuster games.

On top of it, the ASUS systems equip players with the cloud app. So as to make ROG quicker, the player has to uninstall the software. After that, the clients might see minor speed enhancements in their systems.

3. How much RAM do I use for gaming?

8GB of RAM is the fundamental element for the gaming PC. If the client needs to face flawless gaming, then you need to move with at least 32GB of RAM. If any client needs to execute a lot of standard games, you could stick with 8GB of RAM.

4. How long can the Asus prebuilt gaming PC last?

3-year is the longest time that the gaming PC might serve. The client has to alter graphics, and various settings to subsist with the transformations in the gaming.

5. Can the gaming PC take more Wifi?

Sure, the gaming PC takes more Wifi. Players want to download some games so as to enjoy and play, or games of recent time are big in size. Thus, it might get a lot of data. In reality, most games are online games.

Closing Ideas

Here are all the best Asus prebuilt gaming PCs at this moment that you can choose from. Last but not least, if you like our article, please share it and leave your comments below if needed. Thank you!

  • Best expensive Asus prebuilt gaming PC: ROG Huracan.
  • Best value Asus prebuilt gaming PC: ROG Strix GL12
  • Best overall Asus prebuilt gaming PC: GA15DH
  • Best storage Asus prebuilt gaming PC: G35CZ
  • Best cheap Asus prebuilt gaming PC: GL10CS
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Saurav Susana Rai
Saurav Susana Rai
4 months ago

Check this out on @Newegg: ABS Gladiator Gaming PC – Intel i7 10700F – ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3070 8GB – G.Skill Ripjaw V 16GB DDR4 3200MHz – 1TB Intel M.2 NVMe SSD
I bought this pc because of graphic card shortage. What do you guys think? Is it worth it?

David Williams
David Williams
4 months ago

ASus tuf 3080 ti
Ryzen 9 3900x
32gb Corsair ram
Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming
Thermaltake the tower 100!
1tb m2 SSD
Cool master ma410m
(Cable management’s not the best!)

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