Best Dell Gaming PCs 2021: Top Reviews, Buying Guide

Best Dell Gaming PCs 2021: Top Reviews, Buying Guide

Dell Gaming desktops have particularly emerged as the main type of private PC due to the boosting interests of some gaming lovers. Next, a lot of beginners could not simply identify investing were those double substitutions for popular gaming experience – the desktop PC or laptop. Great, the comparison from the duos might move ahead if we stand to discover more benefits and drawbacks of those independent computer techs.

Still, there are a lot of clients who specifically enjoy the gaming PC to the gaming laptop for different reasons. Currently, we might refer to the best Dell gaming PC. Some strict gamers think it fabulous to take the PC tower for getting immersed with PC gaming for a lot of hours. Many gaming PCs could be simply enhanced with many years to come.

They permit the clients to transform their built-in parts by taking them out of the side panels and gaining access to hardware configuration. At this moment, we have chosen the top Dell gaming PCs to elongate the list of your options and assist you in selecting the best one for the gaming expertise.

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Best Dell Gaming PCs Reviews

1. Dell XPS8910-23420BLK Desktop (Overall pick – Best overall Dell gaming PC)

That gaming PC from Dell might be a fabulous choice to complete the day-to-day gaming expectations. On the other hand, it brings a bold and sleek design along with the compact chassis to accommodate some space for the table or desk.

The Dell XPS8910 PC is well-equipped with all the vital attributes possible for ultimate gaming. It can pack both a 6th gen i7 processor and GTX 960 card as its core. The graphics processor is strong enough to deal with the common heavier gaming titles for a long period of time.


– It provides ultra great gaming efficiency.

– It brings high comfort.

– The design is compact and impressive.


– The PSU arm is a little stiff.

2. Alienware AWAUR6-5468SLV-PUS Gaming Desktop (Budget pick – Best cheap gaming PC)

Another gaming PC on our list is Alienware 5468SLV. It might be a better option for the amateurs around PC gaming. Next, it offers the comfort of tool-less enhancement to hard drives and GPUs. The system houses RX 480 graphics card and Intel Core i5 and 7th generation CPU to do better gaming and multitasking.

On top of it, the operating system is Windows 10. Thus, we make sure it can bring a better experience to you. The total memory is 8GB of RAM which is enough for simple tasks. Last but not least, here is the best buy alienware desktop that you should purchase if possible.


– The tower design is classical.

– It offers ample HDD storage space

– It comes with excellent processing power


– It is not perfect for A-grade gaming professionals.

– It is quite expensive.

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3. Dell XPS x8900-7319BLK Tower Desktop (Classical tower pick – Best classical tower Dell gaming PC)

The Dell XPS x8900 is among the quickest mini-tower gaming PCs provided by Dell. It can be powered by GTX 960 graphics and an i7-6700K chipset to permit you to execute system-intensive apps like great gaming and HD video streaming.

The RAM is upgraded until 24GB of RAM which can fit your gaming demand. When it comes to storage, the HDD of 2TB is huge for keeping files and even AAA games. In addition to that, this gaming PC works on Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, you can enjoy the best period of the moment while using this gaming PC.


– The graphics processor is high-end

– It offers various USB ports.

– It provides a space-saving design.


– It is not quite simple to enhance

– It might not be found around the land stores.

4. 2021 Newest Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop (Editor pick – Best performance gaming PC)

If you love the Alienware Aurora R10’s sound, but you are not a massive fan of the AMD Ryzen hardware, then this Aurora R12 is only for you. While the Aurora R10 equips with Ryzen CPUs, this Dell gaming PC displays a huge option of Intel 11th generation chips. Next, those processors are not as capable as the Ryzen 5000 series ones, but they come close.

Apart from it, you might obtain the similar GPU, storage choices, and RAM which come with the R10 so that you might not get to make sacrifices in various zones to the team blue. Finally, this R12 gaming desktop equips with a similar case design to its AMD-powered cousin, albeit with a white color scheme.


– It supports immense power

– The aesthetic of the best alienware Aurora is bold.

– It offers huge storage space.


– It is mildly less capable on the high-end.

5. New Dell G5 Gaming Desktop (Mid-range pick – Best mid-range Dell gaming PC)

The Dell G5 gaming PC is perfect for people who need something with a more reasonable side, but even need to experience better efficiency in-game. It is particularly Dell’s famous gaming PC. Still, they make a unique model of it which equips with the GTX 1660 Ti. Besides, you could combine those with an option of perfect 10th gen Intel CPUs, around 16GB of RAM.

In addition to that, it is up to 1TB SSD space for the overall fabulous cost. When it comes to aesthetics, a famous brand like Dell moved with a more traditional PC tower design with a G5 desktop. However, there are even RGB accents and make a decoration with angular design parts, showing that your rig might come off as the gaming operation to buddies and family who get a peek.


– The power is impressive.

– It offers better design with player accents

– It has a lot of RAM and storage


– It is not as strong as Alienware choices.

Dell Gaming PCs Buying Guide

Ultimate parts for the best efficiency

Dell’s PC might run more PC games, but without focused hardware, you might particularly be capable of enjoying games with low requirements. To deal with the high visuals and processing requirements of some AAA games, you might grab more strong parts than you can seek with the entry-level computer.

Next, the parts regularly bring special brand names and version numbers that could be confusing. However, you might compare them particularly by taking their engineering specs. The important parts can make a huge distinction from the PC built for gaming and one built for fundamental tasks.


Whether it is on a single card or integrated into the processor, the GPU can produce all the gaming PC’s graphics. That makes the GPU the most crucial part of the gaming PC. With no strong enough GPU, specific games can not be playable as well. The GPU’s specs can refer to its speed and compatibility with DirectX graphics’ versions.


The processor can deal with all the tasks which your PC does, gaming or otherwise. A quick processor with various processing cores can make sure that your PC might execute more games built to the newest CPU tech and assists with non-gaming tasks at all. The CPU’s specs can display its processing speed, and the number of threads, and its structure.


When it is processing a lot of calculations per second, your PC can store the vital data with its RAM, or memory. In the other words, it is important to get sufficient RAM to execute more games, but exceeding the requested amount might not boost the gaming efficiency. RAM’s specs can support its size, particularly with GB and its speed that can be compatible with the PC’s motherboard and even CPU.

Other parts


State-of-the-art PC game installations could rapidly take a huge amount of storage for the PC. The SSD might read and write data so rapidly than the HDD. However, they are quite pricey than the normal hard drives. Next storage specs can show its size and fluctuate between megabytes and gigabytes, and the speed at which data might be written.


Gaming mice and also keyboards display highly responsive keys and even buttons or equip with adjustable choices to fit the gaming demands. Besides, particular games are best played with the controller rather than keyboard and mouse.


Gaming monitors can provide you with better resolutions and quick refresh rates so as to make the most of the graphics generated by the GPU. Whether you take the integrated display of the gaming PC or combine the freestanding monitor with the PC, Dell can offer an ultimate watching experience for all the heavier games.

Selecting the best Dell gaming PC which is best for you

There is more to the gaming PC than its single parts; the strong GPU might not do with its full potential combined with the weak CPU, and loads of quick RAM will not assist the system which is not built to make the most of this speed. Next, obtaining the gaming PC from a famous brand like Dell can make sure that all the parts are compatible and updated, showing all you need to identify is which version and configuration are best for you.

There are some basic items to consider to assist you in deciding below

  • what type of form factor would I need? Is the size of the PC more crucial than the power and adjustable options of the gaming PC?
  • Do I need the configuration which might be challenging for some years, or Do I need the PC that I might enhance with new parts?
  • What configuration brings the best specs for me to enjoy the AAA games?

Whatever you determine, Dell supports a gaming PC that might suit your demands. When you get the best Dell gaming PC, you might study how to obtain the most efficiency from the machine. Delightful gaming!

Dell Gaming PCs FAQs

1. Is the Dell gaming PC better for playing games?

Dell is super great at strengthening strong PCs and which is simulated with the Dell G5 gaming PC. With the availability of a high processor and memory, it can cover all the bases with a highly dependable gaming PC.

2. Is Dell better than HP for playing games?

Dell’s Alienware provides you with higher gaming efficiency than the HP desktop. However, if you want a better mixture of cost and power, we highly suggest that you need to stick with HP desktops. They offer you a pretty design, outstanding quality, and strong hardware.

3. Why is Dell quite bad?

The next reason why Dell sucks is due to their products’ continuity. On the other hand, they might come with a similar product year after with greater CPU, and graphics. However, customers want the design transformation.

4. Is Dell possessed by HP?

Dell, who 32 years ago began a PC business from his university dormitory room, particularly finished his huge $68 billion merger with EMC. The data storage corporation with more interests in security. The other half of the traditional plant that might focus on PC and even printer sales, is currently named HP.

5. Is Dell overpriced?

Dell is the PC and laptop king for a lot of reasons. That’s all that Dell wants to be claimed about Dell. Overpriced, with awful client assistance, and mildly misleading technological specifications listed with their site.

Wrapping It Up

As for the high gaming desktops, the great balance from power to the pattern is vital. While choosing the gaming rig to buy, you should ensure that your system brings a better GPU. You will even want a trustworthy processor, and 8GB of RAM at least, and sufficient storage to help your game library.

Taking the SSD for storage is a high priority because their quicker speeds might permit you to complete loading screens faster. Also, the best Dell gaming PCs are among the ideal desktops at this moment. Thus, we ensure that you can pick the ideal ones which might fit your needs so far.