Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming and Streaming 2022: Reviews, Budget, Buying Guide

Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming and Streaming 2022: Reviews, Budget, Buying Guide

RAM is becoming one of the booming specifications for hardware, but there is not particularly much insight into what it does beyond “more is better”. When we are not out there to argue that evaluation, we are there to ensure that you purchase the ideal RAM sticks for you, particularly if you need to get a perfect gaming experience.

Whether you are there, searching for budget RAM kits or the quickest RAM for the market, we want to cover. If you are not certain what to seek out, that is better as well. We have put the purchaser’s instruction to the post’s bottom which you might take to make sense of all those specifications and select the best DDR4 RAM for gaming.

Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming and Streaming Reviews

1. Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) (Value pick – Best value RAM for gaming)

The first version that you might care about is Corsair LPX. On the other hand, it is an outstanding budget RAM series from a famous brand like Corsair. It can boost competitive costs regarding the variant. The memory is checked by a big number of various motherboards and it can operate with other boards at this time. There is no RGB assistance that is a positive for people who do not need their PC case to seem like a rave party.

As for the drawbacks, we do not particularly love the heatsink design. It seems like something out of the bad cyberpunk film. Besides, if you want to investigate to obtain the 32GB kit, ensure to snatch the 32GB version.


– It provides stable efficiency for cost.

– The best ddr4 ram brings lifetime warranty

– It comes with a wide range of capacities.

– It might operate with any motherboard.


– The design is not as good as you think.

– It can not stick with a capacity bigger than 32GB.

2. Patriot Viper 4 16GB (2 x 8GB) (Budget pick – Best cheap RAM for gaming)

If you need the ideal RAM kit, then it will be the one for you. Next, the Viper 4 kit trades below $100 on other days, and is included with double 8GB of RAM sticks running at 3000 MHz each. It is over the 2400 MHZ standard for DDR4 RAM, and leagues beyond anything the DDR3 RAM kit can be able to.

When not the quickest RAM possible, it is particularly the most rapid that you might seek in that cost range. For value-oriented users who need the perfect RAM for the bucks, the Viper 4 kit is some darn great RAM.

The disadvantages are cost fluctuations and the shortage of cosmetic choices. You might tackle the red heatsink if you determine getting that RAM even though as most motherboards are black at this time, it might even seem better.


– It is worth value

– It provides you with high clock speed

– It offers the lifetime warranty


– There are no cosmetic choices for you to select.

3. Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) (RGB pick – Best RGB RAM for gaming)

If all that occurs to you is aesthetics, then seeking the ideal RGB RAM is perhaps crucial for you. Corsair is among the famous producers to carry RGB to prominence. However, this RGB is going to move at a cost. It is a 16GB kit, consisting of 2x8GB DIMMs, each running at 3000MHz.

At this moment, it is retailing for about $200, but you might hope the cost to change a little bit throughout the year. Even affordable versions like that one might be quite pricey than their non-RGB counterparts, but opportunities are you understood that already.

From that, you might stick with various speeds and colors for that kit. From the 16GB configuration, you might move as high as 4266MHz that is simply on par with the ideal RAM kits at this moment.


– It is seen as the ideal RGB implementation

– The Corsair Vengeance Pro runs so quickly.

– There are a lot of speed choices for you to stick with.


– It is quite pricey

4. G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) (Quick clock speed pick – Best fast RAM with a unique design)

G.skill can be one of the high brands of memory for many years. It can attract all geeks, and other enthusiasts at this time. The quick frequency with overclocking headroom to boot can bring the intangible gaming experience, speeding up FPS averages and enhancing smoothness for the process.

The XMP 2.0 profiles get all the settings for a single simple click. The handy compatibility for the Z490 motherboard can not make you disappointed. Besides, the lifetime warranty of this best ram speed for gaming will offer that leading efficiency kit the win and is the ideal DDR4 RAM for gaming at this moment.


– The G.skill Trident Z is produced from AMD Ryzen 3

– It is quite gorgeous

– It offers great overclocking by the Hynix DJR


– It is not as much as overclocking potential, compared to other kits

5. TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Kit (Efficiency pick – Best performance DDR4 RAM for gaming)

If you need the high-end RAM which seems like it is available for the disco show, please stick with the Teamgroup T version. On the other hand, the best DDR4 RAM for gaming is over the top and ideal for builds that can revolve around the big usage of RGB lighting.

Next, regarding which RGB application you want to take, it might operate with that memory. However, that memory even provides outstanding quality and might not take you a lot of bucks. Its cost-efficiency rate is good. Timings are tight and that memory brings outstanding overclocking potential. Most sticks might provide high overclock outcomes, just ensure you get a leading quality motherboard.


– The Teamgroup T-force is ideal for RGB builds.

– It brings outstanding efficiency for the cost.

– It comes with better overclocking potential

– The lifetime warranty is great


– A lot of users might find the design to be over the top.

DDR4 RAM For Gaming and Streaming Purchasing guide

How to select the best DDR4 RAM for gaming

In this part, we are going to move each of the key specifications to focus on when attempting to seek the ideal RAM for gaming. If you have chosen via this post, and are not sure about something, that section is only for you. If you even get any queries left after you have completed them, it seems better to ask us in the comment box.

RAM capacity

When the rule of “more is better” is made true by RAM, the principle of diminishing returns can as well, particularly as far as gaming PC memory is concerned. Next, we will go all through common RAM configurations and assist you in selecting which to take.

  • 4GB: It is better for popular PC usage and traditional games.
  • 8GB: It is fabulous for common PC usage, and can operate effectively with most AAA games.
  • 16GB: It is a favorite of geeks and is super to be filled by anybody, but the most extreme clients.
  • 32GB: If you do not host a server, or execute virtual machines, this capacity is totally pointless.

CAS latency

For the geeks among you, you might realize the term “latency” and suppose that lower proves better. It is quite right, but the RAM-producing nature shows that CAS latency boosts up as RAM speed can. It can not nullify the efficiency gains even though it is particularly just a memory tech’s quirk.

Otherwise, do not be afraid of it. As long as the CAS latency number is not high in comparison to the RAM speed being shown, you get nothing to worry about. All of our selections in this post are great ranges and are not bottlenecked from CAS latency.

RAM channel configurations

The next popular term you might realize is “Dual channel”. It is the most popular RAM configuration for gaming PCs or the ideal option for other customers. We will clarify the key three configurations and what makes them unique.

  • Single-channel: It mentions a scenario where all system RAM is inside the single RAM stick. That avoids the RAM stick from getting its high potential speed that might be a specifically harsh bottleneck for DDR3 RAM.
  • Dual-channel: It discusses the background in which double identical RAM sticks are operated in a similar system. In that situation, the RAM sticks are capable of operating together and reach their full capacity. It is perfect for all scenarios.
  • Quad-channel: it means the scenario in which four identical RAM sticks are worked in a similar system. When that does lead to boosted memory bandwidth, the efficiency gains are marginal-to-non-existent, particularly for games. The main reason to implement QC RAM is if you are enhancing the preliminary current DC setup’s capacity, not for efficiency.


1. Can I select DDR4 or DDR3 RAM?

The DDR4 or DDR3 RAM enhancement is even based on a lot of different elements like the hardware in use or hoped to be utilized for the near future, from which you determine which RAM to enhance for the PC.

If you are even taking traditional motherboards and grabbing 5th generation CPUs, then you are even sticking with DDR3 while you seek all the compatible equipment. If you get the newer motherboards at this time, DDR4 RAM might be an excellent investment for the future – it is tough to ensure that DDR4 RAM will not be utilized as regularly.

2. What are the benefits of DDR4 RAM while you build the PC?

DDR4 is the quickest, which proves data might be transmitted from RAM, CPU, and different parts at a high speed, or equipment might run quickly. Next, DDR4 can save power and phones might get the batteries. The current laptops equip with 8GB of RAM so that it might save much more power, and incoming phones might even enlarge more than 4GB of Ram so that it is even better.

Every DDR4 memory chip can get a better density that shows that every DDR4 RAM stick might get a bigger capacity. The single DDR4 stick could assist until 512GB, whereas DDR3 is particularly 128GB as well.

3. When can I stick with DDR4 RAM?

Currently, you might take a lot of bucks to purchase DDR4 RAM, but there is a high chance that the available hardware can not assist that new memory standard. Moreover, since it is even new, the cost for DDR4 RAM is even pricey. Based on a lot of experts, it can be 50% higher than DDR3 RAM of a similar capacity.

For instance, if you get 16GB DDR3 RAM for $150, then you might purchase 16GB DDR4 RAM for around $200. So if you do not know what you want and why DDR4 might make your task better, you need to upgrade.

4. Is 3200 MHZ RAM better for gaming?

Sure, it is worth purchasing at this moment. It can be suitable for Ryzen based CPUs, but particularly for the APUs. It is also good if you get the Ryzen 7. From anything below, you might obtain the 5% up, but it might be particularly about 3% gains.

5. Is 32GB RAM great for gaming?

A lot of game consoles do not also take anything close to 32GB so that you might think about the sheer amount of power it owns for the gaming PC. If you need the top speed efficiency, there is no lag or any different efficiency hiccups. The 32GB can be the perfect option at this moment.

Wrapping It Up

When that list summarizes our perspective on what the best DDR4 RAM for gaming and Streaming is, it is true that other users might not agree with us. That’s great. We take that list off of price-to-efficiency and not essentially on what RAM does the best.

We did that straightforwardly since the in-game efficiency distinction from fast kits of memory to memory working at more standard speeds are not super considerable(with exception to most of the new Ryzen-based operations in which quicker RAM might provide a high-efficiency boost), particularly for while you care about the cost distinction.

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