Top 6 Crypto Exchange Trading Platforms in 2021:

Top 6 Crypto Exchange Trading Platforms in 2021:

Some years ago, when it came to cryptocurrency, traders still felt apprehensive a bit. But everything has been changing. People pay attention to this market. And in recent years, many crypto trading platforms with new coins have been launched. Many people want to be investors in this market.

However, there is a lot of potential risks when investing your money in the crypto trading platform. Investors have to figure out what is the best and most reliable platform. Don’t rush to determine and choose accidentally an unsafe exchange platform. If you are searching for a crypto trading platform to invest your money, here is the top 5 trading platform you should consider.

Top 6 Crypto Exchange Trading Platforms


The headquarters of this platform is in Malta. Binance has experienced a major boom since found in 2017. It is known as the most reliable platform. If comparing with other platforms, Binance has an exceptionally high trading volumés. When you join this platform, you have to comply with US regulations.

Binance provides a lot of altcoin trading options. Besides that, you are able to trade fiat money, too. Traders can trade with superior selections of cryptocurrencies. 600 trading pairs are available on Binance now.

Binance allows traders to buy different cryptocurrencies and settle payments by different methods such as credit, debit cards. Traders have to pay a 0.1% fee to purchase on Binance. The bigger your trading volumes are, the smaller the fee is. You also have the opportunity to receive a 25% discount if the coin you trade is a Binance coin or BNB – the native cryptocurrency of this platform.

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase is one of the world’s oldest and largest digital currency wallet and exchange platforms. They have served 20 million users and have processed $150 billion of digital currency transactions as of December 2018.


Many major and experienced traders said that the best crypto trading platform for you to earn interest is BlockFi. You can find here 11 cryptocurrencies. Same as Binance, BlockFi has complied with US regulations.

One of the outstanding features of this platform is no fee for trading and no minimum deposit. If you want to expand your profile, BlockFi offers a variety of accounts: regular trading/business/ or crypto-backed loans….

On BlockFi, you can trade anywhere, anytime. There is not any trouble navigating the platform to trade.


The next on this list is the eToro platform. For many traders, this is the top choice if you want to be a trader in the cryptocurrency market. Found in 2007 and known as RetailFX, until now this platform becomes one of the best crypto exchange platforms. Over 17 million users joined eToro.

eToro allows trading 15 cryptocurrencies. The trading process on eToro is straightforward. Even new traders don’t have trouble while trading. For extra security, you can link the mobile wallet app to your account. To join eToro, you need to pay a minimum deposit of 50$.


The headquarter of this trading platform is in London. You can choose and trade Bitcoin and more than 80 cryptos. Accessing CEX.IO on Android or iOS is available. Traders need to pay fee ranges from 0.-0.16% if they are seller, and 0.1-0.25% if you are a buyer.

The instant buy feature of CEX.IO allows all users to access it. It also offers a mobile app, crypto-backed loans, or staking rewards. In case you are a business or organization, you can use aggregator or payment management services.


PrimeXBT operates in 150 countries although this platform was found just in 2018. So, it can say that PrimeXBT has grown exponentially. One of PrimeXBT’s key features is user security. This is their priority. Your funds will be stored in the offline wallet.

PrimeXBT allows traders to trade more than 50 assets. But you only use Bitcoin to pay. PrimeXBT doesn’t accept fiat currencies. So, you have to convert your coin to Bitcoin. Converting is not complicated. You must make a deposit of 0.001 Bitcoin when you create an account on PrimeXBT.

Closing Ideas

Each trading platform has its own pros and cons. If it is the first time you have joined the cryptocurrency market, very critical for you to check and learn about cryptocurrency trading platforms. You should try out some platform and get the feel before you make the final decision.

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