Best cheap prebuilt gaming pc Under $500 Reviews In 2021

Best cheap prebuilt gaming pc Under $500 Reviews In 2021

In the current post, we will display a typical prebuilt gaming PC which you might obtain for below $500. Here we attempt to make you select the ideal PC parts and various technology devices for brief engineering detail and other suggestions. Our technological specialist group checks benchmarks of products to make a list of the best prebuilt gaming PCs under $500 along with suggestions for the gamers to understand what is a great option for you.

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Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $500 purchasing guide

In this article, we will show you typical elements involved in picking out the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $500.

What to search for in the prebuilt gaming PC?

One thing to remember is that for the ideal best prebuilt gaming PCs, you will not be capable of experiencing AAA games in 4K. However, with other sacrifices of graphics quality, you even obtain to love the newest releases around 60 fps.

If you are a beginner to the gaming screen, selecting the ideal prebuilt gaming PCs is no simple task. Thus, what are other factors you want to focus on when buying one? There are some stuff below to know


The processor is usually among the initial key specs to glance at. This component is crucial for identifying how effectively the PC does. The four core chip is a great starting point. You can obtain the i5 or the Ryzen 3 to make sure the gaming experiences keep satisfying and stable.

Graphics card

Other new processors might tackle the AAA games just fine on their own. However, the discrete graphic card might get the gaming experience to the next level. Thus, for good games, it is recommended to take GT 1030 for a better gaming experience.


8GB can be the baseline at this time and is enough for the gaming demands. It is not vital to enhance RAM at this time, but you might upgrade the extra 8GB stick later.

Storage space

It is highly suggested to get at least one SSD. Even though you could simply purchase HDDs at an affordable cost for the huge disk space, SSDs might increase the speed or decrease the loading time for games. The perfect installation is to use the hybrid choice, one in which you make the most of both of them – SSD for operating system files and the rest HDD for personal files.


A single thing to usually look out for while purchasing the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $500 is how simple you might improve it. On the other hand, both SSD and RAM are simple to set up and super cost-effective.

On top of it, select the PC which stimulates you to get access to the internal components like fans, motherboard, and graphic card. For reference, PCs with huge cases like iBUYPOWER have a lot of room to house the PC’s future parts.


1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Element Mini 9300

This element mini from iBuyPower could take on the state of the art title games without affecting the sweat powered from the AMD Ryzen 3 processor. Next, this PC gaming can offer you leading performance and if this is not enough the processor might be overclocked to 3.9 gigahertz to improve the gaming experience.

The iBUYPOWER Element Mini is supported by the Radeon RX 550 graphics card which can convey to you the standard fps for triple games such as GTA 5.

All those parts are put into the strong glass RGB gaming case which displays 16 color sets integrated wifi the magnetic dust filter. Moreover, the sleek-looking gaming case contains three fans with double in the front and one in the back to better keep airflow; amazing gaming performance for this PC gaming is worth it and this is why you need to grab this product as soon as possible.

If you are wanting to purchase a gaming PC but are worried about what to pick, the 9300 mini is the ideal one to choose.


– The full HD display works effectively.

– This PC can handle the fav games.

– The warranty is around one year and free lifetime American tech assistance.


– The top light does not sometimes work.

2. CUK Asrock DeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop

This CUK Asrock is a particularly mini PC. On the other hand, it could not let too much room for enhancements. But if what you need is PC gaming which can do the job for a minute, and then is substituted with the following machine, here is a great deal.

On top of it, it is among the ideal gaming PCs on the current market due to the kind of built-in graphics it has, but it arrives with other key disadvantages. Unlike various PCs at this time, this one brings none of the extra attributes (no keyboard or mouse) except for Wi-Fi. Next, because of its size, the GPU or the HDD will not fit so that you are fundamentally stuck with what you obtain.

Last but not least, this DeskMini has a leading processor that could run other new games at least 30 FPS with low settings, but what impressed us most could be the RAM.


– It supports NVME storage.

– The 16GB for RAM is good enough to run other programs.

– It is portable.


– There is no OC.

3. HP 8300 4K Gaming Computer

When it surely can not look much with the boring structure, this version is particularly a good budget gaming PC. It arrives with the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and the graphic card is GT710 that is certified 4K. Although it can be refurbished, this is a good deal which could not be passed up during supplies last. Moreover, it arrives with a brand new USB mouse or keyboard.

The CPU is perfect than other rigs as well so that you can obtain a little bit of power there. Unluckily, it is as worse as the desktop might be that operates in HP’s favor for certain. The power supply is specifically inadequate around 240W so that we highly suggest taking something around 400W or greater to substitute it. Finally, if you want to find out about power or less around the look, this HP 8300 is a better choice.


– It supports 4K.

– The Intel Quad-Core i5 can be up to 3.9GHz.

– The storage disk is assisted until the 3 years warranty.


– The mouse and keyboard are normal.

– It gives you the ugly looking.

4. iBUYPOWER Enthusiast Gaming PC Computer Desktop

This ARC is the flagship that combines the ideal gaming PC’s fray below 500. In the other words, it is the same as the one we take with a few distinctions. The difference is the SSD and graphic card’s memory. The hardware is the same as the AM005A version.

Next, the system’s hardware is a bit strong. The 12GB is the primary component that assists the PC so much in doing more effectively. While the AMD Ryzen 3, this rig brings the awful capability of conveying the processing speed.

8GB memory is ideal for multi-tasking and this product brings it where you might execute a lot of assignments at the same without taking some lags. Apart from it, the graphic card GT710 is a good item that the rig can provide to consumers. However, the memory of the GPU is about 1GB which is not that bad as well. Moreover, this model offers the connectivity choices such as double USB 3.0 ports and HDMI. Some various ports are in the gaming PC.


– It is among the flagships which bring you great performance.

– It offers lifetime assistance.

– The iBUYPOWER Enthusiast PC includes both a gaming keyboard and mouse.


– Some users complained about the wifi card.

5. Gaming PC Desktop Computer White by Alarco

This is a highly reasonable PC gaming on the current market. On the other hand, it drops a bit short, compared to different PCs on our list around the specifications so that it can be appropriate for traditional games as well as emulations. That Alarco PC even arrives with four RGB fans that offer you a good look if it is based on the alley.

Besides, the particular downside for this version is the shortage of the SSD. On the other hand, we highly suggest you slap one like a 120GB Kingston SSD for this gaming PC. By doing this, you could recognize the huge distinction.


– It is reasonably priced.

– It supports four RGB fans

– The warranty mode is great.


– You need to upgrade the SSD.


Frequently Asked Questions about the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $500

1. Could you tell me about the key distinctions between prebuilt gaming PCs and custom?

Prebuilt PCs are the great option for you with other reasons below

– Convenience: You do not need to clear out all the components to build the PC that requests more effort. Should you want the PC now, you may visit the shops and let the on-site salesperson know what you want, purchase the ideal PC, and take it home.

– Client services and warranty: If something goes wrong, you do not need to attempt to understand everything on your own. After that, support and help is one phone call.

Custom PCs bring some fancy points such as

Affordability: As you handpick every part particularly, you can look for some perfect deals and spend less money.

Aesthetics: You get the freedom to personalize the PC in whatever way you need.

2. How to maintain the PC in great condition?

In reality, you can clean the PC for around half a year to prevent dusting or overheating matters. You can get the PC apart, clean each component carefully and put all parts back together (You might learn to do it on your own or make somebody else who is aware to take care of it for you).

When it comes to the software, set up antivirus programs and do not install the fishy one which can boost up the computer. Each month, clean up the software (delete those you do not use). Keep in mind to reboot the computer each then and now.

As for maintenance techniques, you can look up and scan other posts around this issue, there is a wide range of them online.

3. Which components could I upgrade?

For beginners, RAM could be the initial thing on our list. Adding a lot of memory is the most reasonable and accessible technique of boosting up the PC. You could target 16GB if you need to experience some games.

The graphic card might be the next thing that you need to care about. On the other hand, you might research benchmark sites to make a comparison and look for a suitable GPU to substitute the existing one.

Besides, you should invest in a huge storage drive. SSDs are currently more reasonable and popular than they were in the past. If you get an HDD for your rig, do yourself a favor and purchase the SSD. You will realize the enhancement quickly.

Various PC parts like motherboard, processor, and software might be seen to upgrade later.

4. How could I know if the computer might execute some games?

We do not need to take a lot of money or time getting the game to discover that the PCs could not tackle it. There is a wide range of solutions you might get to avoid like the item from occurring.

Initially, you need to search for the game’s system requirements. You might realize information for the game’s site, manuals. Then you can and compare to know if the PC’s specifications match or exceed more requirements.

There are double kinds of requirements such as recommended and minimum. If the PC specifications match the former, the PC might speed up the game. In terms of the latter, you might play at the medium setting at the full high display.

Closing Ideas

In reality, the 1080p gaming around 60 fps, you may find the ideal gaming PCs below 500. Even though other compromises want to be created, those versions offer the fabulous foundation for beginning the PC gaming trip and you might enhance them down the line.

Last but not least, we believe that you can know how to choose the best prebuilt gaming PC under $500 in the future. Do not forget to share this post with your friends. Thank you!

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Bakura Ryou
Bakura Ryou
3 months ago

No offence but for gaming you would need the money witch sucks anything to me under a 1000 it’s more worth getting a ps4 pro with a mouse and keyboard not trying to sound rude its Australia I had to spend over $2000 to have a mid ranged one

Christian Oropeza
Christian Oropeza
3 months ago

Wonder how many FPS this would run cod & fortnite. Looking to build my first pc but I think the article says only 60fps at 1080p id want atleast somewhere north of 90-100fps

Eric Flores
Eric Flores
2 months ago

Hey, I am looking for a new gaming monitor. I think I want these specs but open to suggestions. Preferably under $500
144 – 240hz
I’m running Ryzen 9, Nvidia 2080ti

Steve Ice
Steve Ice
2 months ago

Hi, Newbie to pc gaming. I am looking to buy my first gaming pc for my kid who has a birthday this week and found these similar gaming pc’s for sale on Marketplace in my area. Not looking too heavy graphics like War Zone but will play games like GTA, TF2, Assassins’ Creed, Tomb Raider, and games on STEAM etc.. But will want to upgrade as we might have the need in future.
Each of these rigs are at or just under $500
Which one wold you pick to be the best value between these and what would you upgrade ASAP?
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
PC 1 Specs:
gpu – geforce gtx 1050 ti 4gbmother board – asus/msi amd b350mprocessor – ryzen 5 2600 6 core boost up to 3.9 ghzpower supply – 600wRAM insalled 8gb (will upgrade to 16gb)2tb seagate storage
PC 2 Specs:
CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 3400GRAM – 16 GBSSD – 500 GBMOTHERBOARD – ASUS x570 Gaming PlusCase – MUSETEX Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Gaming PC CasePower Supply – 500 Watt EVGA BronzeGPU – Vega 11 Graphics (will need upgrading here)
PC 3 Specs:
i7 7700k @ 4.40Ghz
Thermaltake Riing 280 RGB AIO
16gb DDR4 Ram 960 EVO
EVGA Fully Modular
800w PSU
Gigabyte Motherboard

Darius Parchert
Darius Parchert
2 months ago

I don’t know very much about pc’s and don’t have one but i’m trying to find one for cheap. I found a $500 gaming pc listed on craigslist. Are these good specs for a gaming/streaming pc?
These are the specs it has listed:
Intel Pentium G4560
AMD RX 570 4GB Graphics Card
8gb DDR4 Ram
500GB Hard Drive
500 W Power Supply
Fresh install of Windows 10
This is the picture of the pc on the page.

Douggie Butterworth
Douggie Butterworth
2 months ago

Rx 570 is fine and most of its good. Just look for a 4th Gen i7 cpu to swap out

Todd Patrick Vance
Todd Patrick Vance
2 months ago

Me and 2 of my cousins are collaborating to build our youngest cousin a build for his birthday. He came to us with $300 and said can we build a system. We told him to save $500 and come back and we’ll help you out. He thinks he is saving for an entry level build with a dream of a 3600. What he doesn’t know is that we are all pitching in and his entire budget is going toward his GPU (his Dad is getting him the monitor and peripherals).
Today, I snagged a 3900x today for $386 new open box, and got the ASUS X570-Plus gaming wifi board for $150, new. Also snagged a 1TB nvme Crucial P1, 2TB HD, ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 Case, EVGA GD700 PSU, and 16GB ram. Now all he’ll need is a GPU. The one on the bench is just to test. Can’t wait to see his reaction to the parts…he’ll be building it himself with our supervision.

John Sweeney
John Sweeney
2 months ago

Looking for some advice. REAL ADVICE ONLY PLEASE!
I am an Xbox player but it seems though everyone is switching to pc. I have no idea how PCs work component wise nor do I have any idea how to build one or what to get for it.
Can someone please give me a beast of a pc build for around $300-$500?

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