Best Non-Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Reviews In 2021

Best Non-Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Reviews In 2021

A suitably selected gaming keyboard permits you to type faster and with high accuracy while standing in front of the PC longer without seeming tired. As the keyboard seems quite private than any various parts of the PC installation, selecting the best version is important.

When you might suppose that the typing process seems similar on the impressive keyboard, the distinctions of the key mechanism might alter the experience so much that is why a lot of clients are choosing the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards rather than the conventional mechanical ones.

Best Non-Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Reviews

1. HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard (Solid performance pick – Best solid performance gaming keyboard)

This non mechanical gaming keyboard equips with active, better, and radiant lighting. The fancy membrane gaming keyboard has adjustable LED impacts which emit great radiance and is perfect for players. You could select from six various lighting impacts to improve the gaming experience. The sleek and smooth product can control either budget or brilliance.

In addition to that, the non-mechanical gaming keyboard even shows a logo that even equips with the radiant light bar. The ergonomic keyboard’s design is spill-resistant and might endure around 120ml of liquid spillage.

That might not affect the keyboard’s efficiency. The soft keys of HyperX Alloy can be responsive and quiet as well. If you need to enhance from the lackluster keyboard to a better experience, you might stick with that convenient gaming keyboard.

It can request the soft presses to register the key inputs and offers enough response. The keyboard is quite lightweight than mechanical ones as well. Finally, the keyboard lock display makes you lock the product without putting the system on standby.


– It offers six LED light choices

– It is quiet and has some responsive keys

– It is budget-friendly.

– It brings braided cable


– There is no wrist-rest

– It is tough to determine Caps Lock and Num Lock.

2. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Challenger Prime 3 (Budget pick – Best cheap gaming keyboard)

The lightweight membrane gaming keyboard equips with better attributes at a reasonable price tag. On the other hand, that budget-friendly keyboard supports the perfect stylish design which is good for a gaming-centric keyboard. You can experience the three-color backlighting featuring purple, red, and blue with more static lighting modes.

Next, you might customize the brightness of the display with a dial placed un-mistakenly in the front keyboard’s fascia. The Prime version even assists with onboard memory to make dedicated macro keys. In addition to that, the Thermaltake Tt even brings shortcut keys and other repeat-rate keys. The keyset provides more comfort for the fingers.

Thanks to 6 dedicated macro keys with other programmable macros that might be combined up with three profiles, you might turn from those three profiles with dedicated macros like M3, M2, M1 keys. The arrow keys and WASD keys can be toggled, and thus, you might turn their functions easily.


– The keyboard is remappable

– It supports with anti-spill drain holes

– It offers brilliant customizable backlight


– The wrist rest is non-removable

3. Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard (Stylish pick – Best stylish gaming keyboard)

That Logitech series gaming keyboard can be claimed to convey 4x more efficiency than the regular mechanical keyboard. Each keypress of Logitech G213 offers a precise response and the keyboard is particularly built to assist you in boosting the performance.

Keys are quiet and equipped with ultra-fast response and even tactile feedback. They can be tuned and simply adjustable with more lighting impacts. The radiant color spectrum brings five lighting areas ranging between 17 million color palettes and combines the gaming gear or your style.

The dedicated media controls can permit you to skip and play or customize the music volume easily from the membrane keyboard. You could adjust the operations with 12 function keys easily. Moreover, you might even kick off the light sync lighting that might respond to in-game actions when you enjoy.

The long-lasting spill-resistant membrane equips with a trustworthiness of zero damage. You can rest the wrists to ease fatigue with a double-level wrist-rest that even brings more angle customization attributes.


– It is budget-friendly

– It can sync with various Logitech versions.

– It provides you with gaming-focused attributes.


– It has a flimsy frame.

4. RAZER ORNATA EXPERT: Mecha-Membrane (Value pick – best value gaming keyboard)

The Razer Mecha-membrane tech consists of a mixture of mechanical switches and membrane rubber domes to provide an ultimate typing experience. Some dome keyboards can be favored with their convenient cushioned touch keys, but they might not convey better tactility due to their bad actuation control and mushy feel.

On top of it, the keys of the best non mechanical gaming keyboard are soft and fully programmable with macro recording for a high tactile click. The magnetic wrist rest is particularly built for convenience and it even equips with the leatherette complete. Besides, implementing around 10 commands at once with the integrated 10-key rollover, and anti-ghosting tech.

It auto-syncs with the lighting settings to adjust the keyboard structures from reactive to starlight, or ripple styles. The Razer Ornata Expert gaming keyboard is among the ideal membrane gaming keyboards you might purchase on the budget without missing out on the ultimate gaming experience.


– The wrist rest is magnetic

– It provides mid-height keys.

– It is equipped with adjustable feedback lighting.


– The wrist rest is huge

– This keyboard comes with an inconsistent tactile feel.

5. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard (Overall pick – Best overall gaming keyboard)

Thanks to this Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard, you might love the best of both globes, membrane convenience, and mechanical surety. The keyboard offers a crisp tactile feel and the keys are particularly soft to touch. The mecha-membrane provides you with a leading typing experience that is all soft and accuracy-driven.

The impressive membrane rubber dome with the keys brings a soft cushioned touch and stimulates swift actuation for each keystroke. The short keys’ height decreases the time taken to finish the actions, and permits the free movement of the fingers without missing the keystrokes.

Next, the keyboard can be powered by particular lighting with 16 million adjustable influences. The good in-game attribute permits you to face the best immersive game during which your keyboard reacts to the gameplay. The ergonomically built wrist rest makes sure hassle-free marathon gaming sessions. It is a leading line gaming keyboard providing above-par efficiency for clients.


– It brings intuitive in-game efficiency.

– It provides radiant RGB lighting.

– It can operate better with Razer Synapse 2 or 3.


– The hybrid keys are not good.

– The key spacing needs more improvements.

Non-Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Buying guide

Great tips for you to select the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards


Most computer keyboards can share an identical layout and grab similar bunches of standard keys. These consist of character keys, modifier keys, and editing keys. Next, the functional buttons and arrow keys might be adjusted to do particular tasks like editing the brightness and volume.

Some of those keys are equipped with various fluctuations. For example, Apple PCs can take CMD (Command) and option keys, while other new keyboards bring Windows and menu keys which were built for Windows 10. Other versions even get numeric keypads which can optimize the task of typing information.

On top of it, the standard keyboard usually came with 104 keys, but this standard is no longer relevant. These days, other versions have a lot of buttons, but some of them are equipped with extra ones.

Selecting the form factor

Identifying what type of keyboard form you might love is the next thing you get to care about. Traditional full-size versions are the most common option, but if you want to turn to the best non mechanical keyboard, you should be determined to move in various directions. Next, the full-sized version brings all the keys essential to use the PC without tackling with more function layers and it also equips with the number pad.

Apart from it, its main downside is the size that can make it difficult to put the keyboard on the desks. You even get to move the hand a lot to reach the board’s edges, and the mouse might get to be put so far to the right than you have preferred.


Keystrokes are among the initial items you get to test during grabbing the membrane keyboard. Hitting the keys might seem handy and pleasant to the touch and provide better responsiveness. In particular, other keyboards can register the feather-like press, whereas others demand much more pressure. The operation which is better for making the key react to the presses is named the “switch”. Often, you will get to select from the rubber dome keyboard or one with scissors and mechanical switches with the distinction being in the offered level of sensitivity, noise, and convenience. Last but not least, you can do other research to discover more about which kind fits your best.

Non-Mechanical Gaming Keyboards FAQs

1. Is the non-mechanical keyboard greater than the mechanical?

Although the keyboard might usually make other sounds when you type super fast, and membrane versions are much quieter than their mechanical counterparts. Other mechanical versions, especially for blue switches could make some noise, though that is not often a downside because the clients specifically love the typing sound.

2. What could non-mechanical gaming keyboards seem like?

Unlike mechanical keyboards, membrane versions do not get some independent keys that are mounted individually but represent cutting edge pressure pads that can outline and embed symbols with the flat surface.

3. What kind of keyboards are ideal for gaming?

The video game players’ majority take mechanical versions because they are stronger, and provide high speed. Being claimed, other players enjoy the tinier footprint and lower costs provided by a membrane version. Lastly, other clients refuse to compromise from the double choices and obtain the best mecha membrane keyboard as well.

4. What is the non-mechanical gaming keyboard?

Membrane keyboards are the hardware that could not get the individual keys like moving components, but rather provides the flat surface which acts as the pressure pad, with every “key” being marked to resemble an old keyboard.

5. Are membrane keyboards better for typing?

When typing on the keyboard with a better speed might be loud, membrane keyboards get some fame than mechanical keyboards when it discusses typing sound volume. Other mechanical keyboards, particularly for the blue switches might be super loud though it can not be an awful thing as other typists love that sound.

Wrapping It Up

Currently, if you are even wondering about which is the ideal membrane gaming keyboard to move with, we might claim and it depends. It is up to what kind of games you enjoy and whether you might take the keyboard for various tasks.

If you are fond of racing, you should grab the keyboard which is constructed to last and equipped with adjustable keys. However, if you want a multi-tasker, you might get the keyboard to type with a work report and stick to conventional designs which could double up like the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards.

On top of it, test out extra attributes before you make a good deal. If you need to experience with Xbox, ensure the keyboard is compatible and equips with battery power. Select good membrane or hybrid keyboards with other mechanical keys at all. Understand that pricing is mainly up to build quality and producer other than the attributes on a deal.

If you have any questions involved in choosing the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards, please leave your thoughts in the box below. Thank you!

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Matt Fariss
Matt Fariss
2 months ago

CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED, CORSAIR OPX Keyswitches, Black
Curious if anyone has any experience with this keyboard and your thoughts on it, also open to hearing any suggestions on other keyboards! Mostly gaming and some data input! Thanks!

Brendan Forkner
Brendan Forkner
2 months ago
Reply to  Matt Fariss

I use the k95 platinum with browns and really want a k100 but can’t really justify the upgrade since the k95 still works perfectly lol. If I did get a k100 it’d be with browns though.
I also use a k70 rgb with browns at work, and my wife uses a k70 with silents.

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