Open Settings tab, and there is account setting, so please push account button and login twitter. After login, you can confirm your profile in profile button. If you can not login, please contact us.

Customize List

Open List tab, and push edit button. Please push + button which is in the upper left, then your all lists are displayed. And select a list which you want to add to List page. After push done button, the list is displayed in List page.

Switch List

Select a list in List page, a list timeline is displayed. Please swipe motion to show next list. This order of list is in order of display.

Direct Message

Open DirectMessage tab, you can see messages which you received. To reply message, please select a message which you want to reply. You can not send a new message, not a reply.
Direct message


You can follow and unfollow in user's profile page. If the user is protected user, you can send follow request.

Push Notification does not come

Please accept push notification for Whalebird in your iPhone setting. If push notification does not come after accept, please turn off and turn on push notification in Whalebird setting.
Notification settings


There is userstream setting in Setting tab. Please turn on userstream. It is necessary that twitter account setting in your iPhone when you use userstream.
Userstream settings

Multiple Devices

Whalebird does not correspond to use with multiple devices. You can login and get timeline, but it does not support push notification for multiple devices. So, I do not officially support it.