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21 Best Console Gaming Monitors 4k FPS gaming for PS4 & Xbox One Reviews In 2022

Gaming monitors are distinctive from your typical TVs and monitors. They are regularly standardized for gaming and they provide a space-saving substitution to the perfect gaming television. TVs are better for gaming, but a responsive gaming monitor can be the edge you want.

There is a wide range of various choices for the current console player, and it could rapidly be a bit of a headache. In this post, we have made a list of great console gaming monitors which suit particular criteria and fit specific demands of Xbox and PlayStation. Finally, let’s chase up with us to find out more about the pretty things below.

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1. ASUS ROG Strix XG438Q 43” Large Gaming Monitor (Value pick – Best value console gaming monitor)

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The 43” ROG Strix XG438Q gaming monitor features a marvelous 4K HDR with 90% DCI-P3, displays 600 Certification, and free Sync 2 HDR for a fully immer…

This ASUS ROG is a sleek big monitor with strong assistance for 4K resolutions and a leading framerate. It is an ideal friend for great consoles such as PS5, and XBOX X. It is even a better resolution for enjoying movies and televisions.

This big 43-inch display makes it a proper alternative for television, and a high-quality gaming monitor. It could even combine super beautifully with a high-end gaming PC, making it a particularly flexible display.

It is not an affordable monitor by any means, but this monitor can be a better display to work with a next-gen games console.


  • Offers leading gaming efficiency
  • Be fabulous for console gamers.
  • Has better build quality
  • Comes with FreeSync premium assistance.


  • Be expensive.

2. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-Inch IPS Monitor (4K pick – Best 4K console gaming monitor)

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The expansive 27” screen features InfinityEdge, a virtually borderless display on all four sides that lets you see more of your work. Hone in on every…

If you seek the LG to be a little very pricey, or maybe you will not be making most of the AMD FreeSync tech, then it is a good investment in our list. Like our leading option, it is a 27-inch 4K gaming monitor with an IPS monitor which even assists HDR.

It is seen to be the sweet area for 4K gaming monitors and makes standing farther away acceptable. Next, this Dell U2718Q monitor seems easy yet sleek and shows slimy bezels with a better metallic finish. Adding to the clean structure, the stand brings a cable control holder to run your cables through and make the zone clean. The monitor even brings a wide range of customization choices, you could change the height, pivot, and swivel.

When this monitor can not get a joystick navigation button, like our leading selection; it does get four tactile buttons situated in the bottom-right bezel’s underside supporting simple navigation.


  • Provides 4K resolution
  • Has a big screen
  • Stand brings a good cable control holder.
  • Be cheap


  • Users claimed about backlight bleed.

3. AORUS FI32Q 32″ monitor (Runner-up pick – Best runner-up console gaming monitor)

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32” 2560×1440 Super Speed IPS Display, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible 165Hz Refresh Rate, High Bit Rate 3 support (HBR3) 1ms Response Time (MPRT) / 1ms GTG …

The next console gaming monitor on our list is AORUS FI32Q. It is a big 4K monitor with the VA panel which assists a leading refresh rate and low response time – the ideal mixture of specifications for Xbox and Playstation gamers.

That monitor is visually stunning and takes up the full features of PS4 Pro, and 4K-capable PCs. The 4K resolution is currently used through all platforms and makes your gaming experience seem quite pretty than ever before – at least with XBOX and PS titles which are specifically in 4K.

On top of it, the monitor’s screen size is ideally standardized for console players, coming in around 43-inch and offering outstanding levels of immersion. Combine it with the 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time; it is simple to track how this monitor made it in our instruction.


  • VA panel contrast rate
  • Provides 4K resolution
  • Brings slimy bezels
  • The build is sleek


  • Be quite pricey.

4. ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A 28” HDR Monitor (Overall pick – Best overall console gaming monitor)

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Enabling the finest visuals in every gameplay, the TUF Gaming VG289Q1A features a 28-inch 4K UHD IPS display with superior images and 90% DCI-P3 color…

If you are a hard-core gamer and enjoy efficiency, then it is the ideal console monitor based on our evaluation.

This ASUS TUF VG289Q1A is a 4K resolution gaming monitor. This one from the Asus brand is 1-inch bigger at 28 inches and the IPS panel. It even uses the Asus Eye Care tech to care for your eyes by removing flickering and lower the blue light to decrease eye strain.

The monitor’s beauty is it does all of it, while even coming at a lower price. That has an ergonomically built 5-way joystick which makes you alter its brightness, and some settings through the on-screen display. The joystick assists you in making quick customizations unlike less intuitive managements realized on the same monitors.

The monitor is insufficient in the aesthetic function, you would claim it is cheap looking, but the bezels are particularly slimy, and if you turn a blind eye to the stand it can not look all that bad. The stand is bad and can get some wobble if you move the desk because of the big screen size.


  • Provides 4K resolution
  • Supports quick response rate
  • Comes with FreeSync tech.
  • Propose Asus Eye Care tech.


  • Offers bad viewing angles.

5. Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx 28″ IPS Gaming Monitor (Editor pick – Best console gaming monitor)

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In competitive gaming, every frame matters. Introducing Acer’s XV282K gaming monitor – the UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution monitor that can keep up with …

The Acer Nitro is a particularly great console gaming monitor, with sturdy assistance for 4K resolutions, and high fps. It is an ideal buddy for next-gen consoles such as PS5, and Xbox S. It is even a fabulous display for binging movies, television, and various video content.

Besides, this 28-inch display can not make it a better alternative for television, but the 4K screen clarity combined with great efficiency-tailored specifications does make it a very option for competitive gamers, and content consumption.

Thanks to slim bezels, the high refresh rate, and quick 1ms response time; that is the monitor which could do something. It is not an affordable monitor by any means, but it can be a wonderful display to collaborate with a next-gen games console.


  •  Provides leading gaming efficiency.
  •  Be fabulous for PC and console players.
  •  Has perfect build quality
  •  Offers FreeSync premium assistance.


  •  Lacks HDR content

Buying Tips

Some factors to care about when purchasing the best console gaming monitors

Like other gaming computer components, purchasing a console monitor can not be finished immediately. There are specific elements that can be focused on when buying the monitor, even more so when combining the display with one of the newest consoles. Doing it can permit you to make a good decision, but it can make you select the one which best fits your particular demands.


Resolution occurs least when it discusses the gaming monitors – with full HD being the highest resolution assisted by other games on Xbox One or PS4. However, if you are taking one of the medium gen upgrades of these consoles, or next gens consoles; the 4K panel is certainly the ideal choice.


You can have realized the HDR setting on smartphones, but what precisely can it do? It is simple to know if we initially define Dynamic range. In easy terms, dynamic range is the measurement of how much the lightest zone of the picture differs from the shadow zone. HDR (High dynamic range) fundamentally customizes the picture to make it seem quite right-to-life by enhancing and adding a lot of information to shadow zones.

Besides, monitors which assist HDR display dark colors in a clear manner. That offers players an edge because they might be capable of seeing shadow zones better.

Refresh rate

Old gen consoles can run at the highest fps. This proved that if you are playing the game on the version of PS4, you will be enjoying at the highest fps – no matter which displays you can experience. The newest next-gen consoles from Sony can assist gaming at 120 fps, based on the game. If you are taking one of those systems, you are specifically going to need to select a monitor which assists that high refresh rate range.

Panel type

IPS displays provide better color reproduction – greater than your HDTV, but not quite as refined as the full HDR-10. As for monitors, it is the ideal viewing experience you might get, particularly when you get the boosted viewing angles into consideration. IPS particularly sacrifices the response time that can be an issue if you are a dedicated gamer.

TN panels, in the other words, are affordable and get quicker response times (often 1ms compared to 5ms for other IPS panels), but are lacking in color reproduction that can be relevant if you plan on mounting the monitor or using the floor-based console gaming chair.

You could study much more about the distinction between the TN and IPS panels by reading our related posts.


1. Is 75Hz great for console gaming?

Sure, definitely. Even though a 75Hz can not be as speedy as the 144Hz monitor (that is capable of refreshing the screen 150 times for a sec), the 75Hz monitor can even provide a great gaming experience than typical monitors that bring the 60Hz.

The 60Hz refresh rate shows that the screen can be refreshed around 60 times per sec. With that rate, quick-moving visuals might debut to be blurry or can also lag, and might also lead to screen tearing. On contrary, the 75Hz monitor can fall with the leading refresh type, which proves it can be capable of displaying quick-moving graphics and pictures more greatly, while some assisting to avoid lagging.

2. Is a monitor or television greater for playing the game?

To be honest, a gaming monitor can be the ideal choice for console gaming since gaming monitors are particularly built to supply all gaming demands. For beginners, gaming monitors are often capable of providing a high refresh rate as evaluated by television monitors, while some conveying a great pixel density.

With the help of cutting-edge techs made in panel tech, gaming monitors are capable of providing authentic and clear color reproduction, showing that you can be able to love the huge gaming experience, and clear graphics.

On contrary, televisions are produced a little distinctively from gaming monitors with the huge distinction being their dimension. Because televisions popularly getting a big screen than gaming monitors, it shows that they focus on the viewing experience and even color reproduction, as opposed to a leading pixel density and refresh rate.

3. Is the curved monitor effective for gaming?

No matter you select to stick with a typical monitor or attempt a curved substitution, both are fabulous options that are largely utilized for the gaming community. In short, the curved monitor is vitally similar to the flat-screen monitor, the only distinction being which the screen’s edges are mildly bent towards users.

4. Could response time occur the console gaming?

Sure, as for gaming, the response time is super crucial and particularly influences the overall efficiency you could hope to obtain from your console. If you need the ideal gaming experience, then it is crucial that you select a television or monitor which can be capable of providing you with a leading refresh rate and quick response time.

For a monitor, the response time is measured by milliseconds, and assists to show you how rapidly the pixel is capable of turning from one shade of gray to the next shade of gray that you can have seen as G+G.

5. Could PS5 support 144Hz?

The answer is No. The PS5 can not assist 144Hz just yet, but it is capable of playing approximately 120fps on the full HD monitor. In the other words, the PS5 can run with full HD at 120fps, and 8K at 60fps (even though it can grapple to reach something higher at 8K). Moreover, there is particularly no assistance for 2K as well, even though future system updates from Sony. Thus, if you are hunting for a monitor or television for your PS5, then you can get the ideal experience from those which can be standardized to execute at full HD resolution.

Final thoughts

We expect this guide has made knowing the technology which moves into console monitors a bit simpler. This awareness can enable you to select the monitor which is particularly suitable for your demands. Whether you are a normal gamer who just needs a better visual experience, or somebody more concentrated on gaming, there is a high display in the list which fits your needs.

If you want to find out more about the best console gaming monitors, we will support you whenever and wherever you need them.