Best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display reviews in 2022

Best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display reviews in 2022

The best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display by getting the supply and signal from a single source and conveying that to various monitors at once. There are a lot of reasons which can impress you to purchase and divide the screen through the HDMI splitter to double monitors. In short, in this post, we are going to refer to you some of the typical HDMI splitters for double monitors extended display.

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Best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display reviews

1. Techole 4K Powered HDMI Splitter (Budget pick – Best cheap HDMI splitter)

The compact HDMI splitter which is appropriate for a lot of gadgets and use-case backgrounds is the one from Techole. Like its counterpart, it permits you to mirror a single display into double and assists a host of audio choices. It can assist a wide range of gadgets like PCs, consoles (PS and Xbox), and even Blu-ray DVD players.

It can bundle double convenient LED indicators around the HDMI out ports which show the connectivities’ circumstances. Then, the assistance of HDMI 1.4 shows you might take a theoretical 10.2 Gbps speed.

Particularly, the hdmi splitter for dual monitors is tiny and portable, and the unobtrusive design makes it simple to mix with the background. The connections are firm, and you might not get any loose fittings. However, you should focus on the fact that not all splitters could mirror displays from streaming sticks like Fire TV sticks because of HDCP.


– It spreads audio and video signals so well.

– It offers long-distance transmission.

– It brings a 4K crystal clear image.


– There are some issues related to short USB cables.

2. KELIIYO Hdmi Splitter 1 in 4 (4-display pick – Best HDMI splitter to connect 4 displays)

Searching for the ideal HDMI splitter with the PS4 or laptop which permits you to connect up to the four displays at once, without any quality loss? Test out that fabulous choice from this brand. It is built by taking leading quality materials, showing a long-lasting metal case, along with the anti-corrosion or anti-oxidation ports, that makes it one among the hardest and most long-lasting splitters which we have obtained on the current market.

Best of all, that Keliiyo splitter can reflect a distance up to 100ft and might operate better with 40ft long input cables and also 60ft long output cables. Besides, it can convey leading definition image quality, with assistance for 3D, 4K, and 30Hz. That makes this dual monitor splitter become one of the perfect long-distance HDMI cable splitters which you will seek out at this moment.


– It has some output ports.

– It reflects a distance of 100ft/30m.

– It has a long-lasting build.

– It provides 3D support.


– It can not assist with 4K and 60Hz resolution.

3. OREI HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out 4K (Overall pick – Best overall HDMI splitter)

If you are searching for the ideal HDMI display splitter with a frequent home cinema installation or fundamental display mirroring, you can test out that splitter from OREI. It permits you to connect until double displays with one device. In case you hope to connect a lot of displays, you might stick with the 1×8 and 1×4 variants.

It shows a heavier-duty metal enclosure which provides greater heat dissipation and makes the gadget better. You might enjoy the interesting HD films and experience 3D games on the television. That HDMI splitter is quite compatible with a variety of gadgets, such as PS4, Xbox, and Roku. It is simple to set up with the play and run connectivity or conveys leading image quality on the televisions. Then, it can assist a host of audio formats such as Dolby and LPCM.

It is quite a perfect choice for all the clients who have obtained some gaming consoles and are searching for a greatly beneficial HDMI splitter with huge capacity at a reasonable cost.


– It is quite cheap.

– It can assist full HD and 3D video

– It is quite compatible with a variety of gadgets.

– It is available with different choices.


– It can not assist HDCP 2.2 and 2.0

4. Avedio links 1×2 HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitor (Advanced cable pick – Best advanced HDMI cable splitter)

If you are seeking out the ideal HDMI cable splitter for double monitors and gaming, this product is worth taking the bucks upon. It brings an easy and compact design that can make it super convenient to hold that gadget wherever you move.

Moreover, the Avedio links splitter is built by utilizing aluminum that can add to the durability and makes sure a perfect signal transmission. It is among the rare HDMI splitters which can assist HDCP 2.2 and RGB 4:4. That highly beneficial choice from Avedio Links is built to deal with 4K and 60Hz resolution or is backward compatible with various resolutions. It can assist a host of audio formats, such as LPCM 7.1 and Dolby TrueHD.

As for the clients who are searching for the HDMI splitter which is compatible with a host of gadgets, assists all the top-end attributes, and provides good after-sales service, you need to purchase that splitter without second thoughts.


– It brings HDCP 2.2 compliance.

– It comes with bandwidth up to 18.5Gbps.

– It has versatile EDID switching.


– Frame rate conversion is not assisted.

5. Avedio links Aluminum HDMI Splitter (Value pick – Best value HDMI splitter)

So what makes the Avedio Links Aluminum splitter unique from the others? Great, it is among the splitters that could stream so well. So whether you need to duplicate the 4K display or operate the interesting PS4 game in full resolution with double screens, that one makes you do as well.

It brings a tiny footprint and wants an external power source such as the initial gadget on the current market. It even assists a variety of audio ports. In addition to that, it comes with all the common audio choices such as DTS-HD.

Next, the manufacturer says that the best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display is compatible with HDCP 2.2 gadgets and might bypass the certification. You should be alert that both the displays can assist 4K, else the display might downgrade. For example, if you have hooked it up to the HD monitor, the HDMI splitter might downgrade the resolution to full HD in both, and even if the other is the 4K monitor.


– It can operate effectively out of the box.

– It brings stable transmission.

– It might be compatible with other gadgets with an HDMI interface.


– Some clients complained about complex installation.

HDMI splitter for dual monitors purchasing guide

Crucial elements to be thought


Resolution is among the most crucial elements which you want to be careful about during purchasing the HDMI cable for gaming. There are HDMI splitters that might assist 4K displays, plus, you might even find choices for low-resolution televisions. Here comes a crucial thing. If you have obtained the 4K and a full HD television, or you expect to connect them to the Console; the HDMI splitter might convey the full HD signal.

The HDMI splitter might assist the lower popular resolution of the chain, it might not convey a leading resolution signal for a single source or the lower resolution signal for the next source. As discussed above, the HDMI cable splitter might straightforwardly convey the lower resolution assisted by the connected gadgets.


When choosing the best HDMI splitter for a dual monitor extended display, you have to identify the number of displays that you expect to connect to one source. If you specifically expect to display content through double displays, the 1×2 splitter is ideal for you. In the other words, if you need to connect 4,8, or a lot of displays; you will grab the HDMI cable splitter which could assist a lot of output gadgets.

If you have taken double TVs around your lovely home, and you are making to purchase a state of the art television early, you might stick with the 1×4 HDMI splitter, so you do not need to obtain a perfect splitter if you add the next display in the near future.

Cable length assistance

A lot of clients regularly overlook the cruciality of the cable length during purchasing the HDMI splitter. Ensure you never turn a blind eye to it. Initially, test if the cable consists of the HDMI splitter. Besides, test the highest cable length assisted by the splitter.

If the distance from the source gadget to the televisions is super less, you might stick with the splitter which operates with the shorter cable length. On the flip side, if the gadgets are far from each other, you need to search for the perfect HDMI splitters.

They can request external power to boost the signals over long distances. Then, if you need to convey a signal to more than double displays, dynamic HDMI splitters are an excellent choice.

Keep in mind to test the highest cable length assisted by the HDMI splitter. Next, in case the HDMI splitter might not consist of the connection cable, ensure to purchase a great cable that could hold signals through the long distances.

Device compatibility

It is quite crucial to test the list of compatible gadgets of the HDMI splitter which you want to plan to purchase. Please highlight that not all HDMI splitters are built to operate with all the gadgets. Thus, if you purchase the HDMI splitter to connect more televisions to the Xbox, ensure that the splitter is compatible with Xbox.

A similar rule moves with the various gadgets. Besides, test the HDMI cable version assisted from the splitter. You have to usually search for the HDMI splitter which can come with a variety of devices. That might avoid you having to make extra purchases if you want to enhance the ultimate system.


Next, while purchasing the HDMI splitter for double monitors, ensure to search for the choices which can provide a better warranty. As HDMI cables hold some data, the connectors can overheat. Splitter is a vital accessory which is conveying double the amount of data. As we understand that gaming requests a lot of bandwidth, thus, the splitters get a lot of opportunities for overheating. It can result in breaking down.

Thus, it is better to get the splitter to cover for a long period of time. If something goes wrong with the splitter, you might fix it or also substitute without having to spend a lot of money. In addition to that, if the brand offers a warranty on its versions, it simply displays they have taken more tenacity in whatever they are providing.

Other factors

Other extra factors bring a big influence on the HDMI splitters’ quality. We are discussing the build, audio support, and power supply. You have to search for the HDMI splitter which has brought a long-lasting build, so it could simply withstand routine wear and tear. The HDMI splitter assists a wide range of audio choices, such as DTS-HD and Dolby.

On top of it, you have to guarantee to test if the splitter assists the preferred audio port or not. Next, you need to seek out the HDMI splitters which provide high power.

HDMI splitter FAQs

1. Could you expand the display with an HDMI splitter?

Can I take the HDMI splitter to expand the PC? The answer is No. The HDMI splitter might particularly replicate the output signal of the PC to various screens. You might need the kind of USB to HDMI to obtain the expanded PC if you do not get the HDMI or DisplayPort out built inside the PC or GPU.

2. How can I expand double monitors from a single HDMI port?

There is no way to take the extension out of one HDMI port. You might want to take the HDMI port and the USB-based external graphics expander. There are no USB ports that can come with an extension.

3. Is the HDMI splitter better for double monitors?

If so, it is time you can invest in a great HDMI splitter. Those nifty gadgets can get the input from one source and split the signal into various sources. So, it can run a similar television program on various televisions or expand the laptop’s display into double monitors, that smart gadget makes it all possible.

4. Could you run dual monitors off one DisplayPort?

Daisy-chaining is a phrase that refers to the ability to connect a series of gadgets altogether by taking one connection from every double gadget. The new DisplayPort v1 or daisy-chainable displays bring either DisplayPort input or the DisplayPort output. The DisplayPort output can connect to the following downstream display.

5. How can I connect double monitors to the laptop with an HDMI splitter?

You might plug the single USB end into the PC’s HDMI port, and plug each of your double monitors into every of the double HDMI ports in the other end of the adapter.

Final thoughts

So, these are the best HDMI splitter for dual monitors extended display that you need to focus on at the time. All the versions on the list are equipped with state of the art and ultimate attributes – the last option is up to you. And we highly recommend you stick based on the budget.

Thanks for taking your precious time scanning this post, we expect you chose the ideal HDMI splitters for your home, and office from the reviews. Keep in mind to share the post, and for a lot of posts, do chase up with the site or keep tuned with us if needed.

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Thomas Rentz
Thomas Rentz
5 months ago

You can run either two display, or one display and one hdmi. I have the same card. Just set one as the main monitor inside windows

Kris Gorge
Kris Gorge
5 months ago

I have 3 on display port and one on HDMI lol.

Sam Barakat
Sam Barakat
5 months ago

Can anyone help please
If you have 2 monitors but your laptop has only one HDMI port, what can you do to have extended screens?
A HDMI splitter sadly didn’t work (all it did was duplicate the screens) and this laptop (Windows 10) doesn’t have a USB C port

Wyatt Winburn
Wyatt Winburn
4 months ago

So I’m trying to set up a 2 monitors and I only have 1 HDMI port that will work for my display. Will a HDMI splitter allow me to extend my display to both monitors or not. Or is there a different way I have to do it.

Michael Harris
Michael Harris
4 months ago

Question . I got a 144hz monitor but I can’t change my refresh rate any higher than 60 .
I think it might be due to the fact I’m using a HDMI splitter with one going to my TVs 5.1 home cinema amp and the other going to monitor via about 4 meters of cable .
I have just upgraded to a 1070ti gpu which has 2 hdmi sockets in the back of it . Does this mean I can run one cable to my TV with is 60hz and a seperate cable to my monitor so I can still watch TV and films from it on the big TV but play games on the monitor in higher than 60fps ?

AJ Bass
AJ Bass
4 months ago
Reply to  Michael Harris

Display Port cable for you 144Hz monitor HDMI cable for your 5.1ch receiver

AJ Bass
AJ Bass
4 months ago
Reply to  Michael Harris

Here is a more accurate chart of HDMI capabilities according to each version
1.3 is the one capped at 120Hz, seems that HDMI 1.4 can do 1080p144

Michael Harris
Michael Harris
4 months ago
Reply to  AJ Bass

Thanks for all the info guys AJ Bass.
This is the current setup . Just pulled the splitter out of the mix now and using both the hdmi sockets on the gpu instead. Pretty cool having 2 screens doing different stuff!
So if I scrap the long hdmi running from the pc on the right to the high refresh monitor on the right and replace it with a display port cable I should be able to get the high refresh rate but only if I disconnect it from my TV system when I game ? Would that be correct ?

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