Best Vertical Cooling Stand For PS5 Reviews In 2022

Best Vertical Cooling Stand For PS5 Reviews In 2022

It is clear that while you are playing the game for more hours, your system gets overheating problems. That being said, the PS4 had heating problems and made the console seem like a great engine. Besides, the heating matters led to the console’s efficiency.

So Sony took that problem carefully and attempted to deal with that problem in the PS5. In spite of it, other professional gamers pushed their hardware limits to the extent to enjoy smooth gaming marathons. So the better solution to tackle that is to set up a cooling fan.

Focusing on the ps5’s life span, it is essential to set up the ideal cooling fan for PS5 with regard to what ultimate tech they carry with their console. Supposing that you were searching for the best vertical cooling stand for PS5, we have chosen the great ones on the list below.

Best Vertical Cooling Stand For PS5 Reviews


Benazcap Cooling Station for PS5 Console (Value pick – Best value cooling stand for PS5)

The Benazcap is a flat and black base similar to the Kootek. However, it is quite wide, with a lot of room for storage. Moreover, there is even a headset bracket to the left. To the right, you might seek a row of 15 slots in which you might store the interesting games neatly around the system. In front of those slots, there is also a holder for the media remote if you get one. Fundamentally, it is everything you want to store the console and all the devices.

Next, the fans of this best vertical cooling stand for PS5 can make a particular amount of air, and feel to do a great task of cooling the console, just as crucially, they might operate quietly. You do not get to worry about the fan noise, even during better periods for a game or a blockbuster film. Above the top housing’s front, you might see the LED lights’ row. Those show the circumstance of the controller chargers and the fan. The power LED shows like a soft touch button with switching the fan off and on.

In the front panel, there are USB ports. The double on the right or left is typical USB Type-A ports for charging external gadgets.

  • It offers storage multi-function and space
  • The cooling process is excellent.
  • It could charge up to double controllers.
  • It can not charge while the PS5 is off.

FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan for Playstation5 Charging Station for PS5 Controller (Design pick – Best design cooling stand for PS5)

The FastNail fan charging station is a great addition to the PS5. It will seem fabulous with the gaming desk, thanks to its unique design. Its pair of fans might support keeping the system cooler that in turn can provide it with an extra life. There are double areas to store and charge the DualSense controllers.

Besides, indicator lights are integrated to display you when they are available. Next, with the availability of the PS5 cooling station’s high-speed charging, they can be available within 3 hours. The PS5 cooling stand’s front comes with three USB ports, so you might plug accessories into it. It is built to operate with PS5 disc and digital versions. The security chip is designed to make sure no electric damage ever happens to the console and accessories.

  • It might charge the controllers within 3 hours
  • It has a double fan system
  • It offers additional USB ports
  • There is no warranty included.
  • It needs to add more inches to the huge PS5’s height.

Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 (Selling cooling fan pick – Best selling cooling fan for PS5)

The next vertical stand on our list is the Yuanhot charging station. In the other words, it could charge up to double controllers at the same time or just store them when not in use. With the availability of LED indicators, you can track and know charging status right away.

Besides, the air intake is on the bottom and the console’s top. The cooling fan is built to assist the bottom to dissipate heat. It also provides you with a saving space design. On the other hand, the stand can reduce the space taken up by the PS5 accessories when keeping them in a vertical position.

Last but not least, this stand is suitable for both PS5 digital and PS5 standard editions. Suggested to take a 5V power source to offer enough current.

  • The build is sturdy
  • The double extra USB ports can tackle accessories.
  • The fan operates effectively.
  • The power cord is quite short.

KIWISMART Vertical Stand with Cooling Station for Playstation 5 (Overall pick – Best overall cooling stand for PS5)

In reality, the horizontal PS5 can take up by itself with more space and could seem crowded or messy. Kiwismart provides you with a vertical stand cooling fan system which might save a lot of space for you.

Next, there are double cooling fans available for that system which might push out the heat from the PS5’s bottom. You do not need to search for charging cables if you get more than one controller since that arrives with a double charging station. The charging portals might charge the controllers effectively from 2.5 to 4 hours.

So why you have to select that cooling fan system is because it brings double in-built cooling fans which provide an outstanding air flowing system. Then, the high-speed mute cooling fans with a low noise design offer you a great operation.

The fans for PS5 are equipped with LED indicators that can let you know if the controllers are charging or not. Those indicators and quick charging speed are boosted benefits for gamers. In general, that brand seems fabulous that is why we highly suggest you purchase it.

  • It is simple to set up
  • The Kiwismart offers a multi-functional charging station
  • It is quite cheap
  • It might not operate with disc edition dark plates.

Vertical Stand for Playstation 5 with Cooling Fan (Multi-functional charging dock pick – Best multi-functional charging dock)

It is the next wonderful vertical PS5 cooling stand choice. Like other rivals, it shows double huge fans which might make the PS5 cool throughout the games which particularly operate with it. It brings positions to store and charge the PS5 controllers within hours.

Thanks to indicator lights of Fyoung Tech vertical stand for ps5, it can make your track you are great to move. The front brings some USB ports which could be used to power the smartphones, and power banks.

On top of it, the cooling fan might take up the standard and digital versions. Its white design is a better combination with the PS5.

  • It has a multi-functional charging dock
  • It offers storage for accessories.
  • It comes with three additional USB hub ports.
  • The plastic is quite flimsy where the games run.

Vertical Cooling Stand For PS5 Buying Guide

What makes the PS5 overheat?

There are a lot of reasons the PS5 can overheat. Here are some popular ones below

  • Debris buildup from fur, or dust could lead to the air vents clogging.
  • Poort airflow might happen if you leave the PS5 in the cabinet or cramped zone without great ventilation.
  • The demanding games take more power and could raise the PS5’s temperature.

Signs the PS5 has overheating problems

  • The PS5 is super warm to the touch. If it occurs, you could take a warning which claims “Your PS5 is very hot”
  • The fan is operating constantly or making unpleasant sounds
  • The games run slow or the game could freeze.
  • The black dots or streaks debut during you are playing
  • Your whole screen turns to black or green.

The tips of repairing the overheating PS5

To repair PS5 overheating matters, or avoid them in the first area, you have to follow those easy hints. Issues with the PS5 overheating? A similar recommendation will be supported at all.

  • Ensure the zone nearby the games and PS5 is clean to avoid dust buildup.
  • Put the PS5 four inches from the wall surfaces, and do not let it in the enclosed space.
  • Vacuum the vents to stop dust
  • Keep the system far away from mats or rugs
  • Do not cover the console, particularly for the vents.
  • If the fan is operating loudly, test the vents with blockages.
  • Keep pets from laying on or around the PS5.

Do we need the best vertical cooling stand for PS5?

Before making your decision, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. Can you also be taking the cooling stand to start with? There are users with strong perspectives on sides, and other misconceptions to clear up.

Initially, there have not been any known cooling problems with the PS5. The newest console went through the expandable development process and was entirely checked. In truth, its modern shape is an outcome of the specialized side panel design which permits airflow. Sony has been creating game consoles, and they have been manufacturing electronics far longer than it. They are not going to make the rookie error like setting a game console that overheats simply.

In other words, there is nothing like the overheat-proof console. That is why each state-of-the-art console has to overheat protection circuitry. If there is not sufficient cooling, and the hardware is super hot; it might shut down as well.

If circuitry works, the overheating accident will not specifically ruin the PS5. However, it is even an inconvenience. You need to keep waiting for the console to cool off before you might keep playing the game.

Sony can not love publishing specific specifications about their PS5 like the temperature rating. Next, as with early Sony consoles, we get to rely on the community for information. As the PS5 is new, a lot of what we can glean is murky or unconfirmed. We might claim for total certainty that the PS5 can not be particularly damaged at the temperature around 90 degrees Celsius. Other tests make that number as high as 104 degrees. The numbers are up to the unreliable third-party temp applications. What we are claiming is that when the PS5 overheat reports are rare, we could not offer you a better temperature rating.


1. Is it worth obtaining the cooling fan for PS5?

We might claim yes since a cooling fan is not that pricey and it particularly assists in making the gadget’s heat level low. However, the PS5 could even operate better without it.

2. Could I use the fan to cool the PS5

Sure, a room fan might be used to cool the PS5, but it is not that good as a specially built cooling fan for PS5.

3. Could the PS5 operate without a fan?

In theory, the PS5 could operate without some fans. However, we do not highly recommend using the PS5 if its fan is broken. That can heat up the equipment at a level in which it might catch. PS5 can be shut down before overheating.

4. How can I make the PS5 cool?

There are some hints to keep the PS5 cool and operate effectively. First of all, you have to let the PS5 in some open area and onto the ground. Next, you keep dust out of vents by sanitizing it with air. If needed, you could utilize the PS5 wall mount.

As usual, dust is the main cause of heat, you have to attempt to use the dust cover.

5. Why is the PS5 fan quite loud?

The PS5’s loudness is due to the availability of dust in the fans. If you make the PS5 in the vertical position, dust might be removed reducing the noise fan’s level.

Wrapping It Up

We try all the way to refer to you the best vertical cooling stand for PS5. Last but not least, if you need our assistance, please reply to us by having your thoughts below through the comment box. We can support you right away. Thank you so much!

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