Best prebuilt gaming pcs with rtx 3080 reviews in 2021

Chasing up the recent and quickest PC parts at this time feels tough because of the super low supply; particularly the new RTX 3080 series cards or high-efficiency CPU. If you can not get a gaming PC yet, or you want to enhance from the much traditional system, one of the ideal solutions to take the RTX 3080 graphics card is by grabbing a prebuilt system. In this post, we referred to some of what we suppose are the top-rated prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3080 on the market. Those gaming PCs are run with the recent Geforce RTX 3080 graphics cards and other new CPUs. Move ahead and test them with a wide range of precious information below.

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Prebuilt gaming pcs with rtx 3080 Purchasing tips

In this section, we will summarize the main considerations during picking out the top-rated prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3080.

Case Design

Gaming PCs come in various sizes and a lot of visual patterns. Some of those distinctions are functional like space or cooling aspects, whereas others are great aesthetic.

If you do not get great size considerations, the ATX cases are regularly the best all-around option for the gaming system. They are the most popular configuration for pre-built systems and might assist a lot of parts, containing huge graphics cards. If you do want to operate on the system, the cases’ design might be more simple than other compact options.


The top-rated pre-built gaming PCs with RTX 3080 are able to convey an outstanding PC gaming experience – offered the parts that might convey the experience you need. Efficiency in-game or out is specifically tied to the system’s GPU or CPU abilities.

To take a feeling of what hardware configuration you want and arrive with some games you need to play, getting a note of their system requests. We highly recommend that you should test these requirements towards personal computer specs during shopping. The build which fits the suggested requests might be capable of executing the game well, whereas moving above the demands for the GPU or CPU might so far enhance in-game efficiency.


Taking a leading CPU in the system is vital. The CPU is the system’s core and affects each experience’s facet so that it is crucial to seek the CPU which can distribute with how you can use the system.

Search for the good core processor: To guarantee you are capable of making most of a lot of advantages offered from a state of the art CPUs, move with the new Intel Core processor for playing the game. They get crucial attributes such as high core counts and assist techs such as Wifi 6.

Get “K” to overclock. Something else to care about is whether you need to overclock. In the other words, overclocking might be a fabulous solution to boost up the CPU’s efficiency, and it’s simple to do as well. If you need to overclock, and guarantee you choose the system with the unlocked CPU. Seek out the Intel Core processors with “K” after the processor number to identify if the CPU is overclockable.

Research about CPU attributes: To study more about the clock speed, and extra CPU attributes, you can visit our website for other related articles.


GPUs provide a lot of efficiencies – between high-end and entry-level – Be fine to learn the GPU’s abilities, particularly if you are searching for high resolutions and graphics settings. Moreover, you will need to make sure your monitor or CPU is aligned with the GPU’s efficiency level. Research various individual’s experiences with the GPU you want to care about and compare them to the ultimate system requests of the games you are looking to enjoy.

Match the GPU with the monitor: The proper GPU is based on the type of monitor you will use. Enjoying the high resolutions requests graphical efficiency, as does enjoy a leading refresh ratio. If you want to use the 4K monitor or the 2K monitor, you grab the build with a leading efficiency CPU or GPU. If full HD is enough, your choices open up considerably.


While caring about RAM in the pre-built gaming PC, capacity is particularly the main issue with more being better.

Select around 16GB capacity – A lot of state-of-the-art pre-built gaming PCs arrive with around 16GB installed since this amount is regularly seen as a great beginning point for taking blockbuster games alongside other apps. Next, the pre-builts can get 8GB or also 32GB on the high-end. Less than 16GB of RAM can lead to efficiency issues during enjoying some games, and when 32GB is perfect if you want to run some apps in relation to gaming.

Take the speed as subordination. When capacity is always the most crucial consideration during selecting RAM, speed is the next element to care about. RAM with more speeds in excess of 3000MHz might get a particularly positive influence on in-game efficiency, even though the advantages are particularly much less pronounced than those gained from the quicker CPU or GPU.

If you are fond of studying a lot about memory, have a glance at this instruction to select RAM.

Best prebuilt gaming pcs with rtx 3080 reviews

1. CUK Asus TUF GT301 Gaming PC

This CUK Asus GT301 is a high-tower PC that is produced from high-quality steel. The side panel is derived from tempered glass from bottom to top and makes you realize anything inside, besides for the power supply unit. It arrives with fantastic pre-installed fans. They are all big fans and the ones on the front even get RGB lighting or are compatible with Aura Sync software.

Next, there are even various dust filters pre-mounted on the TUF gaming GT 301 case. One of them is placed on the top, one for the front, and the next one on the bottom. The top one is particularly attached to the case, so making it out to deal with it might be rapid and simple. It is a pretty touch from the manufacturer. Besides, there is a panel that contains a power button or double USB ports and even the LED lighting control button. Next, pushing the latter can turn the RGB fans’ lighting via a predefined impact series that is super beneficial if you are not taking software for that target.

As soon as mounting the processor, or the PCIe SSD, the graphics card and RAM were next. The RAM was rapid and simple. The graphics card we utilized was RTX 3080 gaming OC. It is not a big part, so it was simple to place it in its area.


  • It is appropriate for gamers who take leading hardware.
  • There are a lot of RGB lighting fans.
  • The performance is great.


  • USB Type-C port is not supported in the front panel.

2. CUK Aegis_RS_by_MSI Gaming Desktop

In the grand scheme of stuff, the CUK Aegis will provide the same in-game efficiency to the gaming PC with RTX 3080 in spite of getting a mildly distinctive hardware configuration.

It is usually pretty to get extra memory, for a wide range of games, 32GB of RAM is going to provide any particular benefit over getting just 16GB of RAM.

On top of it, with the availability of AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, the Ryzen 7 is going to supply sustainable efficiency in various multi-threaded apps, when offering the same in-game efficiency as the i9.

In fact, when other models do arrive with less RAM, the specifications are even great enough to where the system can not be restrained in the type of in-game efficiency you might accomplish. It does even only arrive with 2TB HDD and 512GB SSD, but if you are searching for the most reasonable graphic card like RTX 3080 gaming desktop currently, you might usually add a lot of storage (and more memory) later down the street.


  • The RAM can boost up the memory beautifully.
  • The manufacturer optimizes the efficiency greatly.
  • The storage can not make you frustrated.


  • There is lid mesh below the power supply which started to rumble.

3. Empowered PC Sentinel Gamer PC

Do you strictly want to take over $3000 on a perfect prebuilt pc rtx 3080? Yes, you could and you will obtain an unforgettable experience. The Sentinel is a strong desktop, with the availability of choices for automotive paint or a compact design. It is even during executing an overclocked i9. From that chip and the RTX 3080, the system offers leading gaming efficiency.

One huge zone you need to configure carefully is our review unit that can utilize a budget Intel NVMe SSD, but you could get something to order, such as AMD Ryzen alternatives.

If you enjoy something quite tinier which is even a splurge, the Empowered Sentinel Gaming PC brings a similar build quality even though you might only obtain it with Ryzen CPUs.


  • It provides a particularly quiet operation.
  • The aesthetics are stunning.
  • The connectivity is fabulous.


  • The OEM case screws need to substitute with more thumbscrews.

4. CUK MEG Trident X by MSI Gaming Desktop PC

The next prebuilt 3080 pc that we want to bring to you is MEG Trident X. On the other hand, it is among the leading line pre-built gaming desktop. The new Gen Intel Core CPU and alternatives for the RTX 3080 can carry fabulous gaming efficiency in a better design.

When the chassis is not a typical design, the X can take normal components so that you might even enhance it and make it by yourself as you want the new parts. The case all arrives with double side panels: one tempered glass or aluminum for you to choose the type of look you love most.

Apart from it, its power combination and space-saving make it a leading option for other individuals who need a high-level PC but do not need to construct it on their own.


  • It offers outstanding gaming efficiency.
  • All the components are standardized perfectly.
  • The design is quite compact.


  • Users should grab the tools to open.
  • The bloatware can appear in some cases.

5. CUK Stratos Mini Gaming RGB Desktop

For those of you who want a system that might double as a strong gaming PC, this CUK Stratos mini gaming edition is perhaps your great deal. You can take a premium to obtain this CUK model desktop, but it can arrive with the AMD Ryzen 9 and 64Gb of RAM.

Next, the CPU will offer the same in-game efficiency to Intel’s i9-10900F, but in which it can provide a lot of efficiency is in multi-threaded and CPU-intensive apps.

So, for players who even want the PC for graphic design or blockbuster games, the AMD Ryzen 9 is the ideal option. Thanks to 1TB of storage and 64GB of RAM, you will get a lot of memory and also storage space for all of your demands.

Last but not least, you should pay considerably more for the great multi-threaded efficiency, the additional memory, or the extra storage space. However, if you want additional computing power, then this CUK Stratos edition is likely the ideal choice for you.


  • It can run all games at ultra-high settings.
  • The build is great.
  • The system is safe and well-protected.


  • It is quite pricey.

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FAQs PCs with RTX 3080

1. Could your PC deal with RTX 3080?

NVIDIA highly suggests the 750W PSU for the RTX 3080 founders edition cards. PSUs can change wattages from the power demands for the hardware. NVIDIA particularly suggests the 750W PSU for the RTX 3080 founders edition cards.

2. Is RTX 3080 great for playing the game?

Even at ultra-high settings, the RTX 3080 can make 158 frames per second, and outperformed the RTX 2080 by around 88%. It is not a game that favors AMD GPUs either, as this 3080 made its big lead more than the RX 5700XT.

3. Can RTX 3080 be tough to obtain?

The RTX 3080 is even difficult to seek, so perhaps it is a period to take a prebuilt 3080 PC. Next, you might realize that it’s quite hard to purchase one of the ideal graphics cards or processors.

4. Is 750W sufficient for RTX 3080?

When a manufacturer like NVIDIA suggests the 750W PSU for the RTX 3080, it checked a system with Gen 10 Intel core i9 processor. It is a hefty CPU with 125W of TDP, so based on your private system installation, you might be capable of taking away with anything like 650W, particularly if the PSU is modern.

5. Could the 3080 run 4K resolution and 144Hz?

When it comes to some questions related to 144Hz monitors, some experts clarified that the RTX 3080 might run particular games at high setting details and 4K resolution hitting 144 fps on normal, and that it contains some heavy games like Doom Eternal.

Final thoughts

Here are all the top-rated prebuilt gaming PCs with RTX 3080 that you need to consider at this moment. Finally, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to reply to us in the comment box below. Thank you!


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