Best Hard Drive (HDD) For Gaming and Mining: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Best Hard Drive (HDD) For Gaming and Mining: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

As for PC gaming, it is simple to forget hard drives because they are not as attractive as different components and are quite interchangeable. And yet, they are one of the most crucial items to care about at the time. The storage you get available might identify how much of your interesting AAA games and media you could get at the same time, and the storage’s speed might track how rapidly it can load for you.

In brief, we are going to deal with everything you want to understand about the best hard drive for gaming and also assist you in searching for the ideal HDD for gaming so far.

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Best Hard Drive (HDD) For Gaming and Mining reviews 2022

1. Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive (All-round pick – Best Hybrid hard drive)

As usual, we need to add additional storage for our gadgets without getting to substitute the current hard drive. If you use the PC, that can not be an issue because they often permit space for extra hard drives, but it is distinctive with a laptop.

Next, the hard drive is perfect for laptop players. Those are available in a lot of sizes starting between 250GB and 14TB, and all you want to do is to connect them to the power outlet. Next, it can support the computer by using USB 3.0 ports. However, if you want to take the Mac, you might want to format them again to be totally compatible.

If you are a standard gamer like us, then you might enjoy the value that expansion hard disk carries. We particularly find it tough to erase games even while it is vital, but with an additional 4TB we might keep the games’ collection and test them out whenever we are not in the attitude for experiencing the usual.


– The Seagate BarraCuda offers enough space.

– It is simple to install

– It provides quick USB 3.0 interface


– It is a little bit bulky

2. Western Digital 8TB WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive HDD (Overall pick – Best hard drive for laptop)

Western Digital is among the famous brands in the production of hard disks and you might hope for high-quality versions from them. The WD black series is a typical product we particularly suggest like the upgrade for the laptop hard disk.

You could select from its some capacities extracting between 500GB and 10TB, but for that review, we might glance at the WD Black 8TB. Why? It provides enough space for all the game’s downloadable content and most crucially, it can work for its efficiency levels. Currently, nothing can prevent you from obtaining the Fornite founder’s pack.

Assisted with a double-core processor, you might hope for outstanding load times with a writing speed of 200mpbs. It even displays 256MB of cache that is even important in speeding the access time. It can bring different protection operations like No touch ramp load tech which is targeted to ensure the data to be good. That hard disk even contains a silica gel layer above the plastic wrapper to make sure good protection towards moisture.


– The Western Digital black supports better speeds.

– It comes up with a wide range of sizes

– The data protection operation is excellent.


– The grinding blast when in operation.

3. Toshiba P300 3TB Internal Hard Drive (Popular pick – Best hard drive for Desktop PC)

Don’t you discriminate while you get to wait for what feels like a long period for your game to load? Great, thanks to 7200 RPM, you might particularly realize quicker load time. With the availability of 3TB of storage space, it is difficult to make any issue with insufficient space even after setting up the precious mods for the games.

Next, Toshiba P300 has even consisted of the caching tech which effectively distributes the cache space throughout writing cycles leading to quicker access to the games. They have even got the vital solutions to secure the data that is clear via the internal shock sensors which can absorb the impacts extracting from knocks or the motor shaft which limits the hard drive towards the system vibrations.

On top of it, the No-touch ramp-load tech even assists in decreasing the wearing down of the recording head by making sure that it can not touch the disk surface. That series of this brand hard disks are available for a lot of sizes fluctuating until 3TB and supported with a double-year standard limited warranty.


– The loading time is fabulous

– The best hdd for gaming pc can protect the data so well

– It can not generate noise

– It is simple to set up


– Some users complained about premature failure.

4. Hitachi HUA723030ALA640 3TB SATA Hard Drive (Value pick – Best value hard drive)

The Hitachi is our selection for the ideal hard drive at this time. On the other hand, it particularly had a cost fall – a huge cost drop, all the way down to below $70. The storage of 3TB for that cost is specifically nuts, and you can get all that storage without losing out the reliability as well. Hitachi’s drives are among the most common drives in the field, and you can not lose out on anything by taking less money.

Apart from it, that drive will not be as quick as the SSHD, but we have analyzed that point home for each standard HDD currently. If you only need the ideal hard drive for the bucks, then this drive has each various choices on that list beaten, and hands down.


– It is affordable to buy.

– It brings standard speeds.

– The Hitachi hard drive can not make any noise


– It is not as quick as the SSHD.

5. Western Digital 1TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive HDD (Budget pick – Best budget hard drive for gaming)

There is no solution; we might not remember the traditional trustworthy Western Digital Blue at this moment. Those drives are reasonable and slow, or that is why they are totally ideal for bulk storage. When they are not NAS grade by any means, the Western Digital Blue 1TB is pretty if you just need something to store documents, photos on without taking up valuable room for the SSD (Solid-state drive).

Although those hard drives are specifically slow at 7200 RPM, which is more than quick enough for unexpected files and local backups. Those bad boys are not fond of workhorses, and the number of PCs even supported with them as subordinate storage is shocking. Opportunities are if you want to buy the pre-built computer for the final decade, it has one of them, and there is a reason why. From the Western Digital Blueline being either trustworthy or cheap, it is hard to go wrong.


– It is reasonable to purchase.

– It offers huge capacity

– It provides free cloning software.


– The moving parts might fail, compared to the best external hard drive for pc gaming.

Hard Drive (HDD) For Gaming and Mining Buying guide

In this section, we will bring some crucial factors related to choosing the best hard drive for gaming so far. Now, let’s get started with valuable information below.

Things to care about

To prevent frustrations after purchasing the best hard drive for gaming, you want to ask your own other related questions and even familiarize yourself with most of the crucial attributes of the best hard drives for gaming. That solution you get a good insight into what you want to obtain. Which are those elements?

Internal and external HDD

The primary benefit of the external hard drives is their portability. Which even makes them ideal backups in case the PC can be compromised. The desktop PCs permit you to add the additional hard drives, but if you want to take a laptop or a different gaming gadget, you will need to substitute your current hard drive.


We are supposing the key reason you want to purchase the hard drive is so that you can take out of the demand for having to erase other files while you need to set up the new game or add more modifications. Besides, at this moment, while a single game might accommodate 100GB like Call of Duty; it is specifically true that you stick with the hard drive which might permit you enough storage.

Rotation speed

The hard drives can store a lot of information for spinning magnetic plates. Right? Currently, the quicker those plates spin, the quicker the load and access time. The rotation is measured by RPM (Rotations per minute), and even though we highly suggest hard drives with 7200 RPM, you might even go with 5400 RPM as well.

Cache memory

That functions a lot like computer RAM memory by saving crucial files right away and temporarily, so it gets less time to get access to that data for the disk.

In reality, the huge the Cache size, the quicker the hard drive might be. However, the distinction is not a key, and such as that might not be the huge identifier.


With a wide range of hard drive brands, it is better to understand that your hard drive is from a reliable brand that might be checked thoroughly and proven not to disappoint. For example, you might realize that our list might be dominated by particular brands. Sure, there is no assurance that a hard drive might not die on you, but it is more safe than sorry.


The type of port or ports which the hard drive takes to connect to the PC is super linked to transfer speed. Other hard drives can connect to the PC via a type of USB. That might mean the outdated USB 2.0 or the new USB 3.0 and even USB 3.1, it might even connect via the new USB Type-C connector when even taking the USB 3.1 standard.

We highly suggest searching for the hard drive with USB 3.1 assistance, and the USB Type-C connector, particularly if the PC is specifically new. It can prove to purchase the adapter to go with your available computer which can not get USB type-C. However, it shows that while you upgrade to the new PC, the external hard disk might be usable.


Internal hard disks might be equipped with attributes built to keep files safe, which can be crucial if you want to use yours to store important information. For instance, other hard drives provide password protection by default, meaning you might simply establish the password to make the files secured. Others even provide high-level encryption or render the files useless to people who can not get the password, even if they control to somehow hack in the drive.


1. Are gaming hard drives even involved?

When conventional “spinning-platter” hard-drives particularly fall out of the pattern in favor of quicker SSD (Solid-state drive) they are even an outstanding option for budget builds. When the cost gap from HDDs to SSDs is quite small, you could even take a lot of storage space for less by getting the HDD.

2. Why can you purchase the gaming hard drive while SSDs are quite affordable?

It can not save you a lot of cash, but HDDs are the reasonable choice when it discusses bulk storage. If you want to store a cluster of media or even bulky files, HDDs will be the most effective solution to store them. Being that, you could usually stick with the external hard drive for gaming which you could migrate from PCs.

3. How many gaming hard drives could the PC assist?

The computer might assist only with a lot of hard drives as it brings SATA ports. Those connectors are particularly found along the side of the motherboard. On the other hand, the motherboards get six SATA connections which might be utilized for both HDDs and SSDs.

4. Is HDD even better for gaming?

HDDs and SSDs can operate effectively for gaming. If the HDD supports sufficient capacity to store the games (state-of-the-art games range between 20GB and 180GB for an independent installation) or is quick enough to assist the graphics, you might not get any issues.

5. Can the hard drive cache affect the gaming?

If you do not focus on how long it gets to load the game, it does not affect it anymore. The 256MB cache can boost up quick load or various small repetitive mechanisms, but it will not do anything immediately to assist in loading some gigs in the RAM.

Final thoughts

So, there you get it. The five best hard drives for gaming on the current market you might purchase. We have attempted to be as versatile as possible providing you the high suggestion for every use condition. Therefore, no matter how you do the gaming on the PC or laptop, you might particularly seek the most perfect hard drive for you. Last but not least, if you need our assistance related to the Best hard drive for gaming, we will be ready to support you if needed.

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