Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs With Rtx 3090 Reviews In 2021

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs With Rtx 3090 Reviews In 2021

When it could be about impossible to look for NVIDIA new RTX 3090 GPUs in stock somewhere, a single way you should obtain an ideal RTX 3090 is to just purchase the prebuilt gaming PC which brings one in it.

As NVIDIA gets deals with prebuilt PC corporations to sell them a particular number of cards before releasing their stock, here are some best-prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3090 in them. So if you are searching for a whole new system and you do not need to wait anymore for the RTX 3090 to be available, please follow our suggested PC desktops below.

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Prebuilt Gaming PCs With Rtx 3090 Purchasing Guide

How to pick out the best pre-built gaming PCs with RTX 3090?

In this part, we will highlight the key consideration by selecting the best-prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3090.

Case design

Gaming PCs are equipped with different sizes and some visual styles. Other distinctions are functional like cooling aspects, while others are pretty aesthetic.

If you can not obtain fabulous size considerations, the ATX cases are frequently the ideal all-around choice for the system. They are the most common configuration for pre-built systems and can support many components, such as big graphics cards.


The gaming PCs with RTX 3090 are capable of transferring an excellent PC gaming experience. Performance in-game or out is particularly stuck with the system’s GPU capabilities.

We highly suggest that you might check those requests towards PC specifications through shopping. The build that meets the recommended can be able to run the game effectively while going above the needs for the CPU can improve in-game performance.


Getting a high CPU in the system is very essential. The CPU is the system’s core and influences every facet, so it is important to find the CPU that might spread with how you might take the system. Next, seek the great core processor: to ensure you are able to take advantage of benefits, provided by modern CPUs, go with the new Intel Core processor for enjoying the game. They take important features like high core counts and support technologies like Wifi 6.

Take “K” to overclock. On the other hand, overclocking can be a pretty option to speed up the CPU’s performance, and it is easy to do at all. If you want to overclock and ensure you select the system with the unclocked CPU. Do the research around the CPU features: to learn more about the clock speed, and additional CPU functions, you might browse our site for some other posts.


GPUs offer a variety of efficiencies – from entry-level to high-end. Be sure to study the GPU’s capabilities, especially if you are hunting the high resolutions and graphics settings. In addition to that, you will need to ensure your monitor or CPU might be aligned with the GPU’s performance level. Do research different user’s experiences with the GPU you need to focus on and compare them to the ultimate system requirements of the games you are looking to experience.

Fit the GPU with the monitor: The appropriate GPU is based on the kind of monitor, you might use. Experiencing the high-resolution requirements graphical efficiency, as does realize a high refresh rate. If you need to take the 4K or 2K monitor, you select the build with a high-performance GPU or CPU. If a full high display is sufficient, your options can open up as well.


When discussing RAM in the gaming PC, capacity is specifically the key problem with more being better. Choose about 16GB capacity – Lots of modern pre-built gaming PCs come with about 16GB installed as that amount is frequently considered as a leading starting point for enjoying heavy games alongside various applications. Less than 16GB for RAM might result in performance problems when experiencing other games, and 32GB is ideal if you need to run other applications in relation to gaming.

On top of it, getting speed is the second priority. In the other words, speed is the next factor to discuss. RAM with over 3000MHz can obtain a great impact on in-game performance, though the benefits are specifically less impressive than those boosted from the fast GPU.

If you are keen on learning a lot about the RAM, take a look at this guide to choose the RAM.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs With Rtx 3090 reviews

1. CUK Continuum Micro Gamer PC

The first RTX 3090 PC from CUK that you have to focus on is CUK Continuum Micro. On the other hand, it can provide vitally similar core parts like the Mantis, except that it refers to the small micro-ATX case. So if you are seeking out a small form-factor choice, this model can make the sense for you.

Next, it equips with the Intel Core i9 processor and even up to 128Gb of RAM. The first SSD is around 2TB and the rest is 4TB HDD. In addition to that, the 850W power supply can not make you disappointed. Next, the AIO liquid cooler can keep the temperature stable and cool.

Last but not least, if you enjoy a small system, or if you do not love the Mantis’s aesthetics, then this gaming PC is a worthy option.


It offers a high level of performance.

– It can handle some blockbuster games.

– The build is great.

– The quality of the SSD is excellent.


– The motherboard is questionable.

2. Thermaltake LCGS AH-390 AIO Liquid Cooled CPU Gaming PC

The next prebuilt gaming PC with RTX 3090 is Thermaltake LCGS. In the other words, the LCGS AH-390 provides a fabulous look that will certainly make your attention at once. The design contains either exterior or interior splendor to attract each client without fail.

It brings a pretty compact texture which accommodates space on the table. Thanks to the great glass tempered panel, it permits you to get an angle of anything occurring into the PC. As for the performance, the hardware configuration deserves high acclaim to be proper for ultra-high gaming efficiency. Next, it is constituted with a motherboard that contains all hardware parts needed for running the PC.

This pre-built 3090 PC comes up with 16GB of RAM. The RGB Black memory holds the frequency of 3600Mhz and is supported with SYNC control choice. The RAM’s size in that rig is good enough to control day-to-day multi-tasking and big volume workloads.

The storage shows a 1TB SSD drive to complete its hardware. The HDD offers you more space to store all the vital files, and pictures.


– It has a good design.

– The cooling loop is present.

– The glass is transparent.

– The performance is great.


– The mounting hardware can get some problems.

3. CUK Mantis Gamer PC

If you need to spend fewer bucks and even be capable of enjoying games on the high-resolution monitor or also on the 240Hz monitor, the CUK Mantis gaming PC would even get the task completed for you.

The CUK equips with the perfect core parts such as the 10-gen Intel core i9 processor, and 64GB of RAM. When the Mantis could not support the high-end RTX 3090 GPU like the CUK Continuum listed above, the RTX 3090 which it does equip with might even be strong enough to game at 2K or 4K with high frame rates.

Next, the PC is more reasonable than some prebuilt gaming PCs on the market. That system even equips with a 1TB SSD and 2TB HDD mixture, and the AIO cooler.

Finally, if you seek out the ideal gaming PC below $5000, it is certainly a choice you will need to care about.


– It provides you with a three-year warranty.

– The storage is huge enough to store a variety of files.

– Cable management is well-done.

– The LED fans seem great in that case.


– There are not sufficient USB ports in the back.

4. CUK ASUS TUF GT301 Gaming Tower Desktop

That ASUS GT301 is a high-tower PC that is manufactured from leading quality steel. The side panel is extracted from glass between the bottom and top and makes you know anything inside. It comes up with fabulous pre-installed fans. They are all huge fans and the ones in the front even take RGB lighting or are compatible with Aura Sync software.

Some different dust filters are pre-mounted on the PC case. The top one is specifically attached to the case, so making it out to tackle it could be quick and straightforward. It is a nice touch from the producer. Also, there is a panel that consists of the power button or dual USB ports and the LED lighting control button. Pushing the latter might switch the RGB fans’ lighting through a predefined influence series which is very useful if you are not getting software for this purpose.

As soon as mounting the processor, the RAM was next. The RAM was fast and simple as well. The graphics card we used was RTX 3090. It is not a huge part so it was straightforward to put it into its zone.


– It is proper for users who take high hardware.

– The RGB lighting fans can make you impressed.

– The efficiency is good.


– USB Type-C port is not assisted on the front panel.

5. CUK Aegis RS by MSI Gaming Desktop

The CUK Aegis will offer a similar in-game performance to the RTX 3090 prebuilt PC despite taking a slightly particular hardware configuration. It is often nice to take more bucks, for a variety of games, 64GB of RAM is going to offer any specific advantage over getting only 32GB of RAM.

Apart from it, thanks to the Intel Core i9, this gaming PC is going to supply more efficiency in different multi-threaded applications, providing high performance. It does also equip with 1TB SSD and 3TB HDD, but if you are seeking out an affordable graphic card like a prebuilt 3090 gaming desktop at this time, you could usually add some storage as well.

Last but not least, here is a great 3090 pre-built PC that you need to purchase if possible.


– The RAM might speed up the memory nicely.

– The producer ensures the performance greatly.

– The storage might not make you disappointed.


– There is a lid mesh that began to rumble.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can your PC tackle RTX 3090?

NVIDIA highly recommends the 750W PSU for the RTX 3090 founders edition cards. PSUs might alter wattages from the power needs for the hardware. NVIDIA specifically recommends the 750W PSU for the RTX 3090 founders edition cards.

2. Is RTX 3090 better for enjoying the game?

Even at ultra-high settings, the RTX 3090 might boost 156 fps, and outperformed the RTX 2080 by around 90%. It is not a game that can favor AMD GPUs either, as that 3090 made its huge lead over RX 5700XT.

3. Could RTX 3090 be hard to get?

The RTX 3090 is also tough to find, so maybe it is time to get the best-prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3090. Next, you should realize that it is super tough to buy one of the perfect graphics processing cards.

4. Is 750W enough for RTX 3090?

While the producer like NVIDIA recommends the 750W PSU for the RTX 3090, it tested the whole system with Gen 10 and i9 processors. It is a hefty CPU with around 125W for TDP so that based on your system installation, you can be able to take away anything like 650W, specifically if the PSU is modern.

5. Can the 3090 run 4K resolution and 144Hz?

As for other questions involved in 144Hz monitors, other specialists referred that the RTX 3090 can run specific games at high setting details and 4K resolution reaching 144 frames per second in general, and it includes other blockbuster games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Closing Ideas

Here are all the best pre-built gaming PCs with RTX 3090 that you need to grab as soon as possible. Last but not least, if you enjoy this post, please share it with your relatives right away.

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Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver
3 months ago

I’d imagine you are probably still ok at 4K 60, unless your stats show your CPU at 100%

Roland Bicók
Roland Bicók
3 months ago

Well could you get a 2080Ti at reasonable prices when they switched to the 3090?

Shawn Peterso
Shawn Peterso
3 months ago

Looks like this question is about $ if you can afford the 3090 go with that, if you’re looking for budget and you have your heart set on the 6700xt then go with that, personally I’d go with any 3000 series card over the 6700xt, not saying it’s a bad card but you could get some better performance from a 3060ti for less, if you can get them at msrp

Gilles Hubbard
Gilles Hubbard
3 months ago

I’m looking at getting a prebuilt gaming pc rig and I’ve been offered either the: GeForce RTX 3090 GamingPro edition, or the GeForce RTX 3090 GameRock. Which is best? and is there any difference (minus cosmetics) to the 3090 Founders Edition?


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David Alvin
David Alvin
1 month ago

Wonderful Article – I would recommend this review to everyone!

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