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We have realized a lot of gaming laptops powered by GPUs like the NVIDIA RTX 2070 and also the particularly released GTX 1650. When the GTX 1650 fetches the crown as the ideal mid-range gaming GPU for laptops, the Best Budget Gaming Laptop with GTX 1660 Ti brings items top-notch and is specified with a similar efficiency bracket to the RTX 2060 in heavy games.

Like RTX-series, the 1660 Ti is even up to the NVIDIA Turing structure which permits for a minimum of 20% efficiency uplift over the traditional Pascal generation GPUs. The Turing GTX series can not provide ray tracing or artificial intelligent innovations in most AAA games, so if you are not particularly a huge fan of those, it is possible to choose the GTX 1660 Ti and save up money.

Next, the GTX 1660 Ti might game at a full high display or usually even around 1440p at super high to ultra settings. You might be capable of running leading AAA titles at around 60 fps and close to 120 fps. Dialing down some settings might also make you approach the 120 fps. Those are outstanding scores, and you move far more efficiently than you could have got with GTX 1060 some years ago.

The best gaming laptops GTX 1660 Ti 2021 have particularly become available from OEMs. Some provide an option of Intel 9th gen processors, but others have begun providing AMD Ryzen ones. Other OEMs even supply the Max-Q type of GTX 1660 Ti which is constructed for slimy and light chassis. The Max-Q might be clocked and brings a lower TDP than 1660 Ti to permit battery life. However, it even provides outstanding efficiency.

So, with that detail, here are the top ideal Gtx 1660 Ti gaming laptops which you might purchase this year for a leading mobile gaming experience.

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Best Gaming Laptops With Gtx 1660 Ti Buying Tips

How to select the best GTX 1660 Ti gaming laptops?

When the desktop PC will usually make you bang better for the pennies when it discusses gaming, there is something enticing around being capable of taking these games with you. As you browse, though, you need to care about some elements below.


Other best GTX 1660 Ti gaming laptops fluctuate between 15-inch and 17-inch range of screen sizes and are regularly designed better than their counterparts. When 15-inch versions can be more portable (17-inch versions are particularly tough to stuff in the backpack), but 17-inch versions might pack a lot of power on a huge display.

Power of graphics

As for the gaming laptop, you will need suitable specifications for the job. When it discusses gaming, that particularly shows as strong as feasible within your cost range. Lower to mid-range graphics cards such as 1650 can operate effectively enough for standard gaming, particularly for the traditional or lower-fidelity titles. But if you are looking to enjoy the heavier titles at ultra-high settings, and very smooth frame ratios, you will get to spring for the powerful hardware.


Your gaming laptop’s keyboard or trackpad might make or affect your experience. If you want to use them for gaming rather than plugging in the external gaming keyboard and mouse – it is particularly crucial that they are smooth than imprecise.

Battery life

The GTX 1660 Ti gaming laptops are not particularly presented for sporting great battery life, regularly demanding you plug them in for gaming sessions longer than an hour. However, the battery life is even a worthwhile specification to see, particularly if you implement the laptop for operating and playing as well.

Gtx 1660 Ti Gaming Laptop best reviews

1. MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-004 15.6″ 120Hz Gaming Laptop

Consider this model if you are fond of game-specific portability asides from obtaining leading frame rates. Next, powering this laptop is the high-end i7 processor, able to being turbo clocked around 4.5 GHz. The CPU is possible for it to deal with game logic faster than various chipsets when boosting up the manual guides to the current 6GB Geforce GTX 1660 Ti GPU, clubbed with 6GB VRAM.

The GPU and CPU conglomerate assists you in getting the leading gaming efficiencies, with MMO and MOBA games running at high, and above 60 frames per second.

When it comes to the memory, users take 16GB dual-channel RAM on this device that might be enhanced if you are playing a lot of games when multitasking at the same time. The 512GB SSD storage unit is even a commendable inclusion and loads a wide range of maps, quicker than the HDD. In the circumstance of external-world gaming backgrounds like CIV 6, the SSD in this version might come in handy.

In general, the MSI GF65 is a good gaming notebook that can not seem intimidating like most. Instead, it is targeted to sweeten the pot further for the players by improving portability into the mix.

However, if you are interested in content creation, 3D modeling, or gaming on bigger screens, the MSI might be a worthy option. When a wide range of attributes is comparable to this version, the 17.3-inch screen is the particularly distinctive factor.


– It brings better aesthetics.

– The GPU of MSI GF65 is dependable.

– The processor is quick and assists perfectly with the frame rates.

– The display with 120Hz is outstanding.

– The battery is good.


– It can run quite hot sometimes.

2. HP Pavilion Gaming 16 Laptop

HP combines the gaming bandwagon with its 16-inch notebook. This HP Pavilion Gaming 16 makes a commitment a lot and regularly conveys more during gaming and productivity is concerned.

Powering the device is a modern and enhanced i7-10750 chipset, able to clocking with speeds around 5GHz. Also, by displaying the high-end processor, HP further boosts the laptop’s performance by adding the GTX 1660 Ti graphics processor.

What impresses is the higher memory bandwidth on this GPU followed by enhanced boost clocking capabilities. The 6GB Video ram assist completes the graphics conglomerate and permits HP 16 gaming notebook to render a lot of complex gaming elements with significant ease.

There is 16GB of RAM assist on this gadget with a dual-channel module assisting upgradeability at the point in time. The 512GB SSD unit is quick and loads AAA games with ease. The 16-inch full-high display shows outstanding visibility. The IPS panel provides a better resolution of full HD and a refresh rate of 144Hz, making it one of the leading gaming notebooks on the current market.

In spite of the HP 16 gaming laptop showing a leading screen-size and a commendable GPU, it is even priced competitively.


– It has a big screen real-estate.

– The GPU is great.

– It supports quick-clocking processor

– The chunk of RAM is decent.


– The display is not as good as hoped.

3. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

If you are keen on playing moderately state-of-the-art AAA titles such as GTA V, Far Cry 5, this Acer Predator Helios 300 is a quite better device to buy as soon as possible.

Performance-wise, it is the i7 CPU that makes way for increments in the gaming experience. Not just that, the current CPU assists hyper-threading and might be overclocked to 4.5 GHz. However, it is the GTX 1660 Ti GPU which makes sure the ideal gaming experience for you at full HD.

Other games such as Dishonored 2, and the more recent titles such as Apex legends, and Battlefield V might be run on this model at more than 120 FPS, that too at the higher possible full HD settings. It comes up with 16GB RAM, while the storage is around 512GB Pcie unit, which’s ultra-fast and perfect for enjoying external games. As for the operating system, you might use Windows 10 Home edition.

The 15.6-inch show through this gadget complements the game-playing experience in a leading manner, providing a screen refresh ratio of around 144Hz. The overdrive response time for 4ms is even a better inclusion for the high demanding titles such as Witcher that operates around 64 FPS. The FHD penal provides a cumulative resolution around full HD pixels and accounts for 70% of the NTSC color gamut.

On top of it, this laptop is particularly strong and weighs about 5.1 pounds that even boosts up to the portability quotient. As for port management, this model presents in USB 3.1, HDMI, and various functional slots. The battery on this gadget is able to take around 7-hour steady backup for average uses.

This laptop is a gaming notebook which deserves a leading mention courtesy of its capability to enjoy the most demanding title with at least issues. Apart from it, the cost point is particularly competitive and can not burn a hole in the pocket.


– It offers outstanding gaming efficiency.

– The display of Acer predator helios 300 gtx 1660 ti is perfect.

– The SSD is pretty.

– It brings fabulous cooling tech.


– The battery needs some improvements.

4. 2019 Lenovo Legion Y545 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop

This Lenovo Legion Y545 is a state-of-the-art gaming notebook, best simulated from sizable storage assistance. Aside from the high specs sheet, this device is loaded with efficiency-oriented processing parts.

The i7 processor gets the cake courtesy of the Hexa-core structure and 12 threads to operate with. The current GTX 1660 Ti GPU is quite better when it arrives at tackling AAA games with accuracy. As for video RAM to provide, you take 6GB clubbed with the current GPU.

Next, you bring 16GB of RAM on this version followed by the revolutionary dual-storage module. On the other hand, this gaming laptop 1660 ti can support a 512GB SSD unit for gaining the game and Windows 10 operating system loading process. The 1TB HDD is able to amplify high performance.

As for the display, you have a 15.6 inches FHD screen with a typical resolution of around 1080 pixels. The anti-glare panel is simple on the eye and greatly backed from the In-Plane turning tech.

What impresses is the ultimate keyboard, clubbed with a high touchpad and ideal speakers. With the availability of structural perspective, it is a chunky laptop that can weigh around 6 pounds. Lenovo assists forth three USB 3.0 ports and a wide range of various functional slots for leading efficiency. The current battery unit provides a 6-hour backup which can drop excellently during indulging in AAA gaming.

Lastly, it is considered a nice sturdy laptop, capable of outstanding gaming and efficiency-centric performances.


– The processor is excellent.

– The GPU with VRAM is quite dependable.

– It supports huge storage assistance with the dual module.


– There are few basic ports for you to use.

– The battery is not as good as you think.

5. Newest ASUS ROG Zephyrus G Gaming Laptop

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G is among the ideal gaming laptops at this moment, and you are searching for anything which is either powerful or convenient at once. The Ryzen 7 3750H processor is a leading performer, clubbed with turbo clocking or hyper-threading abilities. Thanks to a high clocking speed of around 4.0GHz, the CPU is able to support the GTX 1660Ti GPU when it comes to dealing with AAA games such as Fornite. You even take 6GB VRAM which makes it straightforward for the GPU to solve demanding graphics with virtual ease.

The 16GB of RAM is a leading addition that greatly complements the current chipset. Storage requirements are dealt with nicely by the 512GB SSD unit that is way quicker than other SATA III counterparts. Besides, ROG shows Windows 10 as the current operating system.

The 15.6-inch display is fabulous, to claim the least, and permits you to experience the leading full HD gaming period. The panel supports anti-glare assistance and presents a cumulative display resolution of FHD. Last but not least, this gaming laptop is a high-end notebook that even doubles down as a better gadget for amplified ultimate productivity.


– The aesthetics are great.

– It is particularly portable.

– It brings the leading sort of ports.


– Fans are quite loud.

– Bezels are mildly oversized.

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FAQs Gaming Laptops with GTX 1660

1. Which games might run higher than 100FPS with the Laptops GTX 1660 Ti graphics card?

You might enjoy games such as Fornite at around 118FPS, and Battlefield 1 at about 116FPS. Moreover, a host of various demanding games particularly with the resolution set around full HD. However, for high display or lowering settings, the frame rate is way better than the average, particularly for heavier games like FIFA 20.

2. Which one is better – GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1070?

Thanks to Turing architecture to rely on, the current GTX 1660 Ti takes a better efficiency bump over the graphics cards featuring the Pascal structure. In the other words, Turing architecture enhances shading performance, CUDA core performances, and power as well. It is why it operates very well than GTX 1060 and even defeats the GTX 1070 in other cases.

3. What refresh rate to search for in a laptop with a 1660 Ti graphic card?

If you are investigating discovering the highest potential of the Geforce 1660 Ti graphic card, it is vital to search for the full HD display with at least a 120Hz screen refresh rate. However, you might even move up to 144Hz if you are fond of experiencing games like Doom at the leading possible settings.

4. What are the ideal attributes of the 1660 Ti GPU?

This graphic processing unit can boast of the ultra-quick GDDR6 memory, boosted up relevance with double fans or one-fan build. Besides, it can increase the memory bandwidth and the compact structure. Crucially, gaming laptops with GTX 1660 Ti are purchased competitively. Apart from that, this GPU even takes less power as compared to the various comparable versions.

5. Could you choose GTX 1660 Ti for gaming at 1440p?

Before we discuss the efficiency at 1440p, it is crucial to highlight that the efficiency is synonymous with GTX 1070 GPU. In addition to that, GTX 1660 Ti is around 13 percent less productive as compared to the RTX 2060 version. Thus, you might super well indulge in 1440p gaming by taking this graphic card and meet more than 75 fps for other heavy games.

Wrapping It Up

Without any doubt, the GTX 1660 Ti is among the ideal GPUs for full HD gaming. However, the last option of the gaming laptop is based on your financial condition, brand hobbies, target, and various elements of the specifications sheet.

Last but not least, if you want to grab the best GTX 1660 Ti gaming laptops, we will be pleased to help you achieve ideal ones on the current market. Keep in mind to share this post with your friends and reply to us if possible. Thank you so much!

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