Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5 Review: Is the ideal choice for all of us?

Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5 Review: Is the ideal choice for all of us?

If you are searching for a laptop for your daily work, please pause and have a look at the Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5. It may be what you need. Until now, this model has been receiving many positive reviews from users. Now, let us show you this laptop and then you can determine, this model is the best suitable device for you or not.

Overview about the Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5

The first thing we can confirm is that this model of Hp brand is not the flashiest laptop. You see, it is made of predominantly plastic. However, it is not light. Its weight is nearly 2kg. It is impossible for you to open it 360 degrees.

Learn more about this laptop’s specifications:

This Hp Pavilion has equipped a full HD IPS touch screen, an 8GB ram, Ryzen 5-3500U processor. It has a 512GB fast SSD. Besides that, we can find:

  • A USB type C-port and two standard USB Type-A port
  • A full-size HDMI port
  • The memory card reader
  • A Kensington security slot

Although it is not the flashiest laptop, it is good and fast enough for many tasks. It even allows you to handle some gamings because it is integrated with Vega 8 graphics.

Is this Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5 the perfect laptop for us?

There is nothing perfect. Therefore, our laptop also has both pros and cons. Now, have a look at our laptop and we will show what is good, what is not totally necessary.

  • As mentioned above, there are 3 USB ports. These USB ports support just a maximum of 5 Gbps. If comparing with the recent gen 2, these USB ports are not large but quick enough for accessories you have. So, they are not the problem.
  • Using an SD card slot is good. But this laptop’s SD card slot is limited to USB2.0 speed. It seems slow.
  • Because it has SSD, you can finish off the Window installation quickly at the first time of using this laptop.
  • Turn on the laptop and check it, easy to say that there is no installed junkware. This makes users feel comfortable from the first moment of using it.
  • We don’t have difficulty in traveling our fingers on the keyboard. But the trackpad is a little short but wide. This multi-touch trackpad has a nice design.
  • Hp Pavilion doesn’t have a 360-degree hinge, so there is a limitation bit when you use the touch display.
  • You need to adjust the tilt of the laptop screen because the glossy screen of the IPS panel is very reflective. Distracting reflections appear. But we can’t deny that this IPS panel has a good viewing angle. It looks crisp, too.
  • Many people said that Hp Pavilion feels nippy in use. This key feature is made because of the RAM8GB DDR4 and SSD M.2 NVMe 512 GB.
  • Hp Pavilion doesn’t have Bluetooth 5.0. It is still integrated Bluetooth 4.2. But this problem is not serious.
  • Hp Pavilion has 802.11ac Wifi, which allows you to connect quickly. Sometimes, the download speed doesn’t make you satisfied. In general, you could still stream Youtube videos.


There are still other features of this Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5. Each feature has its own function. They might not be perfect, but they are good and convenient enough for you to handle anything, finish your work with this laptop. So, purchasing a Hp Pavilion 15.6 Ryzen 5 is not a bad choice for any user.

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Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran
Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran
3 months ago

Which laptop should I buy? HP Pavilion 15s-EC0093AX Ryzen 5 3550H GTX 1650 4GB Graphics 15.6″ OR HP Pavilion 15-DK0260TX Core i5 9th Gen GTX 1050 4GB Graphics 15.6″.

3 months ago

Both CPUs are the same in normal daily use. The 15-S with 1650 is clearly better. If the GPU is the same on both, I’ll go with the Intel. However, I’ll avoid both laptops. I’ll try to save a little bit more and try to get newer laptops at around $800–1000 price range.

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