Best HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC 2021: Reviews, Buying Guide, Top Choice

Best HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC 2021: Reviews, Buying Guide, Top Choice

When you want the most efficiency for the buck and are not anxious about portability, a great traditional PC is the way to stick. However, not all PCs are produced equally, and with a lot of options out there, it is crucial to obtain the better one for the job.

HP is among the huge PC producers at the time, with more choices to fit each scenario, but which one is perfect for you? To assist in dealing with more questions, our site has cherry-picked most of the best HP Pavilion gaming desktop on the current market this year for a variety of clients.

All you need to do is determine how you want to take the PC and we might point you in a better direction.

Best HP Pavilion gaming desktop reviews

1. 2021 Newest HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Computer (Budget pick – Best cheap HP gaming Desktop)

The first HP gaming PC was the HP Pavilion. On the other hand, this HP desktop offers a perfect PC with the home office. If you take all of your precious time for PC gaming and other tasks like sending emails or making Excel sheets; this version is an outstanding option.

The state-of-the-art AMD Ryzen 5-3500 and 8GB of RAM is sufficient to care about all daily office duties, whereas even dealing with web surfing and media playback. If you want some power, there are a host of versions available with different processors to assist in offering a boost to efficiency.

Other busy individuals might even love extra better attributes like front-facing USB and SD card ports for ease of access. And last but not least, the HP Pavilion is among the increasingly rare PCs to equip with a better size optical DVD drive.


– The GTX 1650 graphics card can ensure smooth performance.

– It might boost up 10x quicker efficiency with a 256GB SSD.

– There is no noise that appears during your usage.


– The case can not line up with the front ports.

2. 2021 HP OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop (Performance pick – Best performance HP gaming desktop)

HP’s OMEN 30L PC drives the top-end keener with a better eye. In the other words, this version can pack strong parts, containing the common RTX 3060 into the, particularly tiny form factor case. Next, it might achieve that by conforming to the micro-ATX standard – one among the tiniest and most better motherboard sizes at this time.

When speeding strong gaming efficiency without the specific heft, this gaming PC even targets to convey better production values with the whole metal frame, a big tempered glass window, and lighting influences on that edgy player look. In addition to that, it shows a tool-less structure that makes you boost entry to the internal case and also swap out HDD without getting to take with the screwdriver, making it perfect for simple enhancement.

On top of it, this best hp gaming desktop 2021 provides you with outstanding efficiency and improvement which might last you longer than the particular pre-built gaming PC.


– The tempered glass side panel comes with built-in parts with RGB light.

– Users might set a pre-programmed lighting animation in the front logo

– The best EMI coating can decrease the danger of magnetic interference.


– The quality of the mouse included is quite poor.

3. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop (Overall pick – Best overall HP gaming desktop)

Thanks to a fabulous mixture of parts and tiny chassis, it is an excellent mini gaming PC. It is a flexible and well-built gaming desktop that might fit players and animators, offering high outcomes for all of these actions. Next, it can sport a variety of attributes that all PC customers target with and it conveys outstanding outcomes in some of its benchmarks.

That HP Pavilion PC shows the core i5-9400F CPU with six cores and six threads, providing the highest overclocking capability of 4.2 GHz in turbo mode. That makes it super perfect for animation, as most of the stuff you might make might rely on the processor’s power.

Apart from it, you might even realize the GTX 1660 Ti dedicated graphics card is yet another staple with higher frames per second in full HD. When it comes to disk space, that version does not get enough capacity with the meager 256GB of SSD space.

If you are seeking out a PC that is strong and accommodates little desk space, this gaming PC is a good zone to begin.


– It is simple to set up.

– It offers better efficiency.

– The case is tiny and suits better on the mini desk

– It provides three ports in the front


– Stock cooler on the CPU is quite louder.

– It has little room for enlargement.

4. Omen by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer (SSD pick – Best SSD storage HP gaming desktop)

The next HP gaming PC is Omen HP Obelisk. We make sure that you might love great levels of gaming speed and immersion with better ray-tracing. Next, it is geared with the newest hardware and simple to enhance so that you might chase up the newer and heavier games such as PUBG.

Then, it contains software that can make you adjust RGB lighting and stream the PC games with the huge screen TV with the OMEN game stream. It comes with 1TB of SSD and 32GB of RAM which can load up the best games in some seconds, and transfer files without waiting hours. From that, you might love a strong and more immersive experience than a normal HDD.

On top of it, this provides a VR-ready function that can help you immerse your own in virtual reality worlds like Skyword. The tempered glass side panel might offer a window with the PC’s built-in parts.


– The gaming PC is quite quick and crisp

– It is simple to upgrade.

– The SSD space is great.


– The CPU might heat up after enjoying AAA games.

5. OMEN 25L Gaming Desktop PC (Value pick – Best value HP Omen gaming desktop)

The final version on our list is Omen 25L. This excellent GPU like the GTX 1660 Ti can ensure your smooth stream and game. Next, when it comes to processors, the 10th Intel Core i7-10700F with 8 cores and 2.9GHz base frequency might impress you.

As for storage, it provides you with 512GB of SSD and 16GB of RAM that can store a lot of important files. The PC gaming connectivity is included like Bluetooth 5 and Wifi-5 as well. The operating system is Windows 10 Home and brings a one-year warranty 24/7. Besides, thanks to the assistance of micro ATX motherboard builds, the components can suit and operate with that alloy steel chassis.

Last but not least, here is a good Omen HP gaming desktop that you should purchase as soon as possible.


– It brings modular off-the-shelf parts.

– The aesthetic is sleek

– It provides a quick GTX 1660 Ti


– The motherboard is quite flimsy

– The airflow is quite awful.

HP Gaming Desktop PC Purchasing Guide

It is crucial for you to understand which gaming PC to purchase on a hardware basis and various parts. However, it is a good deal. You could not leave more bucks for the wrong rig. It is a reason why we are there to instruct you to select the ideal gaming PC among a lot of flagships at this moment. Here are the truths which you can focus on.

Graphics card

The 1050 Ti is the better graphics card to enjoy and play more games at 60 fps. The key reason why we discussed that GPU is it equips with reasonable gaming PCs and also you can achieve 60 fps on full HD resolutions. If you seem like you might put a lot of pennies on the desk, you might obtain a top-end GPU on the gaming PC.


Ideal gaming PCs at this time with 8th Gen six-core i7-8700K CPU are greater, but they are way pricey. If you could buy that, there is no problem in purchasing it since it might usually suit your processing demands. In other words, we get those 6th Gen core i7-7400K processors that are low on cost and even ideal inefficiency. Stick with it if you seem like you might manage the top-end processor.


There is no way of coming down the 8GB RAM when you might be getting a problem of efficiency around 4GB. Yet 8GB is a high priority. It is not like you might proceed until 128GB. If you need you might, but you could pay a lot of money. In this case, we highly suggest that you might go with a minimum of 16GB or 8GB.


The best HP gaming desktop with SSD is a high priority since it even enhances the efficiency of the rig and even you might stick with a lot of storage instead of the HDD. In comparison, the gaming PCs that are without SSD get low storage and efficiency. Thus, you might stick with the one with an SSD.


Yet some of the ideal gaming PCs on the list are not less than 1TB hard drives. In the other words, most of them are over 1TB. However, at least 1Tb is highly suggested as you will get to store some data here. If you are a right game keener, you might stick with that if you need to.

HP Gaming Desktop PC FAQs

1. Who is HP Gaming Pcs?

HP is located in Alto, California, and manufactures a lot of client PCs. They even generate HP gaming PCs and laptops with Pavilion and Omen. Omen is the same as Alienware, while the Pavilion range equips with a better design.

2. What are the differences between HP Pavilion and HP Omen?

The HP Omen range is the top-end gaming PC that HP generates with a lot of radical styling. The OMEN PC versions are available with recent RTX 2000 series cards, rather than 1000 series cards with Pavilion range. Then, the Pavilion range even brings a quite understated design that others can enjoy. Those Pavilion PCs even grab a punch however…If you are not certain how much power you want, please hit on the HP PC out there and we might let you know how it ranks and what games it might run.

3. Where to purchase HP PCs?

HP Pavilion and Omen PCs might be purchased via HP’s web, but we might suggest purchasing from e-commerce like Amazon or best buy. On the other hand, you might grab the best deal out there. Next, you might view the HP PCs below and we could present you the ideal price at this moment on Amazon.

4. Can HP create great gaming PCs?

HP Omen Obelisk is among the ideal gaming PCs available at this moment. It shows the newer AMD and Intel CPUs, strong NVIDIA GPUs, and high-band memory, or boosted storage choices.

5. Is HP slim PC better for gaming?

At this moment, you should not be surprised to research the HP slim PC might not serve as the gaming rig. It might muddle via the 3D Mark and gaming simulations that can render and pan via scenes of 3D graphics.

Wrapping It Up

We make sure that you can accumulate your knowledge related to picking the best HP gaming desktop. On the other hand, this article can be beneficial for you at this moment. Last but not least, if you have any queries, please write something in the comment box below. Thank you!

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Usama Asim
Usama Asim
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-HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 16 A0076ms – Comet Lake –
Corei7 10th Gen
4-GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti GDDR6
-HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-EC1110AX AMD Ryzen 5 4600H
Which one is better?

Md. Shanu Mia
Md. Shanu Mia
4 days ago
Reply to  Usama Asim

I like this watch.->
15-EC1110AX AMD Ryzen 5 4600H

Md. Shanu Mia
Md. Shanu Mia
4 days ago

I have benefited after your article. thanks .

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