Best prebuilt gaming pcs for streaming – Reviews 2 in 1 gaming and streaming pc 2022

Best prebuilt gaming pcs for streaming – Reviews 2 in 1 gaming and streaming pc 2022

Are you searching to begin best prebuilt gaming pcs for streaming 2022 experience to the globe? Or are you only looking to obtain a great streaming PC rather than your existing rig? If it is the case, the streaming PCs below can be what you would be caring about. Those streaming PCs are most of the ideal for live streaming on platforms like Youtube, Mixer, and much more. They could both be used as a good streaming PC or as a single PC streaming installation.

A lot of gamers suppose that the PC with a higher GPU is the requirement for live streaming. However, the reality is that you do not want a particularly powerful GPU. The GPU can focus on rendering the game or making the picture. It is the CPU that brings that rendered or picture and transcodes it into the video format to be streamed through the Internet. Now, do not wait any more, and let’s start out your journey with the best prebuilt gaming streaming PC below.

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Prebuilt Gaming PCs:

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On the market saturated with DIY PC builds, this version represents how competitive pre-builds might be. Thanks to i5-9400F, this build can get each bit of power you want to execute the quality stream without any slowdown matters. If you are even seeming worried about this CPU, it might be boosted to the 3.6Ghz in the BIOS. Besides, the graphic card like GTX 1660 might bring you to the AAA games with full HD resolution. Based on testing, the build performed particularly at 1440p as well.

When it comes to memory, this gaming PC takes a good 240GB SSD and also 1TB HDD. We realized that 240GB SSD was great enough space to store the operating system and other interesting games. Next, this PC even arrives with a wide range of extra offerings, such as RGB fans, PSU shroud with cable management, and the keyboard.


– The SSD and HDD are both pretty quality WD drives.

– The fans of CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme operate effectively.

– This PC gaming can run better and offer the average 80FPS.


– Users have to add up to 16GB of RAM.

2. Omen by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer

The next PC streaming that we would like to refer to you is Omen by HP Obelisk. This product can bring immersion with real-time ray tracing cutting edge technologies. Moreover, the graphics card can convey a better gaming realism level and high-end attributes.

The parts permit you to entirely reveal yourself during playing games. Next, this PC can stand out with better internals and the whole software’s complement. It can be quick for the intended target and expandable enough to make the relevance for many years to arrive.

Last but not least, it is a bit simple to enhance and available for VR performance.


– The command center of HP is great.

– It is handy to upgrade.

– The graphics quality can not make you disappointed.

– It can support VR performance right out of the box.


– The CPU can heat up to 90 degrees Celsius after taking the intensive games.

3. Skytech Shadow 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop

When all the traditional builds have dropped through a huge gaming spectrum and streaming benchmarks, the Skytech Shadow 3.0 can boost up the better element unique to the list. In the other words, it can run some games at super high graphical settings. Moreover, the Shadow is considered a great contender for the streamers fond of visual realistic games. With the availability of i7-9700K, we believe that the VR will not grapple under a host of twelve chrome tabs during OBS streams videos through the background.

Apart from it, this Skytech Shadow 3.0 PC streaming can bring the tempered glass case, a pretty set of integrated RGB lights, and the huge case spacious enough to simply permit for more enhancements. Offering that some complaints about the build are the shortage of RAM space, the future’s possibility to upgrade to RAM is a pretty consolation.


– The RGB lighting is controlled via the button.

– This PC can run and stream smoothly.

– It can keep cool after experiencing heavier games.


– The fans are causing some noises.

4. Skytech Chronos Gaming PC Desktop

When the Skytech Shadow took the spot for the ideal streaming build, this Chronos displays a host of huge enhancements to balance the price jump from the budget counterpart. Thanks to a powerful CPU capable of being speeded until 3.9GHz, this PC streaming could tackle the whole gamut of streaming demands with AMD Ryzen 7. Moreover, this version even brings a considerable graphical enhancement from Skytech. For instance, Far Cry 5 with 90FPS at full HD with this Skytech Chronos, when other versions came in approximately 45fps at full HD.

On top of it, this Skytech Chronos PC can deal with a lot of games at 1440p without falling into a wide range of frames, something we can not take with the budget selections.

No matter how the aesthetics are, this model arrives in the steel case with sturdy glass with RGB internals and ultimate cable management, making it particularly fancy to build the simple contender for better streaming prebuild.


– It can run 1440p resolution.

– It is suitable for playing AAA games.

– This version is well-designed for render videos, recording, and streaming.


– The peripherals could not shut down while the PC was off.

5. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

The last version on our list is CyberpowerPC. The PC is a great choice to simply tackle system-intensive tasks like HD video playback and gaming. Besides, it assists visual realistic gaming and providing the whole immersion during streaming. Moreover, the DirectX 12 cutting edge technology permits you to experience a wide range of stunning game graphics.

Next, the gaming PC is the leading option of gaming events and other ultimate gamer plants. Also, the graphics card which can carry together real-time ray tracing and even programmable shading.

In reality, the highest performance from this PC streaming will be based on the smart, and multi-core processor cutting edge tech.


– It offers a keyboard and LED backlight gaming mouse.

– DirectX 12 gaming is optimized better.

– The quality of the graphics card is great.


– There are no additional cables or screws to add some drives.

Prebuilt gaming pcs for streaming buying tips

How to choose the best-prebuilt gaming streaming PC?

If you are investigating to begin getting into streaming, the initial query in your brain is perhaps if your PC could tackle it. Mixer and Twitch watchers have developed the custom to better resolution high frame per second streams from the leading streamers all over the world.

While beginning out, you do not afford separate gaming and other streaming PCs, every with the 2080Ti. In this part, we will show you some crucial factors for streaming.


When the host of various components are available to make a sturdy gaming PC, the specifications wanted for the ideal streaming PC under 1500 are mildly more specific. Maybe the most crucial component is a high-quality CPU, with Twitch suggesting the Intel Core i5-4670 processor (Intel or AMD) as the bare minimum for streaming. Next, when it comes to streaming, the CPU will deal with running both the game you are experiencing and the background streaming software at a similar time. It shows the CPU will regularly get a leading influence on the stream quality rather than the GPU.

Internet speed

The most pricey personal computer build can drop to provide the leading stream if you skimp on the internet speed. In the other words, Twitch’s broadcasting guides recommend approximately 6000 kilobits for a second to stream full HD at 60fps and 5000kbps for full HD at 30fps. In this case, you can measure upload speed, and shoot for around 3MB for the second to convey a high-quality stream to the viewers. For great outcomes, the wired ethernet connection can be preferred to the wifi connection.

Video graphics card

Other gaming PCs can bring a dedicated graphics card. It arrives with processing power and extra resources which the system can dedicate quickly to visual quality. It possesses a real influence on the video games’ quality, high gaming requests some graphical power for the sake of conveying better frame rates with less graphical lag. Thus, it will offer you the leading gaming experience. Lastly, the powerful graphics card can even offer the boost for something relating to visuals, containing graphic design and video customizing.

Cooling system

If you are a gamer or streamer who has a temptation for experiencing a host of AAA games on a gaming PC, with its powerful processors or graphics card, it might be super hot. Thus, it will request a sort of cooling system so as to prevent risky issues.

Internal storage

While it pertains to store the games, capacity is crucial but speed is primary. Therefore, the HDD or SSD role is particularly important. SSDs are quite rapid than HDDs, conveying better performance during running the PC, executing more games, and even saving progress.

On top of it, SSD storage capacity is likely to be smaller than consumers could find in hard drives, but huge terabyte drives are quite popular. Thus, it is quite decent to take the SSD. We even suggest other versions fully equipped with this attribute like Skytech Shadow 3.0 gaming streaming PC.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best-prebuilt gaming streaming PC

1. Is it good to purchase the prebuilt gaming PC for streaming or build it by yourself?

Building your private PC might be affordable, rewarding, and provides extra customization. However, buying the pre built streaming PC is quite a bit rapid, simple, and particularly more trustworthy. At this time, it is easy to set up all parts and the accessible prebuilt PC market might make it quite challenging to decide.

2. How long do pre-built streaming PCs last?

The trust entirely is based on the kind of gaming, the requested settings, and the particular determination. On the off opportunity which you are a competitive initially individual shooter who wants the higher resolution and settings, the rig could last until three years.

3. Is the high-end gaming streaming PCs worth it?

Thanks to the high-end graphics card, the powerful CPU with a lot of cores and high clock speeds that are mixed in the pre-built gaming PC for Streaming might make games work quicker and better. The gaming PC could even make these games quite fabulous and run smoothly, but your needs will not be as great.

4. Is Core i5 better for gaming?

Intel Core i5 might be a leading processor which is created for mainstream users who focus on efficiency and even graphics. The core i5 is suitable for other tasks, even for intensive gaming. However, at this time, the Intel Core i9 or i7 are good processors which makes your gaming experience a bit pretty.

5. How long can the guarantee last?

As usual, every single producer even gets the warranty policies for their versions. On the other hand, you need to check this detail carefully on the versions to select the ideal gaming streaming PC below $1500 with your understanding. Throughout that period, you can carry your gadget to the shop whenever it gets any problems.

Wrapping It Up

We believe that the information above has offered you other basic ideas around the best 2 in 1 gaming and streaming pc. Our team is about 24/7 to support you in selecting the perfect products. Last but not least, if you have any queries around the prebuilt gaming streaming Pc, please reply to us by leaving your comments below. Thank you!

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Peejay Enoy
Peejay Enoy
4 months ago

Do you guys know how to set up 2 PCs, one for streaming and the other for gaming? PC1 will stream the game on PC2

Tio Bennett
Tio Bennett
3 months ago

My System is almost done! New studio is at home so I wanted to have more character.
Waiting for the ITX system parts to come in before I tidy up the wires on the bottom. Benchmarks and Stress Testing will be tomorrow.
CASE: Corsair 1000D
MOBI: MSI MEG X570 Godlike
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum
GPUS: 2x EVGA RTX 3090 KINGPIN Hydro Copper(SLI)
SSD1: 2x Sabrent Rocket Plus 2TB Gen4 NVMe
SSD2: 2x Crucial 2TB MX500 SATA
HDD1: 2x 4TB Seagate 7.2rpm Barracuda
HDD2: 1x 8TB Western Digital RED “SHUCK SPECIAL”
PSU1: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 P1
PSU2: SilverStone 800W SFX
FANS: x24 Asiahorse 120mm Fans 9005-PRO
SCREEN: 7″ AliExpress NoBrand HDMI USB Display
WATER: Corsair Hydro X Kits + PrimoChill VUE(newest formula)
RADS: 4x 480mm Formula Mod Copper

Josh Williams
Josh Williams
3 months ago
Reply to  Tio Bennett

Should work some of the orange color of the gpu loop into the fans. The blue totally overpowers the orange. Awesome build though man. I’m trying to decide between one of these corsair big boys or a thermaltake p8 for a liquid build.

Tio Bennett
Tio Bennett
3 months ago
Reply to  Josh Williams

I’m working on a mod to integrate the RGB of the fans into iCue for just that reason actually. The cables needed get delivered start in September

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