How to check what motherboard i have update 2022?

How to check what motherboard i have update 2022?

There are a bunch of reasons why you want to test what motherboard you get now. Perhaps, you are looking to sell the PC and want to post the particular specs for potential purchasers. More crucially, you need to enhance the CPU and want to understand what motherboard and chipset you need to make sure you do not buy the processor which is not compatible. When the list moves on, discovering what motherboard your PC build has can be among the easiest items you might do.

Below, we have referred to a wide range of various solutions where you might test what motherboard you get, ordered by how simple they need to be. With it in the brain, let’s move straight into it.

Open up your desktop

The simple solution to test what motherboard you get is to straightforwardly open up the desktop, and physically glance at the motherboard. The motherboard will usually display the producer and version number on it somewhere – often out of the way of primary hardware.

On top of it, most motherboards showcase their producer and model number – albeit not usually in a similar pattern or position. When it comes to those completely new to PC building, the simple solution to understand whether you are glancing at particular information is to straightforwardly familiarize yourself with most of the more common brands.

Common motherboard producers

  • ASUS
  • MSI

Common motherboard chipsets

  • B360
  • Z390
  • B550

In spite of the example we used displaying the producer, and the model serial number next to each other, there are some occasions in which the brand and model number might be split onto the board. In other backgrounds, straightforwardly search for a 4-digit code (the same as the common chipsets) to identify which motherboard you get.

Test through command prompt

If opening the PC case, and fiddling nearby among the cables, or hardware feels a little time-consuming and tough, the following solution can help you. While others can not seem handy dabbling near the command prompt, it is among the convenient solutions to discover what motherboard you get at this time. Here is the technique

  • 1. Begin off by typing “CMD” into the Windows search function and click Enter.
  • 2. When the inside command prompt, you have to type in the following – wmic baseboard gets the product, and click Enter.
  • 3. This can bring up the motherboard producer and model serial number.

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Use the information of the system

In spite of the command prompt being an ideally perfect solution for testing your system’s hardware, there are some users who straightforwardly do not love using it. For some users, you could often test the PC’s “system information” as well.

Inside the “System information”, you might seek sorts of information on the PC’s hardware, containing the motherboard, RAM, and a host of various beneficial specifications.

That being claimed, here is how to navigate and test what motherboard you get through System information

  • 1. Begin off by entering System information into the Windows search function.
  • 2. Once inside System information, straightforwardly scroll down till you track the “Baseboard producer” item.
  • 3. That might show the motherboard’s brand.
  • 4. You can be capable of seeing Baseboard products, that is the chipset and motherboard’s model name you use.

Easily close the window down once you are completed and have noted the information you request. It is as simple as that. One thing worth discussing, however, is that this solution can not operate for all clients. As usual, for whatever reasons, specific bits of information are not shown in the system information. If it is the case, you can proceed back to other solutions.

Use Third-party hardware testing software

The last choice is downloading third-party software that shows the information for you. While there are a host of those programs nearby, we love focusing on CPU-Z since it is free and deals with jobs ideally.

Here is how to use the CPU-Z to discover what motherboard you get

  • 1. If you haven’t already, please download the CPU-Z from there.
  • 2. When downloaded and installed, straightforwardly load the program by double-clicking the CPU-Z icon.
  • 3. Once open from the navigation bar on the top, choose the “Mainboard” choice listed.

4. You might get access to the motherboard producer, the version number, and other stats involving your motherboard’s makeup. For us, that is the ideal solution to move if you are looking to sell the available PC. The CPU-Z can showcase the motherboard specifications, and each other hardware specifications as well – containing RAM, CPU, and VGA.

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Other aspects to look

Motherboards might be specifically complicated hardware if you are strange to custom PC building. For this reason, we have made a host of great posts over some years which assist builders in knowing better how motherboards operate.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you get it dudes, our whole instruction on how to test what motherboard your computer has at this time. Specifically, the procedure of testing the hardware is particularly easy. As shown, there are various solutions where you might test that information – all of which request super little engineering knowledge.

All being said, we expect that post has supported you in the quest to discover what motherboard the PC gets. If you are even grappling to identify which board is on the desktop, why not leave us some comments below and we might return to you as early as we might. Better still, you can head on over to the public hub in which you could talk about everything about the motherboard involved with like-minded users.

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