Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $800 – $1000 Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $800 – $1000 Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Gaming PCs are what switches the challenge away from all various desktop computers, also making yourself a gaming PC. Straightforwardly purchasing the ideal gaming PC like a whole system out of the box might keep away from the stress of the process, and offer you somebody to blame if, heaven forbid, and anything goes wrong. This article will share best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $800 – $1000.

When the gaming PC’s innate beauty part is the chance for enhancing components to speed up efficiency, the capacity is limited. There supports a tipping point in which it is cost-effective to improve and the reset is vital, and that is where purchasing the ideal gaming PC you might manage begins to make some sense.

Next, having a good bet on the pre-built gaming PC might carry as much research as making together a leading high-end PC build. Other system builders might attempt to saddle you with a bundle that can charge the ultimate things you can not need. Even if you do want particular things like one of the ideal gaming mice, there is regularly a great opportunity that you might obtain something better when pre-built.

Nonetheless, let’s have a glance at the best-prebuilt gaming PCs under $800-$1000 below.

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Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $800 – $1000 Buying guide

The great tips for you to seek the best-prebuilt gaming PCs under $800-$1000

Not all players understand their solution about the desktops. Clarifying what processor you want, CPU or GPU might offer justice for the interesting game’s graphics, or how much storage can you want, are all super a handful for those who are not specialists on the computers.

Luckily, there are PC shops that provide pre-built gaming computers to be convenient for amateur players or players who are not keener on PC. In addition to that, for people who are on a strict budget, the prebuilt gaming PC is even a quite simple choice since it brings a fixed cost.

Being claimed, although pre-built PCs already get more parts, not only selecting for the teeny little bit of research is even compulsory for you to discover what gaming PCs best fit for you.

To assist you, we listed these factors which you might understand before taking your bucks on the best prebuilt gaming PCs under $800-$1000.

Graphics card

The GPU (Graphics processing unit) is among the most vital parts of the gaming desktop. In the other words, the GPU is one that renders pictures and the one in charge of your quality of graphics. If the gaming PC brings a GPU like the 1660 graphics card with a particularly slow processor such as i5, it might even generate great quality pictures.

But even, the gaming PC’s efficiency is based on different elements like how demanding the game is, or how good the game system requirement is. Also, a lot of games are quite demanding on the GPU than the CPU so that selecting a leading quality GPU might make you enjoy the gaming experience.

When it comes to the gaming PC, obtaining a leading quality graphics card is a higher advantage. If you love playing interesting games around 2K, then the prebuilt gaming PC we displayed might be more than advisable.


Even though processors can not boost the FPS a lot, the graphics processing units can do. On the other hand, processors are more concentrated on processing jobs than rendering pictures quickly. Thus, processors are the ones supportive of whether you might get better gameplay and annoying gameplay.

If you are a professional streamer, then you might spend on a leading quality processor for better streams. Processors are even the ones that make multi-tasking in the PCs as well. So if you get a low-quality processor, then most perhaps it might be tough for you to open various apps or tabs without facing crashes.

To offer you a great initiative, if you need the gaming computer to run quite better gameplay or do multitasking without any issue, then Intel i5 or i7 and Ryzen 9 might be the ideal choices for you. Those processors are super strong and might deal with games effectively, not to discuss they are simple to seek out the budget prebuilt gaming desktops.


The gaming PC wants a leading amount of RAM. The RAM is the simple one to enhance whenever you seem like you want more, you might purchase the next one. So long as it is quite compatible, then you are great to move. Remember that it is a waste of money to spend a lot for RAM than what you particularly want or attempt to balance things out.

In this year, other heavier games request around 8GB for DDR4 to make specific which games might execute better and lag-free. Even though 16GB is even the ideal choice, it all is based on you and your wallet. Both 8GB and 16GB might operate as well. But if you get the budget, enhancing it until 16GB might be a leading option.


Other gaming desktops below 1000 bucks get the SSD and HDD combination. Selecting the gaming PC which brings either HDD or SSD is quite handy, as that shows you get huge storage to save a lot of games and apps as well.

Currently, you perhaps understand that SSDs are quite quicker than older HDDs. They provide outstanding efficiency which permits the gaming computers to process data quicker that shows no more long procrastinating time for the game to load. However, HDDs are quite affordable than SSDs; thus the normal combination installation on the cheaper gaming rigs.

In some situations, if you get to select from HDD to SSD, please stick with SSD. On the other hand, SSD is 100 times quicker than the over-the-hill HDD. However, you should not select the SSD with under 512GB for storage capacity. When it comes to the hard drives, select at least around 2TB. This could not be tough even on the best-prebuilt gaming PCs under $800-1000$.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $800 – $1000 reviews

1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310

If you are seeking out a budget-friendly gaming personal computer with a tiny footprint, then this version is an ideal option. Equipped with a little more than 25 pounds, the iBUYPOWER gaming PC can stand out from the globe from the availability of its RGB-lit design.

It is integrated into the black steel frame tower and shows the three-panel tempered glass construction flanked from three RGB-lit fans that can increase a fabulous aesthetic bit to the construction. What is more, the RGB lighting brings more color choices that could be managed by the remote. Particularly, that unit is constructed to be the highest gaming desktop you will come into inside the market, but with high efficiency.

It can make a tool-less build that shows you only get to unscrew one of the leading panels to enhance the parts. When it comes to connectivity, this gaming PC supports some USB 3.0 ports, and other USB 2.0 ports or audio jack.

It is even Wifi and Bluetooth available and presents the display connectors’ pair which is ideal for the different monitor gaming installation. The gaming keyboard or the mouse is an even component of the package. The gaming PC can impress you when it comes to efficiency as well. It is bearing the AMD RX 5500 dedicated graphics card and executes the AMD Ryzen 5 processor. Thanks to 8GB of RAM and 240GB SSD for storage, you might usually enhance to take the current M.2 slot.


– It provides you with various connectivity choices.

– It is simply enhanced from the tool-less design.

– The design of the best gaming PC under 1000 is elegant.


– The storage is quite low.

2. Periphio Gaming Desktop Computer Tower PC

The Periphio gaming PC is an outstanding purchase if you are wanting to grab the gaming PC with the standard efficiency set which you might enhance in the long period. It can move in the black normal tower that is either striking or sleek.

The marquee show on its build is the glass side panel that is simulated from the version’s modern blue backlighting. The front version for that PC gaming is home to three blue-lit fans that make a perfect job at making it cool. It brings a particularly big footprint so that you need to clean the desk to make space for it.

When it comes to the connectivity choices, it can make the bar super high since this version presents some USB 2.0 ports, a display port, and the HDMI. Aside from design and connectivity choices, the Periphio PC gaming provides you with outstanding efficiency.

It is since this stick with the GTX 1650 card that is available overclocked and provides 4GB. On the other hand, that graphic card is matched with the i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Those parts can convey altogether 80 fps at the full high display in gaming, making it able to tackle more titles such as Fortnite.

The storage demands are included in this PC. It assists with a 1TB hard drive, and the 128GB SSD. Next, if you want some space, you might usually enhance the parts for the long period.


– There are a lot of connectivity choices for you to select.

– The gaming efficiency is great.

– The fans make things better

– The design is fabulous.


– There are more issues related to the graphic card.

3. SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop

If your target is to make as little as soon but even obtain the prebuilt gaming PC which might simply optimize everything you want to use around a full high display monitor, then the Blaze II can be the ideal choice for you.

This version equips with Ryzen 5 3600 processor, the graphic card 1650, and 500GB SSD as well. In addition to that, the tempered glass ATX case will be included as well. Besides, the drawback, though, is that it particularly sticks with 8GB of RAM. Luckily, this might simply be dealt with by buying the 8GB stick of memory and increasing it to that build.

On top of it, if you are seeking out the strong prebuilt gaming PC below $1000, that might offer you perfect efficiency on the leading refresh ratio full HD monitor (or also the 2K monitor), and you need to spend less money as possible, then this version might be worth checking out.


– It runs so fast.

– The temperature of PC gaming is quite cool.

– The fans are working quietly.


– Some users get a problem involved in LED lights.

4. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Be available to defeat against your terms, since the strong HP Pavillion gaming PC is constructed to chase up more blockbuster games at this time. The gaming PC from HP is among the most strong machines on the current market, smashing game titles in 2K with ease. Being claimed that, it does land into the budget requests.

Aside from its convenient exterior, you might seek all the efficiency you want to experience with tenacity and room to enlarge or enhance. The strong processor like i5-9400F and Geforce Gtx 1660 Ti graphics structure convey better visuals, making sure you could simply title such as Overwatch, and Apex legends.

Next, Pavillion’s case is particularly fundamental and can not move to the table providing the intense RGB, but it does seem sleek or hiding the talents or gems with the internal PC. It is even worth highlighting that this motherboard brings integrated Wifi that makes your life quite simple during your move to install it.

To boost up efficiency, the HP Pavilion command bureau software particularly shows your key metrics when conveying gaming network traffic to the line’s front. With the improved thermal option, your PC seems cool and tranquil even for other leading performance cases.


– It provides a better hybrid storage solution.

– It brings great Wifi.

– The gaming efficiency is outstanding.


– The peripherals are less than expected.

5. Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop

If you are like us, then making a budget of around $1000 can not show you might particularly take less than $1000. As usual, it presents that you might be enticed to take a little bit if the bump in cost feels worth it. And, when other Skytech versions are outstanding choices below 1000, that model can get the hardware mixture which could take you to get some.

The Skytech Archangel equips with the Ryzen 5 3600 processor, and GTX 1660 graphic card as well. So, while comparing to other models, for a higher price, you can take a high-end processor. That mixture might be great enough to permit you to take outstanding efficiency on the 2K monitor and it might also permit you to boost up the games on the 4K monitor with a better framerate.

So, if you want to take more extra and you need to game on the leading resolution monitor, this version might be worth the cost increase. If you are great at sticking with the full HD and 144Hz refresh rate monitor, even though you might be better off spending less money and choosing various versions.


– It is worth purchasing.

– It is very eye-catching

– The PC gaming includes a keyboard and mouse.


– The price is a bit expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most crucial attributes you might search for in the gaming PC?

One of the crucial attributes is the graphics card. Whatever you realize the display on the monitor moves particularly from the graphics card that shows it can improve the video or graphics efficiency. It can render pictures that are taken from the CPU or display it on the screen.

Your central processing unit is the next crucial attribute, as it tackles a wide range of gameplay during you execute the game like getting tips from the keyboard unit or running various events which happen for the game. They might ensure the games run better and appear with leading quality.

2. How long can gaming PCs run?

Gaming PCs might particularly last around some years, even though based on the games taken that perhaps more tough to run than others, and the fundamental components, that might change. Hardcore gaming particularly requests the PC which is come up with all the attributes to deal with the hardcore gaming’s intensity that can contain cooling tubes and quick processors. That might run longer than the frequent PC so that those kinds might run longer than you can hope for other years. The ideal gaming PCs can last upwards until six years.

3. How much storage would you take on the gaming PC?

You might search for PCs with a minimum of 120GB for free storage space. If you are glancing at the storage drives, you might get the HDD or SSD to select from. The SSD might be as quick as 100 times quicker than the mill hard disk drive’s run, but HDDs are particularly quite reasonable and are specifically sufficient for standard players. In short, you might prevent SDDs from less than 512GB for capacity, or you could glance at 2TB if you select to take the hard drive.

4. Can the gaming PC want to get more RAM?

Sure. You might need a lot of RAM, but there is a thing as getting excessively, or particularly just the redundant amount. After all, memory is among the simple things to enhance later if you realize that you want a lot for it. However, you should not want anything higher than 16GB, since any RAM you can take extra can not also be used. Many common games at this time can take about 16GB at the most.

5. Is it fine if the gaming PC can not get the cooling attribute?

Cooling is a super crucial attribute during glancing at the gaming PC under 1000, as heat might influence the PC’s efficiency and lead to the slowdown through the whole system. For example, if the CPU temperature is very high, it can reduce the efficiency so as to avoid ruining the processor.

To repair it, there are liquid coolers and air for the CPU which makes it overheat. If heavier games you take do not make the PC hot, then you do not want to be anxious about it, but if you realize that your PC is lasting a bit warm, you should look into increasing the cooling attribute or enhancing the CPU’s fan.

Final thoughts

Not anybody has sufficient knowledge to make their gaming PCs. Other players just understand how to experience the games, but do not know the engineering thing that is better. Thus, the best-prebuilt gaming PCs under $800-$1000 are the leading choice for them. They are quite handy to purchase, and the parts are selected or assessed by specialists.

If you get a strict budget, the ideal gaming PCs are even the proper choice for you. You can not want to worry about the expense of each device you purchase which is very convenient. In this post, we have shown the ideal gaming PCs below 1000 that might specifically meet your gaming demands. Those gaming PCs featured might execute leading games. It can boil down to your hobbies as well.

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Zach Boesch
Zach Boesch
3 months ago

I’m getting ready to buy a new pc for $900! I’m wanting it to be a good little side investment!
Ryzen 5 3600
ASRock B450 Legend
16gb T Force ram rgb
500 gb WD SSD
500 gb Adata XPG m.2 NVMe SSD
MSI GTX 1660 Super 6gb
Corsair 650 w 80+ Bronze
Uphere Fans 120mm x6
However I’m a little iffy if the buy will be a good long term investment. I want it to last but the GPU has been used for mining, but only for about 2 months of total run time at an underclock under 65 deg C. I’m going to be using the pc for gaming mostly. It also does not have windows currently. Would you guys have any worries or ? The pc was built less than a year ago.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
2 months ago

Hey guys, I have about a £1000 budget to set up a gaming/minor video editing pc (that budget has to include a monitor) . With the gpu shortages right now, should I look at prebuilt pcs, or else what gpu is going to fit into a build of that budget and still be readily available right now?

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